Running out of ammo in World of Tanks…

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Manticore. The new T10 British light tank has a serious ammo problem… Can we deal with it?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. paul aaron Ordinario

    They should stick the 183mm on the Manticore

  2. just give it a 30mm auto cannon with 220mm of pen with 105 dmg

  3. mark angelo abelgas

    16 rounds am i joking too you manticore

  4. Damn I feel for you in this fight Quickybaby

  5. this is probably the most frustrating video quickie baby has to make…

  6. Gee, I dunno if I can handle this amount of disappointment in one tank.

  7. Keep the tank the exact same but give it 70% camo (it’s a light so it’ll have it on the move too). Its basically the worst in just about everything but it sacrifices all that for amazing camo rating? That would be unique, kinda disgusting, but unique.

  8. if qb misses it means that avg player will miss more and this line will be as redundant as german HT line

  9. Is this game dead on ps4? or is it dead on everything?

  10. Well, there is just one mode British lights are decent in – Frontline. That’s the ONLY mode where the tanks can replenish their ammo.

  11. Top10

  12. How many shells this shit has?

  13. Hmm….a light tank that has to spot and scout. What a concept! The best way to use this, IMHO, would be to spend the first half of the game just spotting for your team, being the eyes for them, and only use your small ammo capacity late in the game when the enemies are on low health.

  14. How do u first say is very fustrating and right after say u are having fun with it. I guess its possible.

  15. Running out of ammo?

    StuG III G and Sturer Emil: Welcome to the club.

  16. RNG? Yeah that is what makes almost 90+% of the garage stats a lie. See, those stats are, at best, what you get. But *RARELY* get them. The game is advertised as “free to play” but there are stipulations and one MUST, MUST, MUST, MUST play a very specific way in order to reach tier X. There is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way to keep every tank in the game unless you shell out some serious cash, because lets face it, WG wants every penny you make. There are no freebies unless your good and I mean REALLY good.

  17. This was absolute nice game of skill and outplaying the enemy the EBR did his job perfectly and so did you.

  18. Logan McCutcheon

    So basically it’s just a Prius with tracks


    Looks like British lights are a waste of time, can’t war gaming pretend that they don’t hate every other country in the world for once? Does anyone think for a second if this was Russian it might be ever so slightly better??

  20. what if hesh rounds could be used like a very fast mini deathstar, with its damage at 500

  21. Increase camo and view range so they are a counter to wheel vehicles. This would make the line of high tier UK light tanks worth having on a team. UK been waiting for ages at least give them a reason for being in the game. I would keep the ammo size the same. The role of these tanks would be to scout if you done a good job scouting you could start to engage when there only 5 enemy tanks left. you may be force to fight off other light tanks at the start but main role is scouting for the team.

  22. Piece of garbage.

  23. how to fix the brits lights
    give it 10 more shells
    give it 480 alpha similar to the Badgers leave the reload so the dpm is around 2.2k, the average for tier 10 (for the super shoot and scoot play style)
    give it 410 view range (from 400)

    AVR FS –
    Give it 400 alpha reduce the rof to 5 rpm for a dpm of 2k
    give it 400 (from 390)

    give it 280 alpha leave the reload dpm of 1.9k nothing crazy
    give it 390 view range (from 380)

    Give it 230 alpha

    high alpha & little tank is a great concept that has been proven to be fun and balanced by the elc ( speaking of why on gods green earth did they think it was a good idea to nerf the 240 alpha gun on it like good damn WG likes to be hated ) but wg needs to actually add high alpha cus as of rn they all have worst dpm then a Type 89 I-Go/Chi-Ro
    a Tier II Japanese Medium Tank.

