ROCKETS’ RED GLARE – Tank DELETION From The AIR (War Thunder Jet Gameplay)

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ROCKETS RED GLARE – Tank DELETION From The AIR (War Thunder Jet )

Jet Camo –


  1. how do you steer while pressing C

  2. Being racist has nothing to do with being proud of your country

  3. Well i live in Finland, this year turns 100 years and still the only country which has stopped the red army twice in ww2

  4. Merica!! ?

  5. Haven’t laughed this hard in a while

  6. Nothing wrong with being nationalistic, but what is annoying is when Americans think that they were so oppressed by Britain. They weren’t.

  7. i wanted to blast the mexican national anthem they didnt let me

  8. Wildbeastgamer Ofstad Oxborough

    Im from norway and on the 4th of the july. The queen has her birthday on the 4th of July

  9. nicholas davidson

    happy ‘murica day

  10. someone got called racist recently…. hahaha

  11. 12.6 our independence day Finland is gonna be one hundred years old

  12. Admiral Trickster

    Phly fly the do 217 k-1 or m-1 please and see what you can do with the plane 🙂

  13. This is an excellent video. you actually had me on the edge of my seat. Seriously. Even though I absolutely hate aircraft in Gf. Too many bad players and sore losers are able to revenge kill the best players in a team too easily. It’s one of the reasons I find myself watching videos like this instead of playing the game! Thumbs up, Phly, even though what you did here is despicable.

  14. Fly the Ki84 Hei please my favorite plane in WT

  15. That Assassin’s Creed eagle on the belly though

  16. God Bless the USA!

  17. Ur the best fly, I’m pretty left and u said it fuxkin perfectly

  18. Happy 4th of July to all Americans from Croatia!

  19. I think you got nationalism and patriotism confused bud

  20. Try bf109 F2 with rockets

  21. That was your best video ever

  22. Russian bias over 4th july

  23. Ognjen Popović


  24. When you love germany, you are a nazi. ?

  25. Happy 4th July everybody!

  26. Happy treason day from across the pond. Ungrateful colonials.

  27. *sees it-1 cross map* “Oooh it’s cancer!”

  28. Happy independence day! cheers from Poland

  29. Happy treason day

  30. oh and a abandon house burned down happy 4th July happy Independence Day and happy birthday America can’t wait to be in the Marines another 5 years ago and tell Devil thanks for your service

  31. Alexandru Dragan

    What’s wrong with being a racist?

  32. U.S.A. , U.S.A. , U.S.A. !!! 😉

  33. Happy treason day ungreatful colonies!


    Happy Independence Day United States Greetings From the Philippines

  35. closest we have is st David’s day as part of the UK and that was March 2nd enjoy ur day

  36. that rives guy was not the brightest star  in the universe- tab; 1 enemy left and respawning; go cap the points and its  a game…

  37. Dude, your a white and a male. Clearly worse than hitler.

  38. I wish warthunder would add the f100 super saber

  39. Hey Phly, I may not be American but HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY !

  40. lmao at how that soviet anthem just cut off XD

  41. im a proud german and allways called a nazi !( dont stay in the past) im also a proud european !

  42. USAF stands for United States As Fuck

  43. Warfare Messiah

    0:39 happy I don’t want to pay taxes day so lets steal all the cities ports and ships built by the British and kill them for daring to want something back day o thanks phly I you too man lol JK

  44. i love the part where the russian gets rekt

  45. Literally “bombs of freedom”…you freedomized that map good!

  46. He took out an La-15.. not like it’s a challenge.

  47. Wyvern is better

  48. Americans need a good ol’ nerf.

  49. Is phly based?!

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