Running Away Will Increase Your Winrate & Wn8.

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  1. T25 pilot new Heavy tank

  2. WOT-Arabic-عالم الدبابات بالعربي

    hello lemming-rush, i have translated one of your videos to Arabic cause there are so many Arabic players getting trouble to understand English so do u mind if i do this ???

  3. So…. French were doing it right ?

  4. T25 Pilot, now a heavy tank! 😀

  5. Deja Vu, I have already seen this replay Before! 😀

  6. How To win run camp use arty and gold EZ

  7. This strat is not viable if you are in a slow tank

  8. Deja vu
    I think i’ve seen this video before

  9. I really need to learn this….cheers

  10. put a replay up on Dezgames replay site yesterday titled sometimes uv got to run like a b##ch wasn’t a great game but won the match because of the tactical retreat

  11. Rereplay lol

  12. I dont know if you have ever answered this question fully, and it kind of goes with this video. What should someone do when you get into a position with a lot of team mates, but the team mates switch to derp mode and die off? Just for example take this replay, the city was going to get squished, you move to the field, but lets say now the majority of your team mates in the field die, what should you do? Pretty much just try and get damage and say it was a bad battle and move on? Is there a way to win? I played a few battles today and ended with a 50% win rate and a 1300 WN8. Obviously that isnt very good. I might of been making bad plays or trusting my team too much, but also the teams were really bad. Should i just stop playing? Or is there a tip you have to carry for a win? Thanks for the awesome vids and keep up the good work!

  13. Ah Mornings with Lemming Rush ??

  14. Viktor Woloszczuk

    From 6:20 you talk briefly about the Pershing being in the wrong position. What would have been the best course of action for him to take? Given where your team was, how could he best have positioned himself? And once he was in the wrong position, where could he have gone (It looked like there were no escape routes)?

  15. Do these tricks work with any classes? I’ve been doing way better than my average on my American HTs and MTs but with my Swedish TDs I just can’t win consistently. Best WR I got from those is in my Strv S1 which is 56%, all others are 50~52% and I can never get it up.

    On my Strv 103-0, for example, I have a higher overall average damage than 95% of the players who bought that tank, but my WR is 51%. I fall back, help the flank that seems to be stronger, move around the map as the battle goes but it just doesn’t work. Would that be extremely bad luck over 120+ battles or is there anything else I’m missing from these TDs?

  16. I really enjoy watching your skill lessons *and* learning from them… I’m grinding towards 100% “Player skill” – no perks yet 🙂

  17. If you run away enough it displays the rear of your tanks in the garage. 😛

  18. John von Shepard

    I feel i seen this video before.

  19. Ya you only have 1 tier 8 heavy on your team

  20. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    DE JA VU replay

  21. And this ladies and gentlemen is why high skill players like playing fast tanks more. Because you can get away and fight another day.

  22. What i see more and more is red line camping from people with good wn8. And this is how they get this wn8. Waiting until almost everybody from the team are dead and then they farm from the red line damage and kills. I report afk to this Nice teamplayers and everybody else should do the same!

  23. Running away is REALLY important in anything fast, ESPECIALLY light tanks. You have no idea how many times I have to teach new clan members (for my blue clan) that they should GTFO yesterday when they see people push towards their lights/batchat, they just stand there waiting for orders when its bloody obvious what the order will be. Players with 3-4k wn8 on their lights and batchat is a dime a dozen. But lights and batchat players that actually fuck off from bad situations and play with their own initiative, THAT is rare.

  24. Why the 10-second cut near end of battle? Did you type something bad in chat? 🙂

  25. I went back and watched it to see the salty chat for the laughs, so it was a twofer, something entertaining and something educational.

  26. This is very important. My worst tank is the object 416, i just cant fucking manage it and only recently got 2 marks on it… 44% winrate LOL. It destroys my stats.

    Anyway, i simply started running away and my average went from only about 2000 damage per game to like 2500. But most importantly i have been maintaining a positive winrate on it.

    I think i was being too stubborn and not playing around my team, and was playing the battle to how it “should be”.

    good video. probably one of the most important things ive started doing on the tanks i suck at.

