RT-1 TANK RACE – FASTEST TANK IN GAME! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. christopher gonzalez

    noiseeee lol

  2. <3 PHLY

  3. Hey phly can u plz send me a friend request on steam plz i have watched all
    of your videos and keep up the good work.

  4. OLD INTRO MUSIC! My present to you guys 😛 Today is my birthday, thanks for
    all the wishes and support on twitter and comments on the tubes today! I’m
    going to go shooting today with my mosin! Will be posting my groupings on
    my twitter if you want to check it out – https://twitter.com/PhlyDaily

  5. nice vid bro been a fan for a long time

  6. great vid phly and its very funny [ don’t drink and drive ] good job :D

  7. Phly you are easily my favorite youtuber! <3

  8. Can I play war thunder with you phly.

  9. 8:38 not funny bro….

  10. That race is haaaaaaaardi did one and i manadged to stay in 3rd

  11. The music is back! Hell yeah!

  12. Thats how we drive in Finland

  13. happy birthday Phly!

  14. Francis Yankelevich

    Your mother is moist for you today

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHLY. (Tried to think of something funny to say after but I
    can’t XD)

  16. War thunder drift!! XD

  17. I like your old intro the modt

  18. Happy Birthday Phly enjoy your day :)

  19. Dakar, how can that be offensive? It’s just the name of a race…

  20. Why would that skin be offensive to someone…? If someone’s getting
    offended by that they’re really not worth listening to haha

  21. This event honestly
    Its just…Stupid

  22. Glad to hear that old intro music :D

  23. nooo.. you changed back to this infernal intro music ;__;

  24. Fastest “tank”?? Really Phly?

  25. stop being a fucking troll

  26. Happy birthday

  27. wow… this got old quickly

  28. butt race next time

  29. Damn i want to make WarThunder Videos too.. Because nearly nobody makes
    german WT videos.. but i don´t have a press account :/

  30. Yo is that RT-1 powered by plutonium? It seems to hit 88 km/h pretty easily

  31. the obvious American

    happy b-day bro

  32. Lol phly Dakar is a race across the desert

  33. i did one race, won it first try didnt even die, is that good?

  34. phlydaily you can do it with squads

  35. Happy birthday PhlyDaily!!! :D

  36. Fun fact Phly; if you hit 89 kph you go into the future.

  37. Phly i have send you friend request on WT Im Bis500

  38. That’s what they did on Christmas to have fun.

  39. Comment I left on the jagdpanzer “Butt Racers” video with Baron from a
    couple of weeks ago: *”Armoured car races should be fun too… SOON™”*

    Either Gaijin watched that video and took inspiration from my comment,
    or… I can read the future!

    Happy Birthday Phly, 2016 is gonna be awesome – I sense it.

  40. I’m starting to think the Nazis were right only in that Russians are an
    inferior race. They can’t do simple logic and balance 5.0-6.0 range of
    vehicles without being always in favor of Russian tanks. It is either they
    are inherently inferior in IQ wise, or they are purposefully biased against
    American tanks. I played 10 games in Tank RB with the USA using the M4A3E8,
    M4A1 76, and M18 Hellcat. Their BR range is 5.0-5.3. I fought against
    T-34-85s, Tiger 1s, IS-1s, and IS-2s only. 10/10 games were lost. My
    problem isn’t 1on1 engagements with the afformentioned tanks, its that MY
    WHOLE TEAM LOST TOO. The US Ground Forces has an inherent disadvantage
    fighting against the Russians with the BRs the way they are now. Gaijin is
    run pretty much entirely by Russians. They are either Biased against
    American vehicles, or they are inferior in intellect and are thus
    incompetent to make a balanced game.

  41. it’s not a tank, it’s an afv

  42. Should of drove the complete opposite direction to the track ;)

  43. dakar can be offensive and the number 88 not? wtf

  44. They need to add the Puma to WT 😛 that’d be the shit

  45. My Throat hurt Phly !.

  46. shame its finland which halfs my framerate 17fps tank racing :/

  47. Happy Birthday, Phly!

  48. whats the difference between the rt1 and the t17e?

  49. I love that intro :D

  50. happy birthday Phly!

  51. Phly, you should have done this race using the driver’s view as well

  52. Look for a mod that can give u a tank model and skin for a plane or a b-29
    a b-29 would make more scene

  53. Happy b day also

  54. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    m18 race?

  55. i tried to do it with 999 ping…fuck me.

  56. The fastest should really be the Hellcat… I believe historically it was
    able to go around 96km/h so why Gaijin reduced it to Bulldog speeds I will
    never know

  57. +PhlyDaily Happy BDay Dude, hope it’s a good’un!

  58. precut ziplock (precutziplock)

    Happy Birthday Phly

  59. that click bait though

  60. War Thunder (Azerbaijan)

    Axaxaxaxaxaxax Super

  61. I ditched entire races after 10 knockouts from 10 meters of the start!

  62. Fly is amazing pilot and apparently pretty good driver. :)

  63. nope no link to the user skin

  64. Yes, keep copying world of tanks. (Chaffee races)

  65. had no idea phly was such a troll

  66. 1:25 wth Prox?! I run a prox piston on my RM125, great piston allround.

  67. awsome tank is it american?

  68. Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan!!!

  69. I was in the one of the games that was the first time I was with PHLYDAILY

  70. Happy birth day phly hope you add a great day, the video was awesome.

  71. Random Games (RandomGamesTogether)

    PhlyDaily which graphics card do you use ??

  72. Arado races never5get

  73. whats that dakar skin tho !


  75. Happy Birthday Phly

  76. happy birthday phly keep it 100

  77. T17E2 is now made by Mitsubishi…. RALLIART YO

  78. yo phly, its 3:30 in the morning. stop making me laugh… its dangerous…

  79. They need to do this event with the ST-1/AT-ST walking tank. With a
    twist… They sprint… That would be amazing.

  80. MLG Colonel Sanders

    remember, guys; in these battles, Panzer optional

  81. “This tittleswipe!” -Phly 2015

  82. hardcoreminecrafter9

    they have to do this race again but this time everyone is in a maus and can
    go this speed XD

  83. suomi mainttu torilla tavataan

  84. Pena got mad because you raced through his yard and broke his fence :(

  85. Dat beginning do!
    Happy birthday Phly!!!

  86. phly is ready for NASCAR


  88. i prefer this intro music

  89. PHLY YOU DICK! You never race unclean!! 😛 Funny as fuck, still, people who
    take racing serious get fucking furious when they get tboned or pit

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