RUSSIA BAD LOL (War Thunder M10)

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    • I spent the weekend getting hammered with her. I regret it. Like, a lot

    • Nebojsa Majstorovic

      Happy weekend tnx

    • 3:24 that could have been me cuz I rush spawn and try to seem a ally

    • best tank gameplay out there 👌👌

    • The M10 used hand-traverse only. They didn’t fix this, because the time they realized it needs power traverse,it was already phased out of production,the M18 Hellcat was in production,and they experimenting with what later became the M36. The Brits don’t mind the hand-traverse,since their vehicles(normal M10 and Achilles) were part of the Royal Artillery and not a separate tank destroyer force.

  2. Phly i did something meta changing. I took the su-100y and a asu-57 and ran over the asu with box tenk so that i can drive with the asu under me. Make sure u drive the asu forward into the front of the box tenk so that the asu faces backwards. If someone comes up behind u the asu can pop out and suprise them or turn around and run at them from the front while they are reloading.


  4. Try the chi nu Kai

  5. 8:17 noooo my tank my stronk P40

  6. Hey phly use the ka 52 and the tunguska only with its 800mm penetration

    Attempt #12

  7. As i always say for the m10 turn the tank and the turret for fine ajusting

  8. Wolverines!!! Just like Red Dawn

  9. Что что?

  10. They certainly shouldn’t remove planes, but they could do so much to increase the fun and reduce frustration. I tried to make a post on the forums about it, but it just got buried by the mods.

  11. Phly what about the German 15cm sIG 33 B Sfl ??? BR 1.7

  12. phlydaily should get 1 million subscribers. come on bois lets give phly 1 million sub!

  13. Yo Phly, I’m eating an omelette for breakfast right now

    Edit: it was really good

  14. That beginning… blyat’… lol

  15. Play the Ju 87 B it’s had a sound change

  16. With all the sound updates they’ve been doing, I’d like to see the zoomed-in scoped view *not* muffle exterior sounds on open-top vehicles.



    also the M10 is a beast, armoured weirdly? and the gun, jesus 1 tapping EVERYTHING, and it can move too ish, only downside, opentop

    Also phly, shitting on the sweden map, is going to make gaijin put more field maps in, 90% of this game is avoiding being teamkilled…Sweden doesnt have that

  18. Ernest Wallace JONES

    My favourite tank lol

  19. Makes me sad that no one is scared of the Japanese tanks….

  20. It’s very fun to turn a corner in a uptier M10 and shoot through the front of a kv 2

  21. Oh… U tink u are funny, da?
    U tink is okay to joke about glorious rashan geme developers, da?

    *TO GULAG WIT U!!* >:D

  22. The archer is bad because it’s the British m10

  23. Lol, phly doesn’t know his right from his left

  24. Jon Francis Esposo

    Well i love the M10 GMC it’s just that it’s very slow at turning the Transmissions and the the turret but i can’t wait till i get the M18 GMC and the T34!😀😀😀

  25. Just the time phly makes fun of gaijin xD

  26. I really enjoy urban combat in warthunder

  27. and phly would be uptiered forever

  28. been in a turet like that it heavy load to spin it but yeah a little to slow mostly your suposed to get on point then adjust it elevations smother.

  29. “We have 5.7 gun down at 4.7”
    *meanwhile* Sturer Emil has a 7.7 gun at 5.0

    Plese play the Sturer Emil phly

  30. Lets see if this vehicle gets a big nerf.

  31. Me : watching war thunder video
    youtube : here’s a World of Tanks ad

  32. controversial intro lvl 100

  33. “TANK” rb, where aircrafts are extremely cancerous. Phly main problem is supporting this pathetic feature

  34. Evil laughs be like : 6:30

  35. Phly, you good?

  36. Amazing tank for the BR

  37. Do some bombing with the Il 28 in ground rb

  38. Russian tanks absorbing shells in War Thunder? Where did i see that? Oh in the last 5-6 years playing the game…

  39. Me : Peeks behind a rock and get obliterated by every enemy in a 2 km radius and rarely gets a kill

    Fly : Gets to the most open position in the game, somehow bounces 2 shots of a 88mm FLAK truck, misses only 2 shots, gets several kills, and not any ennemy manages to touch him even if he is not moving
    Also me : Yep 😐, that’s legit

  40. Finally someone else professes publicly that they like the Archer!

  41. Always been one of my favorite tanks, thanks for showing everyone it deserves love

  42. Hey Phly I have a nee challange for you : kill a tank with the smallest bomb in the game

  43. Explosive Pineapples

    F R E E D O M

  44. Ive found that its always the russians and americans vs the germans, and when it isnt, its the germans and russians against the americans and british, and i dont like playing against the americans because british churchills, 3 inch gun carriers, M4A2, M10, and the T14s

  45. Yeah, unfortunately the M10 has a hand cranked turret.

  46. My t34 1940 killed 5 M10 in 1battel russia is good

  47. F3H 3000 lb largest us bomb ground rb

  48. You don’t know how many times ive been shrecked in my German tanks by a m10

  49. I can hear a country music on the background phly

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