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  1. *RBT* Mayhem

  2. FIRST LIKE!!!!

  3. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    ive never seen so much chaos you should do this with kv2s.

  4. Use the Australia combo the ace thunderbolt and the bufort

  5. Bearfurt

  6. For your next challenge play with a kv2 in a t5 rb battle and get at least
    5 kills.

  7. #DoomArmy

  8. you need to do that with a Pe-8. Like the RBTs trying to shoot down the

  9. hey phly I have a challenge for you: use an fv214 conqueror and shot down 2
    maus without taking any damage

  10. How do u get rockets?

  11. alright phly…. please..pleaasseeee attempt 8, fly out the swordfish and
    become a ww1 ace by getting at least 5 kills in a realistic battle!

  12. Please play Russian tank IS-3 “Revange” Premium

  13. do next time tanks with rockets VS bombers

  14. But they are named RBT

  15. Christoph Rantscher

    I got an idea for your challange series. Take down a plane with a RBT 5

  16. Why was there a bucket on the tank at the start of the video?

  17. Rbt-5 vs bombers

  18. Phy Do this with the Maus ! And they are called RBT not RTB

  19. Matt “TheWizardNamedMatt” S

    I had a fun time with that CB Phly! GG!

  20. Hey Phly in your next video can you please take out the F82E again good
    luck have fun

  21. RTB ??? Return to base mayhem ?? xD lol

  22. Why dose the tank have a little bucket in the back?

  23. Challenge: kill a plane with the rocket from an RBT-5

  24. let op! dit is een kanaal

    phly you think that gaijin brings the sturmtiger to war thunder ?

  25. Dopest thing ever should be a movie :)


  27. The size of those rockets rustle my jimmies

  28. 3:56 When you get a extra chicken nugget in your meal

  29. Phly you should have two teams of RTBs line up and use only rockets to kill
    each other

  30. Next one do panzerwerfer 42s vs calliopes. Each team stays in their cap
    circle to rearm, and bombard the others

  31. RBT-5 vs Swordfish. Try to fly low and slow through the rocket swarm.

  32. maybe rockets on rockets?

  33. The best Anti-Air VS the worst tank

  34. You need to do another video wear your a maus and everybody goes after you

  35. Challenge time Try shooting down a RTB rocket

  36. RBT stampede XD

  37. Dude for your next custom battle RBT 5 swarm vs. you and baron in PO-2s

  38. hey… change the title

  39. shoot a po-2 with the rbt-5

  40. Liam the dark angel.

    Kill a bomber with those rockets XD

  41. how about the RBTs trying to shoot down a plane

  42. You should fight those tanks that fire like a million little
    rockets(American tank I think) and you should be a low flying bomber, like
    a b-17:D key your altitude as low as you can and try to bomb them/ avoid
    being hit by those little rockets! (Try and get like constant refilling
    bombs so you don’t have to land and rearm to keep the action going)

  43. Thanks for keeping the music!!

  44. a bucket behind a tank? why?

  45. shoot a plane down with the RBT 5

  46. RTB?Return to base! :D

  47. RTB-5 vs swordfish plz phly just do it!

  48. challenge:——>Destroy a tank with aircraft gunner<------------

  49. ******RBT MAYHEM ******** YOU WRONG

  50. Custombattle idea!
    -2 Teams
    -half of the teams is in Pt76s the other in locusts
    -Locusts drive on Pt76s
    -the “battleships” drive down the River on eastern europe
    -the locusts shoot the other locusts,if a Pt76 is without a locust cause
    his got killed he isnt allowed to fire so he can ram or rtb
    -Have fun!

  51. Its like the waliking dead xD when they folow you and you kill them

  52. Return to base mayhem . *Slow claps*

  53. Next custom: m22 locusts vs Panzerwerfers. The Germans are all lined up and
    the locusts must reach them going on a straight line.

  54. WHY U SHOUT?!

  55. should be in a m18 hellcat next time

  56. I have an idea for a sweet custom battle! So which two aircraft were
    America’s biggest enemy in WWII and the Korean War? The A6M Zero and the
    MiG-15! Pit them against each other and fight!

  57. do rbt-5 vs maus

  58. Thanks for that volume warning.

  59. 48 fps why not 60?

  60. This is Awesome xD


  62. Phly i have a crazy challenge for you kill a plane with the rbt-5’s

  63. phly> baron tbh

  64. RBT mayhem or RTB mayhem? Possible typo?

  65. PhlyDaily next custom event same thing with Panzerwerfer 42s but with some
    other soviet tank that can take a little more damage

  66. lol the chat went wild!

  67. that was fucking hilarious :D

  68. 7:59 best snipe ever

  69. Phly aren’t you going to upload the rocket battle in the panzerwerfer?

  70. being gangbangd is fun?

