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  1. Phly not sure if this helps but there is a key binding for raising and lowering rate of fire for tanks it’s one of those weird control settings I found once not sure if it will work on that vehicle but I tested it once on some tank (can’t remember what tank for the life of me) and it did have a much lower fire rate. Also Pls keep up the Vids they really make my day 🙂 (P.S. I wish I could join ya on the game but EAC is being a pain saying a file from Avast is untrusted and i can’t seem to fix it……) Hope to see another Vid from ya soon 🙂

  2. @rider no kidding

  3. is no armor not the best armor anymore?

  4. Request to do a Raketnjagdpanzer 2 variant.

  5. Finaly Phly! Weiting this video from you about this btrzd

  6. Give us the port guns Gaijin

  7. Very Manson intro of you Phly, very good and well done.

  8. anyone else hear him say “90 tons” 3:20

  9. You gotta love the Russian design philosphy.

    The goal: Mount a weapon system on a vehicle.

    US solution: Design a multi-million dollar system, send it to a contractor, expect the obligatory budget and deadline overruns.

    Russia: “Ivan, go cut up that phone pole. Igor, run down to the hardware store and buy a spool of cable and some clamps.” Three hours and a couple bottles of vodka later, project complete.

  10. Kommandant Galileo

    Napalm is actually quite effective against tanks

  11. @Phlydaily , loved the video my dude jumped on to see about researching it in the Russian tree and it’s already been moved up to 4.7 realistic. Hopefully it has the same affect there.

  12. Can you do the 2.7 Puma at 5.0 please


  14. Me seeing your mech arena specs being suprised you got master bracket, and me having not gotten into master bracket once yet

  15. Sherman MG would genuinly be usefull though, the amount of times I kill AA with it’s machine guns or even an odd scout car here or there

  16. Russia already had the strongest 4.3-4.7 line up in the game. T34-57, KV-85, ASU-57, Pe-8, Yak-3, and BTR-152A is my go to SL grinding line up, even stronger with the BTR-ZD now.

  17. Anyone know a fix to those glitches?

  18. Jonathan Stockwell

    PLEASE do a group of KV-220’s vs as many M22’s as possible.

  19. 7.54 .lol saya kira PC saya bermasalah, padahal sudah prosesor gen 12 dengan setting rekomendasi hight… Apakah pembaruannya yang buruk?

  20. 90 tons? Thats a big meatball!

  21. First the OP paper ship, now this. They’re going CRAZY with the bias lately. What’s next? Artillery with nuclear ammunition? Because you know…Russians had that….”historically”.

  22. Anchors would be also really cool

  23. i used the btr-152 as my AAA until 8.0 the rest where TDs in that line

  24. nerf german 20mm and give rssian powerful 23mm
    well done gaijin

  25. Aggressive Develop

    Phly you’ve got all my respect! Now this is two separate functional military units combine together. (BTR-D and ZU-23-2 mobile anti-aircraft gun.) The Russians basically take one BTR-D and put on the top one ZU-23-2 and this is how is born BTR-ZD: (Nickname, Russian for “shriek”.
    BTR-ZD / Bronetransporter – Zenitnaya Desantnyy
    Acronym, Russian for “troop transporter – anti-aircraft for assault troops”).

  26. i whould like to see enganier vics to too be added and maybe mine layers and mine tanks

  27. that spaa is an absolute menace at its br should probably be 5.0 like the r3

  28. Day 8: play the m8a1 again

  29. It’s a Zu-23 strapped to a BMD hull.

  30. TheMaltesefalcon204

    Anyone else getting over these low energy videos. Seems we get more footage of what “Phly” wants to do in his backup vehicle opposed to the one being labelled in the snap.

  31. I want the rest of the BMD series in the game so bad

  32. “Hello There”
    Panzer 4- “That’s f***ing Obi Wan Kenobi”

  33. you can also use the machinegun on the hull of the ostwind, one time i killed a russian milk truck with it, it felt really smart in the moment, really cheap after 3 seconds

  34. Dayren Menesia Paradas

    You are complaining about the machineguns, but embrace that a BMP2 with its 30mm gun can kill a tank? And people like you call that balance?

  35. the americans need something better than their 4.3 AA that thing sucks

  36. So im not the only one with the random tracks in my face

  37. russian AA usually blows itself up as we have seen the past few days

  38. When will you play the panzer IV H?

  39. 18:30 You can tell that you’re scouted from the binocular icon on the hud.

  40. What’s the intro music please ?

  41. Finally the Sergei is in the game. IRL sounds cool as hell. Now make the Finnish radar guided one.

  42. BR issues aside, I heartily approve of the Puma deletion.

  43. I’d say this thing is more like a 5.0 AA, but 4.7 for sure. With that RoF, shell velocity and pen. Plenty of crew, so you don’t instantly die from a single rifle caliber MG… You get smoke launchers AND ESS?!

  44. Richard VanGelder

    Hey “PhlyDookie.” It’s not a port gunner on the Sherman, it’s bow machine gun; simpleton!

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