  24. They made it so bad that you would buy more premium tanks

  25. I ran out of shells in a SPG once. Get a AT 15 and expect to lose credits even on a win, what a joke!

  26. Ladislas Trebeth

    Buff suggestion : Up the alpha to 440 and switch the special ammo from APCR to HESH with 520 alpha and 220 pen. We’ll now have the “Shit Spot” after the “Shit Barn”

  27. WG must look at the ammo number,no doubt..

  28. bertjesklotepino

    If the tank can run out of ammo easily……………..
    And noobs dont use the spotting that such a tank can do………….so noobs dont use it to spot, or the teammates dont shoot when the guy driving this tank is spotting…….
    Then i think NOBODY will play such crap.

    It is as you said CRAP!
    It is beyond me that they would introduce such crap while giving us Object after Object which are BIASED as hell.
    As one can see from the MANY MANY examples online, especially at Claus’ World. (i know you dont like the guy)

    THey seriously need to reconsider introducing this junk, because nobody is gonna play them if they can run out of ammo with the low DPM and so on.

    They could better spend their time on something more important. Like addressing them Assholes seriously. Not with the current suggestion which they are trying, but simply by banning the assholes first for a month, and then permanently.
    No matter how much money the asshole has invested. Perma-ban should be possible, always.

    • bertjesklotepino

      The more power an Asshole is given, the more the Asshole will take. And the more difficult it gets to get rid of them assholes.
      You can see this in real life as well.
      Somehow we all are scared to say the truth, eventhough we all know (or at least those with a brain) that something is a miss.
      Certain things that we have been told in our lives do not add up.
      They never did, and they never will.
      No matter howmany documentaries or fake experts that are introduced, then people are not stupid enough to fall for such OBVIOUS LIES and OBVIOUS HOAXES.
      But, unfortunately there is always a significant part of the population which will defend these charlatans, these ASSHOLES, these CRIMINALS. And so the Criminals can get away with whatever they like.
      I could name several examples, but i guess everyone knows what i mean.
      And if not, dream on. Stay in Wonderland.

    • bertjesklotepino

      PS: Keep saying they are useless, Baby………
      They might listen to you.

      And if they do, then that is kinda unfair…..
      Because that would mean that they listen after 1 video from you……………. while they did not and still dont listen to 50 videos of the BIGGEST ASSHOLE………………..

      I have been banned by a guy called iTamtum. Why? Because i said what was on my mind. I used one word, bullcrap…………. and that is what got me banned from the chat.
      This while he wasnt there all the time. He was there on and off. In the off times people could say all kinds of things.
      And when he was on, he warned those who used profanities or insults.
      I never knew Bullcrap was a profanity or an insult.
      I never got warned.
      BUT this GOD person banned me for a day from the chat.
      And when i came to check in again, i could see all kinds of anti semitism, racehatred, whatever……………………
      But BULLCRAP, that is worth a ban, yes.

      I would love to be a mod, or show these guys from this game how one COULD solve these small yet very very annoying problems.

      A new player who gets teamkilled for no reason (or at least not that the new player knows about)…….. what do you think such a player will do?
      And i could name Dozens of examples how these ASSHOLES are destroying this game, and are harmful for the entire profit that can be made.
      But hey, dont listen to me. Just watch and see in a year or 2.
      This new thing they are trying to introduce AINT GONNA HELP!
      Teamdamage ISNT the problem.
      IT IS certain PEOPLE who are the problem.
      Shoot them, gas them, kill them, but at least get them PERMA BANNED. That is something computerwizzkids should be able to do.
      Perma Ban, perhaps use an algorithm, automated system, to track such idiot players.
      Like say: when someone is blocking his teammate for more than 15 seconds, a warning. If he is blocking/pushing a teammate for 30 seconds, kick his ass off the server.
      Second time it happens, a ban.
      FSX had servers where such rules were maintained.
      INFACT!!!! VATSIM or IVAO are very strict communities. You can not jerk around in those servers because you get banned. Because they are used by Professional Pilots as well.
      That is, IF one actually RESPECTS his costumors.
      But considering the 50 BIGGEST ASSHOLE videos, i dont think they got ANY respect for their clients.
      Or do they, QuickyBaby?

