Ru 251 Review!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. People shooting HE are so fun. Last night in the Rhm Pzw, I got sniped by an HE spamming Maus from across the map for like 720 of my health.

  2. Wyn, Lord of Funblight

    Rip in kill, Ru.

  3. So Foch, when you are going to play artillery??????

  4. I really hope they buff some of these lights there just so uncompetitive now

  5. DasWieselInFlames

    nice vid foch :3 you should have put some of your tankflips in 😀

  6. MichaelAussie05

    Foch what is your opinion of light tanks in general? Are mediums just better? Btw I am really liking your content so thanks for your time and efforts.

  7. The tank is definitely weaker then other t9 lights, but it’s still a fun tank to play. Also with so many light tanks in every battle now, I carry 8 HEP rounds and they balance out other light tanks pretty nicely 🙂

  8. 666 views. Foch satanist confirmed

  9. Forgot to mention the fact this tank lost a considerable amount of DPM when it got bumped up a tier… also this used to be the fastest tank in the game going 80kmh and now it only goes 70… It’s a huge difference if you have quite a few battles in it. (To lose 12.5% of your top speed) (And also about 20% dpm decrease)

  10. Rip Ru 🙁

  11. From my best LT to worst.

  12. T-54 ltwt soviet bias?

  13. Honestly speaking I haven’t noticed that much of a performance change between the patches for this tank. I always loved my tier 8 wz a whole lot more so the RU was one I’d only use sparingly in comparison. In my view at least having the increased base pen in kinda worth the changes, but that’s just me. Mostly I’m annoyed that it gets tier 9 repair costs for not much increase in capability, which means I still lose money even during good or average games with this thing, which is frustrating. Aside from that, it’s alright, but nothing special, and that’s the most damning thing probably.

  14. I think the 13 90 is a little too good.

  15. RU 251 summary, Not bad for a tier 6 medium.

  16. Glad someone else finally agrees with me that arty is hunting light tanks and making them even more underpowered, So sick of commenting about this on so many vids just to get muppets commenting that you cant pen lights with arty or if you get hit by arty you are a noob. Massive splash means you get hit behind rocks n buildings that used to be safe and you get hit more often as the arty now aims quicker and is more accurate.

  17. Spoiler alert. . . . The Russian light tank line is the best,  No surprise there

  18. Really disappointed in the Tier 9 Ru 251. It was really fun to play before, now it’s pretty much meh. It does okay, but nothing special. And, as you say, it does seem to be out-classed by the other Tier 9 lights.

  19. No problem T49 is new old RU251 :). I agree wtih all, but still it is nice to pen Maus now without premium ammo.

  20. Somehow I still like it. Load 10-15 HE shells at the start of the game and shoot enemy lights and medium sides while enjoying your 3.8k dpm. You’d be surprised how consistent and powerful its HE shell is.

  21. AMX 3090 gets better and Ru nurfed? can anyone explain what kind of balancing is it?

  22. >gets 2,7k average damage over 50 games since patch
    “it’s a downgrade over old Ru”
    >laughs hysterically

  23. Herr Schicklgruber

    They fucked one of my favourite tanks. No lube. Just fucked it right in the ass with the dick of Stalin.

  24. It just needs 10 RoF and 75 kph or even back to 80 top speed

  25. how is the m41 german black bulldog doing these days?

  26. WG Genocide on the whole german light tank line.

  27. Eh. It was nerfed pretty heavily but it’s still playable IMO

  28. So many of the nerfs were done under the auspices of balancing, tier changes and match making changes. But FFS WAR GAMING you didn’t do them with any real logic in mind. They just did them for the hell of it. There was NO REASON behind the nerfs they just sat in a committee and said we need to do “something” so let’s nerf this and that and maybe another thing. Every nation and every tier has at least two or three lights that totally suck now. Tanks that were massive favourites seem to have been hit the worst. The Ru,The ELC, Bulldog…ect ect but OH NO NOT THE RUSSIANS fucking 54 ltw is a total beast the LGT a total beast the LTTB still very nice. Russian bias ? HELL YES total cunts at war gaming total cunts

  29. Fucking jews took revenge and ruined this german tank

  30. at last someone has reviewed ru251 ?

  31. good, i’m glad I sold mine after the patch. Never did like this tank and they made it worse.

  32. 5:01 donut ?

  33. FML. so ru251 has gone from best light tank in the game to the worst,nice one wg

  34. So I’m not the only one that thinks this tank is shit… I would take the tier 8 german bulldog all day over this, just for that extra DPM

  35. Vladimir PutinYarbutt

    I disagree, this may have lost DPM but the gun handling got a lot better is much more usable. This has amazing camo and great accuracy. The gun depression is great if you are not a potato. The shell velocity is great too. I think T54 ltwt is the worst t9 light. It has no gun depression, worse camo, a lot worse accuracy and the armor is not really relevant.

  36. I played a lot of battles in Ru before the changes, and I can say the new Ru is a lot better. Only TWO things got nerfed – dpm (not a big issue) and top speed (also not a big issue), but the amount of improvements it recieved is significant. The aim time, handling and shell speed that is not potato like help a LOT at mid/long range shoots (1080 vs the old speed of 805), also does the improved acceleration and hp. I see why other single shoot lights like the T49(with normal gun) and WZ-132A can be considered better than the Ru, but I’m not so sure about the T54 ltw. And I totaly agree with Foch that Ru 251 is complete garbage with dealing with other same tiered lights in the current meta…maybe in a few months when the LT hype cools down a bit, thing get a little easier for Ru drivers.

  37. Double Double 4G

    RIP LTs – they neutered them 🙁

  38. Bought this tank back a few days ago to grind it again for the tier ten light tank and I must say, I don’t mind it. In only my second game in it I managed to get LT-15 for the Object 260 with it. It still feels pretty good.

  39. So the Chinese and French are good choices, the Germans a bad choice and you haven’t done the Russians yet. What about the Americans? Any opinion on whether those are worthwhile?

  40. I liked this tank a lot before 9.18, but now It’s just so shit. The RU will be missed.

  41. I was grinding this line hard because of the RU and got this rank just as the light tank patch came in. I too have been disappointed by what was a great tank, so I stopped playing this line altogether. WG moves in mysterious ways when it comes to non USSR armour.

  42. Top speed changed from 80 to 70 means you can’t really chase after a T49 who just fired or escape from a T49 who is running toward you now. Kinda hopeless to play the RU in these kind of situations.

  43. Yep, I have all tier 9s, except of Chinese, and this is the only one that get f*cked when moved to tier 9.

  44. Well crap… don’t want this anymore…

  45. I tested a ru251 vs a FULL HEALTH old AMX 13 90(with six shots in one clip),and I won the amx 13 90 using HE

  46. so many bots in this game PogChamp but hey its allowed by wg 😀

  47. Funny that you said that a T49 just demolishes an RU 251 when I did the exact thing on this map, while attacking the south, to not only one but two RU 251s and they both got a taste of my sweet HE shells.

  48. Not bad. It’s German, so it can’t be OP….

  49. Another edition of World of Tanks with Gilbert Gottfried

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