Russian Barbeque

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  1. It is very gud da

    Put out fire with vodka no problem
    Foods and Vodka better than Fire Extinguisher because crew fear of getting cook help them avoid getting shot

  2. Why you don’t play with 122mm gun?

  3. liar, you didn’t call it IS not hot -.-

  4. damn you Circon for making this game look so easy

  5. ngl didnt notice your new name circumflex

  6. i used to play IS(also IS-3 and BT-2) without accelerate crew xp option 5 years back when i was a total tomato and have over 161000 exp in it
    looks like i will have IS-M on day one without even grinding it

    • Not unless they remove your XP when they change the lines. I had well over 200k XP on my 54ltwt but when T-100 LT hit live, I had 0. None. Nada. Fuck them.

    • IS is not losing its tier, or getting a new position. its going to stay where it is, a new small mini branch will start from above it
      I grinded xp on amx m4 before the new french hevs were released, and that xp stayed and i got 65t on first day

      like u, i grinded xp on my t49 before new lights came, all that xp got transferred to m41. but i was saved, cos i used it to research t54e1(could do it back then, cant do it now)

    • Ha, Me as a noob had over 300k experience in my kv1

    • the t-54lwt was moved to a higher tier, which is why you lost your XP when the T-100 came in. The IS is staying where it is, which means the xp accumulated on it remains.

  7. HA! IS Shashlik! 😀

  8. I wish the IS6 had the option of having that gun

    • philhellmuff – I agree the pen and accuracy is nice on the 100 mm. This tank is not bad and will also get some surprising bounces.

  9. Mencius Madhyanagara

    Igor, who turned this tank into a banya?

  10. I’m surprised it didn’t blew up with all that vodka

  11. The man’s not hot lmao

  12. Matias Eduardo Ramos

    Gordo sopla nuca!!!

  13. I’m so ready to see that highway IS game here next (“This IS the dumbest game ever” one) ! Maybe with some memeSports commentary ?

  14. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    Win a pubg game: get chicken dinner
    This tank: barbeque
    Barbeque and chicken is gut!

  15. Circon- “I’m gonna name that video IS not hot” and then he doesn’t -flexes

  16. The snapshots are real. 🙂 Russian bias in action, lol.

  17. Why dont you play with music?

  18. Lmao..starting off the New Year with a BBQ…awesome

  19. UR So OP Sir

  20. Play the su152 work big gun

  21. Nice one Circon! 4hp and a dream 😀

  22. “Oh my God the Tank is on Fire”

  23. Is he farming for the new tree?

  24. You misspelled IS is not hot.

  25. Whahaha this match went from 3-1 to 10-3 in less then a minute!

  26. Sir Philip Skippon

    This asshole cheats.

  27. Kirkonn Flekser ya big headed raven haired Nordvegr wiking!

  28. 100mm comrade? Da. 122 not required.

  29. Same thing happened to me yesterday: first time I took Coke for my first M4 Sherman game (I ALWAYS take Fire extingusher!), and it caught fire at the first hit! The crew put out fire at exactly 1HP left!!! Pretty good game anyway: ended it with 7 kills ^__^

  30. Circon mah dude, thanks to you for showing me the power of the glorious 100mm.
    3.9k dmg, Radley-Walters. Stronk russian tenk is stronk. <3

    Replay / Result screen :

  31. I feel validated. I elected to utilize the 100 mm instead of the 122 mm on the IS and IS 2. Why is the Russian line getting a 3rd heavy tank option? CZ do not even have one and there are still no Polish tanks except for that t6 premium.

  32. Tier 9 game and hes driving around like hes in a Maus.

  33. 4 HP more than needed Kappa

  34. Are you 3 marking this tonk or are you anticipating for Obj.705A line? (Now it’s not clear if it will start from KV-13 or IS)
    Saludos! 😉

  35. They poured just enough vodka on the engine to not die. The bottom tier carry tho

  36. Why do all his shots go exactly where he aims? Even with my ‘very accurate, 0.28’ German guns I’m not hitting the enemy weakspots as often as he does even in shitty tanks. And yes I do fully aim my shots.

  37. African poet promise toward five dominant arena terms change studio switch.

  38. What IS this tank?


  40. Circ you are using derp gun on cromwell but on the is u are choosing the boring 100? Get the 122 i 3 marked it with 122 with ezz cmon man this is an offense to stalin

  41. Its incredibly easy to be a superunicum with RNG like this. No need to even aim fully…point, click, hit, pen. On move, stationary, no problem while using a gun with bad aim and handling.

  42. Marshall Allshouse

    I like the idea of some russians barbequeing some steaks inside a burning tank

  43. The girl told me take a fire extinguisher i said babe IS not hot

    Don’t blame for not using the derp gun. If you get into a position without backup then the long reload can be the death of you. Derp good for a support tank but Circ is a frontline lone wolf one man fucking wrecking crew.

  45. Mladen Ševaljević

    See cir,plus 2 mm working as intended. Tier 7 fighting tier 7. ?

  46. 16 shots, 16 hits 15 pens… bottom tier​? Russia

  47. man IS not hot

  48. Like seeing the 100mm
    I use it quite often with IS
    Same pen better handling…yes pls

  49. but y u no use 122 herrr durr gun dough thircon?!?!?!?!?!

  50. “M103/(Top Tier tank Here) that is not a good idea” – Every bottom tier player assisting retarded top tier players ever…

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