^^| Russian Accuracy Obj. 260 Impression Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon

With the tier 10 mission reward tank comming in 9.5 the Obj.


  1. That game was epic last weekend. I wonder if the new acr. nerf thats is
    being talked about comes from that game. DMG gun no problem.GG Circon

  2. Because Stalin! 

  3. this tank will be the last nail in the coffin of WoT if it doesn’t get

  4. quote The Mighty Jingles- “Because Stalin!”

  5. Master Circon plz play more with Rita 🙂 

  6. Circ, do you think this tank is better then the IS-7? Is it too good for a
    gift tank? 

  7. Dat auto aim though…. holy shit

  8. Awesome, a completely ‘balanced’ soviet heavy tank. :D

  9. wow i sure didnt expect the new russian tank to be op, it not like russians
    already have the best hevys and meds. And all us brits get is a paper td as
    big as a skyscraper

  10. Cuz you know, Russian. 

  11. all the russian guns are actually broken by default and hiting them aligns
    them properly

  12. Who said “Conway” at about 1:16 ?

  13. This tank is so unbelievably overpowered, a medium tank gun, amazing on the
    move accuracy, 440 alpha with under 10 second reload, has a turret with
    almost 400mm of amour without the mantlet in some spots, it has better side
    turret amour then the IS-7 turret front, has the speed of an American
    medium, the ramming power of a KV-5, the aim-time of a German medium,
    nearly no frontal weak spots that can be realistically hit, even if a
    Waffle….Yeah the Russian wanted to remove all doubt that they were
    biased, well good job if so 🙂 (i will DEFIANTLY be getting one of these
    Godlike tanks)

  14. Not op at all.

  15. how did he acquire the obj261 did he do the challenge or what?

  16. OP tank, but they balance it by only giving it to good players…

  17. Russian tanks, stronk!

  18. Is that a btsv I see?

  19. can the Is-4 have this gun too?

  20. The damaged gun invokes the unholy hand of Stalin to guide the shell. 

  21. this is why I dont play wot anymore.

  22. Wargaming please balance the game !!!
    Wargaming : Ok we will balance it ! We will just add some even more OP
    russian tanks in the game and it will be totally balanced against the
    british and chinese tanks !!!

  23. Well they kinda need to make the tier 10 fucking amazing so you would
    actually want to to the mission
    The funny thing is that the tier 5 and 8 are quite bad or just average
    meanwhile the tier 9 is fucking SEXY and has a better gun that the regular
    t-54 the obj is just IS-7 but better , but then again it’s still something
    that so few people might be able to get that it really doesn’t matter who
    knows maybe they will nerf it

  24. the hands of Stalin him self guided these shells lol

  25. is7 hull down is op so in order to be more balanced wg placed a weak spot
    in the top of the turret of another more op tank , gj

  26. New WoT Russian Crew Skill: Hand Of Stalin. Gains an positive accuracy
    modifier based on total number of active negative modifiers, capped at a
    20% accuracy bonus subtracted from current negative modifiers. Becomes 100%
    chance to hit target when all possible negative bonuses are applied and
    less than 10% of target is visible. When 3% or less of target is visible
    gains automatic ammo rack. Only active when not aiming.

  27. It will be balanced by the amount of people managing to get one of those
    tanks. Or at least I hope the higher missions will require a high skill
    level or incredible luck to compensate.

  28. That Old Milk Carton

    Best tier 10 tank in the game. Confirmed. And it’s “free”. All Clan Wars
    games will be 15 v 15 of these.

  29. Hot dauym, that Obj. 260 is broken as shit, never seen as tank that OP.
    350mm turret armour? Fuck yeah. 0.36 accuracy? Fuck yeah! Better reload
    than IS-4? Fuck yeah! And a 60 km/h speed limit with 1200 horsepowers? FUCK
    YEAH! Hands down, best tank of my life. And only the best of the best can
    ever get one? Geez, whatever team has one of these wins. GG WG

  30. Yep another fucking OP Russian tank… This game is turning in to War
    Thunder now.

  31. LOL blame the E75 for being in the way when you pulled behind him to hide
    from the Waffle! Classic!

  32. Right in the Chi-ri.

  33. was this on Jingles’ ”livestream”?

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