    Another thing i see you do often is you push early with mediums you’re comfortable with, that’s helped me a bit and really fucks up the enemy team sometimes since they’ll start camping where they took damage. you also get an extra 300-600 damage. gotta play to my strengths

  27. Moron defender pleb. Shitter.

  28. Interesting subject, can you do the same if you play HT? My experience is that people often get mad when you not do what you are suppost to do in a HT….go to the typical HT zone…but with the broken MM sometimes and I for example play my t-10 as only top tier HT in my team and enemy team have a much heavier comp on a city map like this…how can you deal with the situation?

  29. Lemming I know it’s a re-upload, but I suggest you pin this at your front page or something like that so people can see it ever time they want to see your videos, if possible at all of course. Cuz I think this is THE SIMPLEST and one of the most LIFE-SAVING skill that people have to learn these days. For days I’ve seen people trying to solo a line or 3 guys try to stop 8 guys from pushing through and eventually get annihilated yet calls everyone else idiot. I know it’s hard to switch lines when you’re driving a T95, but it just doesn’t make sense to see 2 Leopards trying to yolo 8 tier 10s.

  30. Raucous applause, as usual.

    I think you hit a key nail on the head here by exposing one of the differences between the habits of inexperienced or bad players and players with an advanced understanding of the game. The most natural impulse in playing a “team” game is to take it for the team which means going to a place and slugging it out with whatever you encounter until either you or the enemy is destroyed no matter what else may be going on on the map that leads to a win for one side or the other. The impulse to do this is super-strong and breaking the habit by running away to preserve your hit points and capacity for doing damage as part of an attack in a different quarter or as part of a “defense in depth” where you give ground to draw the enemy forces into a place where you can bring additional forces to bear to destroy them is super important.

    Please keep it up. I’ve heard that a lot of people tell you this but repetition doesn’t change truth value: I’m using your advice to improve my play.

    Oh, btw, you mention in one video that you don’t like mountain-goating and that reminds me of example of it that I saw recently that I think you’ll appreciate.

    On steps, I found myself watching in my Su-85 as a Covenanter spent time to climb on top of a rock at a distance that was well-within my visual and firing range. His climb silhouetted him perfectly for the first shot and he only got off one burst from his machine cannon for minimal damage before the second shot sent him back to the garage. THEN the enemy Su-85 clambered over a nearby ridge to engage medium tanks at close quarters. He had to work hard but he did it: he put himself above the gun elevation of the tanks closest to him while presenting himself as a perfect target for a TD that wasn’t being driven like a Main Battle Tank.

    The upshot of the story is that whether or not you think of mountain goating (which really *is* visually cool) is exploiting a bug or some other form of cheating, when people fail to get that it is only effective when their tanks end up in positions that allow them to assume a tank-destroyer role, it is not only time consuming and more trouble than it’s worth, it turns them into perfect targets.

  31. we want an stb1 hd model

  32. Those snapshots! 😮

  33. Running away and using team mates used to be only good feature of LeoPTArd. But somehow I have lowest winrate of any tier 9, despite not having lowest damage per game. My highest winrate is on E50 and Conqueror, that is too slow to run. Now I feel confused 🙁

  34. Yep, think I saw you do a similar vid. Have to say though it has made me a better player for it, so for me good advice can never be stressed too much. And a bit of refresh of the brain is always good. Keep up the good work dude!!

