RU-251 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

Still getting used to the tank, so nice to pick up an so early.

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  1. Oi mate

  2. Nice job osirish. I know the ace tankers are not reviews, but would be nice
    to see a screenshot of the tank in garage or where you are on the tank’s
    research tree so we could see the gun, engine, etc… you are using. I know
    you probaby mentioned which gun you had mounted, but it’s easy to miss.
    Still you do give us more insights into your crew, equipment, consumables,
    and modules than 95% of other you tube replays – an osirish hallmark. I am
    surprised more folks don’t give a garage screenshot on youtube replays.
    Would be nice to see the crew skills, equipment, etc..? Nice to see you
    back in lights again. Don’t let the evil KV-2 draw you to the dark side ;-)

  3. Nice game! Can I suggest that you enable color blind mode? Not because I’m
    color blind but because the red text doesn’t come out well on YouTube, it’s
    very blurry and difficult to read. The purple text of color blind mode is
    much sharper.

  4. Jesus, those rounds were going all over the place. 50% crew or what? Lol

  5. Was this one of the light tanks that was “nerfed” in last patch ?

  6. mastery badges in all tanks good for wn8 ??? 

  7. very bad irish – to blank a word out! is the contest now to guess the word
    u used?

  8. I didnt play this Tank but i might try it maybe

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