  71. phly you should of done this in a hell cat just because your just that much

  72. MLG Colonel Sanders

    Get a SAM (surface to air missile) kill with the Panzerwerfer 42

  73. Something random, but I think they should add the Vought V-173 “Flying
    Pancake” to War Thunder.

  74. I think Gaijin nerfed the RBT5 to death. You can only kill something when
    it’s 280m (or more) far away and those rockets aren’t the most accurate.
    Combined with the incredible number of two rockets it’s nearly impossible
    to kill something in a real battle

  75. Lol I saw this live stream :)

  76. Gotcha good Phly ;D

  77. phly here is a challenge for you….shoot down a aircraft in with the rbt5s

  78. Carnarvon and hunter challenge

  79. hey phly do the wirraway and the ac thunderbolt show how powerfull is

  80. Actually Snow White

    Kinda sucks there are so many RTB 5’s in the game now. Mine does not feel
    as rare anymore :(

  81. Next custom battle. PO-2 vs RBT-5

  82. i was at the stream 😀 who else????? write it downxD

  83. do a chalinge where you have to kill any tank in realistic battle with the
    mig 15 and the tank will be bt5

  84. Hey phly I have an idea for a custom (BTW the Rocket tanks on Ash river and
    this RBT custom was soo fun ,thanks for adding me to it xP) What if you get
    Heavy bombers with .50cals or bigger to land in the sea and fight off a
    wave of PT-76s (which only use their MGs) sailing towards you like some
    huge battleship vs little boats…Thanks

  85. Do this with nebelwerfers!


  87. this video made my day good

  88. just a disclamier since the zsu (shown in the beginning) has a gun so heavy
    that its little engine has to put out a shit ton of energy so that bucket
    on the back acts as a jet engine but reversed but reversing the jet engine
    again that makes the like derp spaa go at a decent speed and all figured
    out by soviet scientist

  89. having such a bad day, this really cheered me up. epic

  90. you in a RBT runing away from pe-8 with 5000 kg bomb

  91. why DOES that tank have a bucket??

  92. a single rbt with instant reload vs a shitton of po-2s having to kill it
    with the rear gunner

  93. juan david uran acevedo

    17:15 to the end of the videos is perfect to put darude sandstorm in the

    RTB.5 a plane on RB

  95. I MEAN RBT

  96. @Phliy do the KV-2 and IL-10 jet bomber

  97. Maus vs RBTs

  98. I takes a REAL MAN to volunteer to get GANGBANGED by

  99. How do I get in on these challenges/custom battles?

  100. War thunder ground forces physics are such a fucking garbage how it even
    went out of alpha like that?

  101. wtf, RBT with rockets?!

  102. phly go to the map Normandy take like 30 pt-7 in the sea and they is 5
    tiger 1 or 2 are defend to take the beach d-day invasion

  103. Where can i get this map?

  104. Make one were T99s have to shoot you down with rockets

  105. Panzerwerfer 42 / BM-8-24 rocket faceoff

  106. RBT 5 VS PLANES!!

  107. Phly what about 31 Pt76’s on the map Poland have to go all the way across
    the lake and on the other side is a Tiger 2

  108. just this with a coelian would be a slaughter

  109. Phly in biplane vs jet rammers

  110. Maus VS Nebelwerfer!

  111. Alexander Hoyt (HellHawx Omega)

    What’s the vehicle with the dragging bucket?

  112. lol,I was watching this stream

  113. Destroy them Germans A-26 and m6 good luck phly!

  114. ‫אביב גנון‬‎

    play rbsb tank battle, land a plane in an objective and capture it.


  116. RBT-5 line battle!

  117. looks like fun :]

  118. Have RTB-5s protecting a T-35 lol!

  119. im only a bit over the 4 minute mark and already laughing hysterically!!!!!
    Phly is high-larious!!!

  120. Phly try to shoot down planes with the RBT!!

  121. What’s that bucket doing on the back of his tank?

  122. What is the bucket on the back of that tank for?

  123. Rtbs vs low level flying b-17

  124. @PhlyDaily could you please play Ro2

  125. hey where do we get into these matches and you should do a BT-5 v AAA

  126. An idea for another custom battle: firing squad on a heavy tank like a maus
    using 37mm AA trucks :D

  127. Sir Stefan Channel!

    Next custom battle: The Panzerwerfer Gauntlet!
    An entire enemy team of Panzerwerfers line up in a row on the edge of the
    field. While a swarm of tanks of your choice play red rover from one side
    of the field to the other!

  128. 1:50 I aimed WAAAAY too high XD

  129. Rbt5 vs planes?

  130. But the title says RTB…. I saw no returning to base.

  131. You should play hide and seek with tanks.

  132. i just love INTRO SONG :D

  133. Phly said RTB mayhem, not our RBT mayhem.Wow I guess there was a lot of
    returning to base.

  134. Should’ve done it in the British armored car.

  135. SPAA vs rocket armed tanks next?

  136. Was here at the stream

  137. can we still get the RBT?

  138. RBT 5 VS Pe8!!!!!

  139. I have a challenge 4 u: Panzerwefer vs Bomber (4th attempt)

  140. Custom battle idea! COPS’N ROBBERS CAR CHASE :DDDDDDD
    -half drive on T17E2, hlaf drive on GAZ 72k
    -play along the river in Eastern Eroupe since that’s a road
    -T17E2 chase behind GAZ 72k
    -both shot each-other
    -Team Death Match!

  141. RBT VS PO2 !!! i want to see that shit explode !

  142. The lil bucket on the ZUT

  143. My friends and I play a custom game where we use all of the rocket vehicles
    in game, only using the rockets.

  144. hears an idea, have one team filled with half-tracks, SPAA and open top
    lightly armored vehicles and another filled with physically heavy tanks
    such as the Panther, Tiger, Caernarvon, T32 and make the heavies ram the
    others to try and crush them.

  145. Wow this is like being chased by a hoard of zombies that shots rockets.

  146. 28 days…

  147. unLIMitEd POWAHHHHH!!! -Darth Sideous

  148. Red rover with rbt’s?

  149. RTB challenge? RBT*

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