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  1. 4 videoosss. plz lord give me strength

  2. That feel when Ciron gangbangs your subbox with 4 quality video. FeelsGoodMan

    Edit: 5 quality videos, FeelsFantasticMan

  3. Shitty ass unbalances map


    … Keep going.

  5. pro tip: if circon is not using music in his video then just put youre own music on with the volume on like 10%.

    then: profit

  6. wtf did they do to this line lol last time I was playing it tier 6 tanks would go through my armor like it wasnt even there now it can bounce a scorpion g

  7. Russian Bias

  8. Good thing that M53/55 was there to stop that RU 251 from camping 0:52

  9. good game do

  10. What’s wrong with the south spawn?

  11. Yeah this map is almost always a loss for the south spawn unless they can win the city in under 4 minutes. Otherwise you get what happened here with Circon tearing them a new asshole from the middle.

  12. Post pictures of painted lizardmen scrub

  13. Wow.. so much highlights today.. love it !!

  14. Unballanced map ✓
    Arta kill✓
    Working MM ✗
    Good map design ✗
    *Seems like Circon playing WoT*

  15. I hate this line of TDs so much. I wish the rework would have made them all like the old SU-100M1, with lots of speed and DPM but mediocre armor. Instead they gave the whole line idiot proof armor because that’s what WG wants all the tanks in this game to be nowadays so that spamming gold is the only way to win.

  16. Fjords has been ruined

    • typeviic1 fjords is weird now. I’m not sure why they thought the new northern layout would be a good idea. There is what, about 4 different places that the west team can set up with camo or hard cover while the east team gets choked point on the hill top w nothing really to cover their advance.

  17. It is like we are watching livestream of good matches on YT.. feelsgoodman

  18. Which would you guys prefer?
    Starting in south on Ruinberg?
    Starting in north on Himmelsdorf encounter?

  19. So much Circ today…it’s like Christmas.

  20. I tried to take that corridor with a 13 75 at least 10 times . I succeeded once, and it requested and unexpectedly high amount of stupidity from the enemy team . It’s virtually impossible to take advantage of it unless you’re playing in a platoon, then it might work .

  21. i wasnt even done with the other videos and there is a new one!

  22. i don’t feel so bad now, I just got my first mark on this tank today same as Circon! Yay!!!

  23. Glad you’re not ruined Circon !

  24. I like how you play your TDs Circon – aggressive, I love to do that too. Also, the buffs that SU-100M1 and SU-101 got are massive. I remember, when tier VII was a total trash and I had to grind SU-101 with 100mm gun because of the pen on higher caliber. Also both had no armor back then. Same thing when we compare SU-122-54 to Obj. 263 and lets not even start talking about the “balanced” Obj 368-4. But all other topics aside – nice game, as always :).

  25. What are those figurines from?

  26. Freshwater Spaceman

    Not only is he the most entertaining (and beardy) WoT streamer, he also takes an interest in Warhammer, with skinks! Awesome! xD

    • Freshwater Spaceman

      Let’s see your painting Circon! Face reveal? Been there done that. We wanna see some of those skinks!

  27. Will you make a video / stream showing the Warhammer stuff?? 🙂

  28. Circon plays Warhammer?


    Circon plays Lizzies?


  29. Woo Skink rushes!

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