RUSH THE HILL – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today in Destroyer133_2016, from the NA server, is going to have to rush the hill in the Italian heavy, the Bisonte.

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  1. Alexandros Megas

    O-Ni driver: typical environment for a WOT solo player in 2021

  2. new hairstyle!!!!

  3. I was alone against 5 enemy tanks once. They all rushed me at the same time.

  4. Get a haircut ya damn hippie. LOL Love the video, Rock on man.

  5. That poor O NI

  6. whatwouldyoudo64

    BS,… Auto aiming and modding ! Whats with your hair, dude?

  7. That’s exactly the state of the NA server. All the battles come down to 1-2 good players on each team having to carry 13-14 shit players…

  8. It’s not, “Are we going to see the artillery ruin the parade of Destroyer”, it’s, “Will the woefully overmatched M12 SPG be able to pull off a miracle and save the battle for their team?!”.

  9. you got a fresh cut QB

  10. I don’t even play world of tanks, yet I find myself watching all of quackys vids

  11. That game shows that some players can’t even play artas

  12. QB whats wrong with your hair? U going emo?

  13. social3ngin33rin

    non-French special-loading powercreep….

  14. 52 people rushed the hill one-by-one

  15. canonfodder 808

    The stupidity hurts.

  16. Poor credits tanks😭

  17. I was in a similar situation last week on Himmelsdorf but I managed to fat-finger HE when trying to repair my gun without realizing it… It was very awkward

  18. Don’t you just love +2 matchmaking in a tier 8 -10 game

  19. Why can’t I find enemies like these?

  20. M44/T-34-1/Strv threw (not waiting for the whole team)
    The Hellcat looked like he was planning on tanking 1 shell but un/fortunately got high rolled af. (Still should have waited for the 50tp)

  21. at least you picked a weak tank that managed to kill 12 tanks

  22. Wanted to downvote from start but watched until the end. Still downvote because of premium top tier kinda op, facing of against idiots. What’s the point of this video?

  23. If the enemy team had a single testicle between them they would have one. Perfect example of hesitation killing you.

  24. Destroyer played it well but he should have been killed by the skoda, then a team of donkeys feeding themselves to an auto loader was just sad to see, all they needed to do was cap and wait for him to come down from where he was.

  25. What an awesome team work and play ! The real pleasure of WoT in a nutshell.

  26. The enemy team was a bunch of seals, no honor in clubbing seals

  27. Tbh na is so full of bots it’s not even funny win rate on na is non existant you have to base player skill on average dmg

  28. Crimson Specter

    That 50tp was absolute garbage.
    Just a damn HE would have ended that

  29. Davide Casiraghi

    How did the super muppet enemy team overcome the allied team so easily on the west side? My god this game is still a mistery to me.

  30. The timing of the reload… lol. A wee bit lucky, but awesome how he stayed cool and controlled. Well played👍

  31. Quicky Baby hair looks green ?

  32. Tibeau de ganseman

    Oh boy qb starting to look like an emo

  33. what a great match, wow

  34. I was 1 vs 9 with ebr in tier X, prohorovka , I did the situation 1 vs 2 but they capped with 2 second that could be great match but chickens everywhere

  35. Thats AEG’s tactic

  36. Alternative title: If the enemy team is dumber than your own! =)

  37. Imagine if m12 had a keyboard and move in the field to spash him

  38. I like your cut, G

  39. Firefly madebyMrP

    As the 50TP pr. approaches, I was like: “He wont shoot HE I guess”
    That would be so easy, espacially with the nice HE rounds the 50TP pr has

  40. Man what an awesome video with great commentary! Keep up the good work!

  41. Clearly knows what they are doing w/ 3 marks on the barrel. But def helped by the 1-by-1 lemming train up the hill. Still amazes me when people don’t group together to get something done and just yolo off individually to their death. All the enemy team had to do was 1. cap or 2. not go one by one. Nah, let’s take option 3 and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. smh

  42. Not the worst throw ever by a long shot. There have been a lot of games lately on the NA public battles where, during the battle, you note some really bad play that should lose your team the win… Then it occurs to you that the other team is throwing it harder than yours, lol.

  43. 4:23 worst rng ever

  44. It’s nice to see you commentating replays again.

  45. QB what is up with the hair Sir!

  46. I would have caped

  47. Ernst Luijendijk

    How did he receive 128K and his total was 138K. I dont see any boosters. Or it just doenst show, i havent played in a few months

  48. I love how he makes it out that the bisonte is a great prem tank when he blocked nothing even half way into the game 😂

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