  35. This is good advice if you always play vehicles with good mobility, good visibility, a well trained crew, and premium everything. Being an impatient 18 year old enters into it as well. This kind of scenario seems to be a common theme in LM videos. I guess this is what he means by “positioning”. This doesn’t work nearly as well in a slow heavy. I’ve done it many times. Your rear and side are exposed so you take damage as you retreat and switch flanks. And by the time you’ve made it from an advanced position on one flank to an advanced position on the other you’re either dead, you’ve lost a significant amount of hit points, or the battle has been more-or-less decided while you spent your time driving around and being insulted in chat. In the worst possible scenario, by the time you get to the other flank it too has more-or-less fallen and you’re right back where you started except now you haven’t done any significant damage, you’re down on hit points and you look like a fool and/or a coward. Another pisser is when you find yourself isolated in-route and being circled and destroyed by a light, a fast medium or TD. Better advice for those playing slower vehicles might be to wait 30 seconds or 60 seconds before committing to one flank or the other. Or, accept your fate and do the best you can to slow the enemy advance along the weak flank. That’s what I like to see: highly skilled players turning bad situations around. This was like a Zeven video. He’s purple because he’s a good strategist–not because he’s a good fighter (he has admitted as much). In contrast, a player like SirCircon can go into battle in a TD with nothing but HE and carry. Now that’s impressive and entertaining (while admittedly not particularly instructional). So, it’s clear what I want to see in LM videos: mid-tier, bottom tier, disadvantaged yet heroic gameplay. I don’t want to hear explanations about why it was smart to go somewhere else. It’s okay to die in those situations because you weren’t expected to contribute much to the battle in the first place. Any carrying you can do is so much sweeter when you’re bottom tier and use superior skill to position yourself for side, rear, and weak point shots while preserving your hit points. That’s how I define “positioning” because that’s how I have to play being a cheap free-to-play player who is always grinding and playing tier 5. So many times I’ve been in my T1 Heavy when there was an E25, T71, Cromwell, etc. on the enemy team on the prowl for isolated tanks trying stuff like this. It’s akin to suicide. I end up being of more use to the team and doing more damage by doing my best to slow the advance along the doomed flank. I know I’m going to die, and I could call my team mates selfish cowards for either leaving me or not coming to my aid, but I accept it as a necessary (not glamorous) role. It’s how I define being a “support” player as opposed to hanging back behind the higher tier vehicles sneaking in shots (taking whatever crumbs they leave for you). And once in awhile I’m pleasantly surprised when help arrives when I’m a one-shot and about to die. Some of the sweetest games I’ve played were like that. I’m over on the weak flank doing my duty and we manage to turn it around, advance toward the enemy cap, take out the arty (can never get enough of that) and either cap or swing around the other side like we spawned from the enemy base to finish off the remaining enemy vehicles. Come to think of it, those one of the sweetest outcomes I can think of. I often wait 30 seconds or so and then purposely go to the weak side feeling like someone has to do it. I’m a 46% player who has played thousands of games and has no plans to re-roll. I have no stats to protect so I can do stuff like that. I think there are a lot of 46 to 48 percent players who feel the same. That’s why mid-tier games often fail to unfold like high tier games. Playing to pad stats is limiting. Getting to tier 10 so you’re always top tier seems like cheating to me. I’d like to see the addition of tier 11 and 12 bots so tier 10 players can end up mid or bottom tier.

  36. This was shocking to watch, a Tier 10 that could penetrate enemies without gold. I bet Wargaming will nerf the STB-1.

  37. Marshall Allshouse

    i believe this is a reupload for those that are wondering

  38. João Gonçalves

    Hey LR, Hi noticed you’ve been playing the STB-1 a bit more… Any particular reason for that? It is my favourite Tier X tank after the BC, and if you are playing it more that might just mean it is still a good pick lol

  39. Why unicums always play only med tanks / light or fast heavys?

  40. So Lemming, how would it have gone if none of your team’s heavy’s went town as your team had no top tier heavy tanks?
    I still think the 2 that stuck around did a good job, its easy to run in a meduim, if you had a maus you may have been left to die?

  41. @LemmingRush Kinda long response but here goes. I started playing this game a number of years ago and was never any good at this game. I would log in from time to time and play and amassed a wn8 of a whopping ~240ish after almost 2500 games. I decided I needed to learn about the game more to get better and starting watching videos by Quickybaby. They helped some and my wn8 went up but not by much. In the last couple months I started watching your videos. Im still terrible at this game. But my recent wn8 is now consistently over 1000. For that I have to thank you and I know I will consistently get better by paying more attention to whats happening in the scenario rather than what its happening right in front of me. That has been the most important thing I’ve gotten from your videos thus far. Keep up the good work.

  42. can you make a map guide for the Paris map. because everytime i play from the west spawn, if my most valuable tanks go to the north field, and the south falls, we are lost evrytime

  43. no wonder nobody trusts there team mates anymore.

  44. yeah, seen this replay already in one of your earlier videos but it’s a good for the skills it teaches.

  45. If you make bad decision in German heavy- you are FOCKED…. No way I can run away in any of them….

  46. Stupid question but how did you get that cool 8-bit camo?

  47. This map has the same issues Wide Park does and should be treated the same way. Nothing above Tier 5 on this map.

  48. Old video, new commentary I guess still worth to watch it 😀

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