RU to EU Server Migration in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks just announced all players on RU/CIS servers will be able to migrate to in September – here's what I think about it!



  1. Best thumbnail in QB history

  2. Hate to break it to you QB but the WG Party has already started to happen. You even did a video about the player base shrinking about two or three years ago.

  3. i would transfer my NA account to RU server in a hard beat , i wish i had that option …

  4. I want to see this type of setup done globally so if I want to play EU I can but most of my matches will be NA players only.

  5. wargaming are cowards for shutting down CIS in the first place. >:l over politics you betray your playerbase? pathetic. wheres your loyalty, to western elites? or to us losers who play?
    (gamer patriotism is a thing now. i coined it. i called it. me. right here.)

  6. Very well put and very well said Mr QB. And I still applaud wargaming for taking a stand and not just turning their head continue collecting the money… Rock on QB and wargaming.

  7. why is this 13 minutes long

  8. so even more selfish gameplay and ridiculous lag. nice

  9. Russians won’t need illegal(in Russia) VPN to play? Seems risky.

  10. “Watch-out, the Russians are coming”. That’s so yesterday news!

  11. Lesta games, seperate company my ass, wargaming moscow.

  12. The reason to stop playing for me .
    I do not wanna meet . talk or play to any Russians until they retreat from Krim and Ukrain !
    For me all Russians are reasponseble for war crimes commited in Urkrain , Krim and for shooting down a passenger plain MH-17 with 298 innocent people .
    How is it even possible that WG is doing this , for me its the reason to stop playing and remove my account !

  13. QB, FYI people from Kazakhstan are Kazakh, not “Kazakhstani”. Similarly, people from Uzbekistan are Uzbek, not “Uzbekistani” and so on. People from Pakistan are different. Don’t ask me why.

  14. Namegoeshere Orhere

    TBH I don’t know why they don’t just let you play on whatever server you want with a single account. I often play of prime time on NA so I sometimes cannot get high tier games and I know low tiers are even worse. I have an EU account but I don’t really feel like putting a lot of time into it when I already have one with everything I want on it.

  15. Politics in the game…

  16. goodbye to my wr

  17. They need to nerf Russian tanks to make their ammo racks MUCH easier to detonate.

  18. the most important statements ar near the end. WELCOME everybody and play a game for fun . don’t make the game game a place of politics. btw, i am from germany but if i use chat i do it in english.. and sometimes today you see like czech or polish or…. in in game chat… what i can’t read, i don’t care for.
    on technical an economical points the move shows some intressting points to look on for future development. – – can the servers handle the load? – remember the problems with EU3 and EU4 during the halloween events 2021
    – will there be mor premiums (is it even possible in t8 battles?) or will we see more techtree tanks based on situation of players?
    – how will prices… develop

  19. Why do they need to have different “regions”? Why not just have one game with different servers in different places like other games?
    Why can’t WoT EU and WoT NA also be merged, but keeping the servers where they were?

  20. Time to restart my account and change nick to “Slava Ukrajine”

  21. Fuck QwQ I don’t want Russians spazzing out on EU servers. Time to balance Russian tanks first.

  22. And the MONEY talks for War Gaming.. they cant make cash out of the Russian accounts due to the sanctions. WG make this out to be a good deed move, Bull Shit. They want the Cash.

  23. I think it will be interesting and fun, but I do not understand why to seperate us between the servers.

  24. Wish they would let me migrate from NA to EU

  25. They should bring back all chat.

  26. they do this cos many players in EU abandoned the game and went to more modern tanks games like war thunder and wot console (with mouse and keyboard) waiting 12 years wot to add modern tanks mode is way too long!by the way Russian players will give life to EU waiting times as happened to armored warfare years before and the players of EU finally can play some pvp!western russia is also part of europe and the living costs there are ingredibly lower than EU! south EU countries live with 650 euros per month and pay everything 10 times more expensive than Russian citizens! and this winter is going to be much worse for all Europe cos stupid sanctions effects badly EU energy – food prices and not Russia!

  27. Марио Петров

    they had twise cheaper vehicles than the rest of the world and now they are moving into the other server where people have paid more forever…. yeah.. one more splendid world of tanks decision.. I am not playing anymore…

  28. Russia will be cut off from the rest of the world like North Korea soon, this is insurance for when this happens.

  29. What if WG makes a World Wide Server? Politics is for politicians… People are only “ammunition” to feed wars…

  30. OMFG please tell me there’s gonna be a NA to EU server transfer one of these days. I might actually pick up playing the game again once in a while since I moved back to EU.

  31. What has the reaction been from the RU player base? To the whole wargaming thing

  32. Now we need a transfer from NA to the EU as they cannot say that transfers are not possible anymore.

  33. I doubt that a lot of players will switch. European prices and effectiveness of russian state media are two big reasons that speak against it.

  34. Anyone whos not supporting the russian war are welcome here !

  35. there’s a paragraph marked as important in the statement that I don’t fully understand. Will Russians be able to make payments to Wargaming or only Lesta Games? from what I understand their intention is to move all players from countries other than Belarus and Russia to EU servers

  36. Why should I welcome Z-orcs on European server? Orcs with Z written with shit on their face are not Europeans, nowhere near. Letting them in is a big mistake.

  37. So, WG split up it’s operations because of the war in Ukraine. All Belarussian and Russian related business went to another company they owned and ties were severed. Or so they said. Now the Russian server (“service”) is being merged with EU service, meaning that Belarussians and Russians will be served by the EU. Sounds and looks very fishy to me. Back to not spending any money on this game. Slava Ukraine!

  38. I wonder about christmas gift-boxes and mysterious russian drop rate… now on EU server, lol

  39. Wargaming doesn’t understand purchasing potential of different countries. Cost of tanks in India is severely high, but that’s because the prices are just converted from Euro.

  40. WG are such huge patriots lol, just goes to show they would sell their grandmother if it could turn a dollar.

  41. They should all be cut off. Let them start new accounts so we can farm them lol

  42. RU servers are renouned for cheaters, so not looking forward to an influx of cheaters coming along with the merger.

  43. John Jimuel Basco


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