Rushing Live Oaks – T-34 85M

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. love them weird titles in the notifications 😛

  2. Daron Ohannessian


  3. disappointed. jpg

    Hello everyone!

  4. hacker! aim bot!…just kidding boy you sure play a good game.

  5. Good balanced tenk kek 😀 ( my favorite WoT tank of all time…. It replaced my Cromwell in clan wars)

  6. Why does a T34 85M hits me all the time from a great distance and when I look at the first minute or 2 all shots of unicum Circ goes wide??

  7. Only 3k left to 100k lets get it

  8. There goes my arta…. watch him as he runs,
    There goes my arta…. what a scumbag.

  9. seeing this play from south spawn alot at mid tiers, for some reason everyone goes city or camps that ridge. Maybe its a new meta? Shame it never works.

  10. Fair and balanced tank

  11. i had a 4200 dmg game in my t34 85m u should totally do a vid on!! !xD

  12. That OI tho. “I was useless so fuck team and I will cap”

  13. found a thing in the gun marks spreadsheet, the crusader is counted as a medium tank which it kinda isnt

  14. 5/10 MM… and a good game, so weird, right? #357MMmuchBetter

  15. Existancial Goberts

    I love the culture identity crisis in stream chat

  16. I am stuck on 81% on this fucking thing, but your videos do kinda help out on how to play. Thanks Circ.

  17. My biggest damage in this tank is 3.6k. It was a draw in a tier 8 game though

  18. Cicon, can you adjust your headcam a little? Would be fun to see what goes on in gamechat when you play.

  19. that totally unnecessary gold spam tho

  20. T34-85M is prem is it not? What are the differences between it and the T34-85? Better in every aspect like normal prems or better but still shitty like reward tanks?

    • Guusieboi de Mafketel

      Yuvaez better frontal armour and better dpm, but little worse manouvrability

    • The DMP is insane mine has a DPM of 2500~. It’s higher than a lot of tier 8’s.
      Also if you know how to angle the front plat tier 4’s can’t pen you at all and you just sit there and farm without having to move.

  21. still want that MoE mod..

  22. Wish I had your nerves of steel, Circon – the Spice Panzer and enemy 85-M would have ripped you apart if you had panicked, but you were able to keep your cool under fire and trade effectively.

  23. Riculf Riculfson

    Never understood the “Don’t Cap” mindset. Win/Play/Repeat. Unless the idea is for some players to get fewer points so Circon can get more? Does anyone actually play for that reason?

    • Have you not been in those encounter games where three allies/enemies immediately go to the cap circle and neither side gets any time to engage… So fun to finish a game with >100 xp per person. If your mindset is simply to win then that’s fine… But a lot of people, especially around mid-tiers kind of want more experience so they can reach the next tier. Damage/spotting/killing gives significantly more exp than capping.

      In Circon’s case he 3-marks tanks. It’s harder to do that if someone in the team is shortening the game time by capping. You could also argue that the only reason the O-I reached the cap so effortlessly was mostly through Circon’s plays, so why should Circon now have his game and damage potential cut short because he cleared the way for the O-I?

    • There is some sort of multiplier on exp for capping vs killing all tanks. It’s not mentioned anyway are far as I can see, but you can see it quite clearly if you look at post game stats for a cap win vs a kill win. Basically, if the game ends by cap, BOTH teams get lower experience. That’s why circon is against capping

    • He capped for no reason, he just got a TINY amount of xp for it while the extra damage would’ve been better for the others on the team.

  24. wasnt expecting the HE memes on the SP1c

  25. This is a great illustration of how irrelevant city is to winning this map, imo.

    If you win city, you then have to cross open ground either to get to the enemy cap, or to go back to try to defend your own cap. Winning the rails/bridge gives you leverage on the map. If you’ve won city, you’re just hemmed in, in the city. It doesn’t project.

  26. Jeez.
    Looked like bot program tanks. I mean that start – The hopeless SPIC, T34-85 and the afk KV-2 and the mass lemming train into the city…jeez.

  27. Circon, what are you talking about? The T-34-85M is completely balls-deep OP!

  28. Circonflexes, I bought today t3485m back, very Nice tank but what is best mod for wot?

  29. Fuck that cunt in the OI

  30. The Challenger’s rear turret armor is 200mm. What are you doing Britain?

  31. Bert The Avenger

    That O-I made a whole 20 damage!

  32. General Saufenberg

    there goes the neighborhood…^^

  33. What’s the name of that mod? For the marks of excellence? ?

  34. Yoo wut is the name of the mod for indicator of armor thickness?

  35. John Ivan Betchayda Dizon

    How to be as good as you circon?

  36. shouw me your performance in cruiser II with derp 😀 Pleeeeeaaase

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