      And yeah, i got a tinhat on as well.
      Because a NOOB like me who is only playing for like 4 months can already see that Claus is right with the Russian BIas bullshit.
      And, personally i dont give a shit, i think it is funny to have a game where there is russian bias instead of the american crap we get sold every day.

    • bertjesklotepino

      I think it is funny that certain dedicated FSX players could get a system up and running to Perma Ban someone, for ever and ever………. and yet here we have to deal with platoons of ASSHOLES who dont give a shit.

      Sure, you are talking about these shit tanks.
      I know.
      If YOU say they are crap, THEY ARE CRAP!
      If THEY go ahead and introduce them as they are, HOWMANY PEOPLE DO YOU EXPECT will play those crappy vehicles?
      My estimate: NONE!
      So what is the point of introducing them?

      I hope they got brains over there

  29. Your british… can you used all your ammo?

  30. They should buff alpha dmg to like 490 and maybe 20-25 rounds. And make it better when you fire on the move

  31. DezGamer put it very interestingly – and kind of bluntly – that WG has intentionally made British lights very bad for this first iteration. Only to be able to bring up the real, planned stats later on and say that “we have listened to you players and here is what we have come up with”, bringing totally op light tanks in the actual game.

    In a way this makes sense, as they have gotten more or less bad critique on new tanks time and again: by bringing out the worst out first, they can say that they are listening to player base, even though they have planned it all the way.

    Even worse thought is that they have no clue and started from the bottom with the stats… /omg

  32. I thought you were going to kamikaze that shit haha

  33. They need to work on T110E4 too….or just replace it with something more similar to T30

  34. MarioDCreator Gaming

    They remind me of the elc amx
    I want that in tier 10
    I remember when the elc amx was good
    It was by far one of if not my favorite tank in the game
    It was fast it was really fast and it had a bad rate of fire but a beautiful high pen and dmg gun that could pen even the highest tiers
    I want a super elc amx in tier 10 with a really crappy dpm but amazing alpha and camo
    That’s what I thought this tech tree would be but it is actually garbage
    I was so excited
    But now I’m just disappointed
    This had great potential to be some of the most fun tanks in the game

  35. Jeremiah Risinger

    I thought this tank was really enjoyable. Hide in the bush, take a shot at the side of a heavy, run away and repeat. Play it like the amx elc. But I do wish it had 420, 440 or maybe 490 alpha.

  36. Amazing that WG have released such a set of underpowered tanks, if only to test server. Almost calls into question their competence or motivation. Or both.

  37. that tank seems so absolutely garbage, cant do anything by itself, imagine playing manticore as only scout vs a EBR 105 , and you have to go active scouting = dead

  38. Now imagine doing that if that EBR was a moron and didn’t clutch

  39. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Knowing WG, I wouldn’t be surprised if they increase the ammo capacity from 16 to 18 and they say ‘ we buffed that, no need for more buffs regarding the Manticore’…That tank line truly needs a tremendous buff regarding EVERYTHING. At least 25% DPM buff, 30-50% more ammo capacity and maybe 440 Alpha for the tier X. At this moment the Panzerwagen looks good compared to this piece fo crap.

  40. more accurate and 440 or 490 alfa damage?? i think it would be so much better

  41. Λ Z Ξ R G Λ M I N G

    same as bc 25 t

  42. If u play together u dont need Ammo 😉

  43. Wargame really REALLY do not care … its there cartoon Tank game, and so long as Mother Russia Tanks are OP and fake as needed, well everything is fine … now get your $$ ready for the ‘good’ British Premium T8 LT … sick or what

  44. 1:34 – tomatoe baby

  45. Lets put a conqueror gun on amx 13 90 said engineers and created manticore.

  46. Ammo quantity as a balancing factor is beyond retarded.

  47. What the actual fuck was WG thinking, ive never seen a game development team release something this utterly terrible

  48. So basically with this piece of shit tank, we will loose money every game

  49. now that wg is talking about removing friendly fire, i think they should add unlimited shells too, and just rather pay for the shells we use.

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