RUSSIAN 10.0 MBT | T-80B Gas Turbine & French BATCHAT (War Thunder 1.81 Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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RUSSIAN .0 MBT | T-80B Gas Turbine & French BATCHAT (War Thunder 1. Gameplay)


  1. I hope the US gets a M1A1 so they can have a 120 too

  2. I need K1 and T-80U!!!!

  3. So we’re not getting the T-72 ?

  4. T64B is more OP than M1 and T80 is more OP than T64B… And nothing por USA and Germany… Great ganjin

  5. Bring back the intro phly!

  6. 14:30 What do you expect? A french tank with a slow reverse speed?

  7. The Batchat actually goes faster in reverse!!! XD

  8. Can’t wait for the update

  9. TheDarkArtist Draws

    *Stalin is satisfied*

  10. 민주주의전도사

    가이진놈들 왜 미국에 M1A1을 안넣어주는건데

  11. fabulousjojo wargames

    The apfsds dont have the right penetration in reality the apfsds has 680 mm of pen

  12. Brits need an new MK of Chally or atleast a module like for T-64B (T-64BV)

  13. omfg chech leo heatfssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  14. Checks all tanks it will come up against other than the challenger MK2 because thats the Brits in general on WT over looked

  15. 1:04 things you don’t know =/= wrong ,and a fun fact the T-80 run out of fuel before they can rash B

  16. Trần Thanh Tùng

    RUSSIAN’ tanks design so beautiful ??

  17. CaptainCommandoYT

    this is like a lorrain and a T92 LIght tank combined

  18. t-80 should have batter ammunition at least with 500mm of pen for compete with other 10.0 tanks…

  19. Random guy in Gasmask

    Well, yet I only have the FL11 AMX 13, but I find it faster than the Chaffee wich is pretty good, and watching the stats of other ones it won’t change.

  20. brits need a fast tank now. im thinking the Vickers 7/2

  21. what happened to ur voice bro.i think it is different from the former video

  22. Dont have it in AB.

  23. What is next?t14 armada!

  24. The RB/SB value should only be 1000HP

  25. Classic french tank has as many gears for reverse as it does for forwards

  26. Gaijin kill yourself with that grind.

  27. U sirious wotb Tons of badges?

    My my what have I watched

  28. 1:23 shaft HP means the power achieved initially in the engine.But the power will gradually lose through transmission components.

  29. Pls try the new german lowtier bomber fw 200

  30. Phly why haven’t you been invited to the “Top 5 tanks” by the tank museum yet? I mean MikeGoesBoom is already in it. It would be great to see you there.

  31. Textolite? xD xD xD WTF

  32. THIS VOICE :(:(

  33. try to play Tu-4

  34. reverse 12km/h is fast for soviet MBT, but not when compare to other countries

  35. Krisgamer909 Subotic

    Play the char2t backwards

  36. It is possible the t80 get a era ? Because theres a modificaton called t80bw

  37. what is up with your voice. or is it just the video?

  38. so we get more *French Cancer*

  39. The historical lowest expected number on the hull was 450KE to the higher number of 500KE. That’s way off and I hope they fix it.

  40. THE GAMER TV 2500

    Guys why is there 11:22 an airstrike modification wtf ?

  41. @ 7:44 *Deja Vu!*

  42. T80 garbage like in armored warfare

  43. It doesnt deserves 10.0

  44. Where’s humvee with tow?

  45. We need t 14 armata

  46. Bt-5 will beat them all

  47. Make artillary only

  48. soo they want to put Bat Chat at 6.7 when as you can see at 15:24 the AMX M4 is at 6.0 with the same gun and better armor and a good mobility why?,why isnt the Bat Chat at 6.3 at least?,that makes no sense

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