Run for the hill! – ARL 44

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. that stupid m4 Jumbo tho, teamkills then crashes.

  2. Amx went blue because he damaged your tracks

  3. T-34-85M balanced tank. дa. New players can beat it. дa.

  4. I can’t seem to find time to watch your streams, Circon. Thanks for uploading to YouTube quite frequently.

  5. 1 person in chat asks why he spams apcr, the entire chat answers.. that must be the nicest chat on twitch xD

  6. I just love how you shoot higher alpha gold and still low roll like crazy.

  7. 5:23 Maximum concentration

  8. “Su-100M1 294 upper armor!”

    *Jagpanther cries in the corner*

  9. Almost at 100k subscribers
    that’s sick

    • Jovan Schiebelbein

      Jakob Pesl weve all been watching him for a long time, I didnt really notice how long its been but its been so much fun. Through every stage of the game circon actually makes it through the “bullshit” game decisions and actually makes light of everything. Evem if its a complaint or rant he always comes back and actually shows you fun. Traditional nostalgic wot fun consistently. Thats why I watch him

  10. 4:39 150mm plate sloped 59.4 degrees.

    • in the first place why the fuck is there a 150mm plate there?! thats a same amount of amour on a VIII standard heavy Tank.

    • The armour is that way because WG don’t actually have the first fucking clue about how to balance tanks properly within their beloved “3/5/7 +2/-2” matchmaking.

      This is primarily because it’s actually almost impossible to adequately balance any tank to be fun AND playable against tanks up to two tiers higher than it, while also not making the tank stupidly overpowered against those tanks up to two tiers lower than it.

      Unfortunately WG apparently still haven’t figured this fact out yet, hence why they now want to fix the games matchmaking issues by taking away preferential matchmaking from the tiny number of tanks that still possess it, while also giving those tanks more armour and more powerful guns.

      And so here we all still are with lower/mid tier tanks getting routinely spanked by higher tier tanks that mostly have insanely powerful guns and/or stupid amounts of armour that not even premium ammo can come close to penetrating when angled to any degree.

  11. You called me twice at the end of the video
    Yes, Circon what is it?

  12. Plz play with the stock turret. It’s so beautyful!

  13. “Ally M4 destroyed AMX”
    “M4 crashed”

  14. William Linklater

    Camp hill harder next time.

  15. Bump into teammate, turn blue from that little damage. Nice Meme.

    • At a wild guess the AMX turned blue because he had a lot of previous team damage which meant accidentally ramming a friendly tank was just enough to push him over the threshold.

  16. is baby 268 4

  17. Circon…no fun allowed ! WG said so.

  18. Seven Slot Battallion

    What mod pack are you running that shows moe % and armor values?

  19. SU-100M1 is a baby 268 V4

  20. Spamming premium like a mother fucker when not even bottom tier. How many credits did you loose on this one?

  21. Solid play on the SU and T-34 85 duo. What a pancake team you had lol

  22. “I don’t think I’ve seen a single tier 4 in the ARL yet”
    *forgets about the game he uploaded to YouTube*

  23. Wot cancer continues

  24. Hey, what’s the name of the mod that shows the armor thickness?

  25. That guy in the LTG……..

  26. Sadly nobody cares about the tier 7 bobject, luckily there aren’t too many of them.

  27. Russian bias.


  29. Gotta love that russian bias.

  30. War Gaming know what they are doing

  31. Where can I find the MOE mod?

  32. Anyone else have Iron Maiden in their head now?

  33. Try the AMX M4 45 (or tier 7 heavy) again, its been buffed and is fairly nice now.

  34. that 13-75 ran into circon and turned blue. he must be an asshole of the first tier for that to happen. love to see these games in my favorite french tank.

  35. Question guys. How does he know the effective armour thickness while aiming at a tank? Is it an in game setting or some sort of mod? I only have the red/green pen indicator dot.

  36. Gareth Fairclough

    That jumbo just cliffdived the blue dude :O

  37. for 100k sub special give me 100k dollars ty

  38. “destroying a track (with no damage) and you become blue”

    You know you are terrible when it happens to you

  39. Blitz_ With_Spartan617

    3:03 Jumbo cliff dives and kills the blue 13-75

  40. 3:00… Your M4A3E2 was such a fucking autist… “ItS a BlUe GuY i GoTtA kIlL fOr SoCiAl JuStIcE hUrR dUrR”…

  41. Aw. I wanted to see how much it costs to shoot all that skill.

  42. 294 solid blyat

  43. Circon!! Where can I get the Marks of Excellence mod and the “Pen/ Armor Value” mod? And how do I install them??


  45. Dude, I shot down onto an IS7 engine compartment and bounced with the ISU 152. How the hell does that happen?

  46. S T next Gen meme we smart……. Pakleds…

  47. l miss old stock turret

  48. hahaha 294 OP FUCKIN BIAS ARMOR 7 TIER TD

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