ROOOOOOIKATTTTTT | Brits Are Getting Phast Bois (War Thunder 1.95 Gameplay)

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ROOOOOOIKATTTTTT | Brits Are Getting Phast Bois (War Thunder 1.95 Gameplay)

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  1. *did i say even remotely close?*

  2. We also have the Olifant 2 tank, don’t know if its any good, don’t think it ever saw battle

  3. Rooikcat Has: APFSDS, Night Vision, Laser range finder
    Centauro Has: HEATFS, *THERMAL VISION* , Laser range finder

  4. APFSDS has a longer rod which has more mass than APDS

  5. RookatZ87 AA
    (RED CAT)

  6. 4 minutes out 15 of gameplay? Are you for fucking real phly?

  7. Wanna see new armor on challenger 2

  8. BT Dubs Phly, turbos whistle, they don’t whine. Love your videos!

  9. You should do the Cromwell I

  10. Regarding the question of shooting all 8 smokes at a time it all depends on the platform. Idk about the Brad or Abrams but the icv version of the Stryker has 16 smoke canisters and we fire off 8 at a time. And it does both the left and right orientations at the same time. We have a switch on the targeting display that allows us to switch from the upper to the lower rack.
    If you shoot all 8 orientated to the front of the truck it more then covers you. The 8 allows us the covered when we fire the smoke of the left and right of the truck.

  11. BPM-2/3 HVAP belt nerfed from 100mm to 82mm pen. And Bradley/ADATS 25mm penetration is also nerfed for 25%

  12. Give us the Stryker.

  13. 75 mph is fast for that

  14. As a South African this is a very exciting development. Guess I have to move away from Russian tanks and into British.

  15. Many vehicles have their own smoke generators that drop diesel on a manifold creating smoke. The smoke grenades are used mostly for those oh crap moments, when you need to get covered up as fast as possible and fire normally all at once, may be some vehicles that is different but from my experience that is normal. Real life and Game is two different things on how well smoke actually covers, even less concealment during high winds and you need many of them to cover a vehicles movement.. The military has many different ways that they can employ smoke. The canisters on the vehicles are last resort. Its much easier to call in artillery for smoke than waste your canisters. The Army has specific vehicles that put out tons of smoke if you are really needing mile long coverage.

  16. Tanks stranding 15:20


  18. NOOOO Phly!!!! That is not how you say that lol. I am from South Africa and I speak Afrikaans from which the word resides from.Feel free to contact me and I will pronounce the word Rooikat for you. 🙂

  19. sabot pens the tank, turns the tank armor into what would be the tnt of an HE round? so instead of an explosion killing the crew its metal slag and over pressure;from the round going through? yes idk either just my understanding of dif tank rounds and what they do

    • also sabot with discarding fins are more aerodynamic then other rounds making it less likely to bounce from wobble (I believe all rounds wobble and APFSDS does less)

    • also ur question sucks coz if ur asking about what the rounds do irl, there are pictures and you can see the difference…rah

  20. uhg in british tech tree? we hate the british… wanted 2 kill us all… but atleast. its in the game

  21. just saying the name of the tank is pronounsed in afrikaans

  22. It would be so awesome if they brought Yugoslavian tanks/planes.

  23. Yes! Finally some South African representation by the British.

    • Really appreciate the effort you put into pronunciation. Saw it these last two videos. Rooikat is Afrikaans for Caracal, literally ‘Red cat’.

  24. Historically APDSFS has a lot less spalling than a standard APDS round. There’s an interesting YouTube video showing various tank rounds damage on tank amour. Long rod penetrators don’t spall or would loose penetration

  25. To all the people still correcting Phly’s pronunciation, appreciate the f*cking effort he does. Ffs

  26. i dont remember if it was mentionned but the strv’s can be manned by one crew member

  27. 15:01 his eyes are shacking with fear.

  28. I find it strange that the country with the sekelbos tree, with solid wooden thorns capable of puncturing tyres with ease, developed a tank with tyres

  29. noobinator Simelane

    Roikat fueled by rooibos tea

  30. phly lets be honest its time you play the whole blazing angles 2 game

  31. Type 61

  32. Dear
    PhlyDaily! Could you make a real rout of the German Panther and Tiger Tanks with Soviet Yag 10. With greetings from distant Siberia! Ths!

  33. *Roy Catt*

  34. “British tech tree”

    *Angry afrikaner noises*

  35. UNDER IT…look whats on the the weakest point..

  36. Fuck this add an tank from argentine and from south african, but them forget abolt brazil we are more strong than the 2 at same time ? ?

  37. Well thanks god. So tired of slow centurions :/

  38. Yea, agree, the brits are a ‘slow’ nation

  39. There’s many examples of S-tank-like vehicles, since it was a popular design in Sweden post-war.
    The Strv 103-0 was only a prototype, so I’d imagine we’ll see a 103B or a 103C at higher BR.

  40. Rooikat is Afrikaans for Red kat

  41. M1128 when please?

  42. Finally, South Africa REPRESENT!

  43. So glad we finally see a South African Vehicle.
    It’s pronounced ROY-Cat.

  44. Why does this tank sound like it’s from the Jetsons

  45. Sorry Phly, you are saying rooikat wrong. In Afrikaans it is basicle red cat. ( Im South African )

  46. Phly play the Archer for some backward memes

  47. phly you were close but the name is Afrikaans so you would not know how to say it anyways

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