Russian Battering Ram – Obj.263

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. denying people to say “first”

  2. Ah, a channel I haven’t seen in a while, however a good little clip. I have missed World of Tanks… Maybe I should start playing again.

    • Darvo Bek join war thunder. Best decision I made was leaving wot for war thunder

    • Deutschland First

      Yea after 7 years I also tried War Thunder. I played it like 3 months and stopped because the grind is fucking worse than in WoT and the BR ballance is so fuxking shit. And as a newbie you have absolutely ZERO chance in realistic mode.

      My conclusion is: domt play WT.

    • Deutschland First I have been playing on a daily basis without any premium or anything for around 45 days and I have progressed far more than I did in wot. I have seen both games and I have loved both of them. But maturity comes at a price, and the cost of it was leaving world of Tanks. It’s a good game for kids, war thunder is for men. You cannot press 2 to solve all your problems out of a situation, you have to aim. The rewards are there in that game and you don’t get outplayed by arty. If I was younger, sure wot it is. But I’m not, as an adult,, war thunder is light years ahead.

  3. Denying people to say “second”

  4. what are your graphics settings for 1.0?

  5. All hail mighty circon !!!

  6. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    World of Russian Ramers

  7. Wth is wrong with those destructible things? They just vanish when hit…

  8. If the 263 is the battering ram, what is the 268 V4 then? A riot truck?

  9. I saw Snooze in his Cromwell B, seal clubbing.

    He actually lost.

    What equipment for the 263, and is the second engine worth it?

    • Got the top gun, everything unlocked and a 6 skill crew.

      I’m just bad.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      Dave Thompson damn, just played a battle on Himmelsdorf, got ace for 1422 exp, daym. How exactly do you play you 263?

    • You might find the tank actually usefull after the engine upgrade. I also advise you to stick to either tier 9 or 7, (6) as those are the only good tiers and you wont lose a fuckton of credits. I actually make a profit 80% of games in obj. 430 because switching to APCR gold ammo is mostly pointless due to low pen increase and ammo type. Think about it.

    • Amazingly I just played Himmelsdort and got a 1st class – got an Ace for 7k damage on Abbey last week. I tend to play it like a heavy where I can……..

    • Thanks for the tip – and I _completely_ agree. Except for the 430 II which, of course, eats HEAT all day long….

      I enjoy those tiers more, T8 is a total washout and T7 has my mighty ISU-122S….love that thing 🙂

  10. I am a simple man.
    I drink my coffee, watch Circon and press like.

  11. I got rammed by one in my t54 and i didn’t expect to lose 400 hp…

  12. Circon OP plz nerf 🙂

  13. The Sanity Assassin

    “Why only tier IX…? Cause tier IX is the best tier to play to try and have some fun, anything else is like shooting yourself in the dick from the get go and hoping for a good outcome.” – Circon 2018

  14. do you not care that russian bias is not a joke and actualy is in the game?

  15. kristijan20091990

    Battle of two T9 TDs. Really strange the one that used to be T10 took a shit on the other one. Specially when other one is German crapwagen.

  16. Drunk Wolf Productions

    Mnem e Jeff

  17. compare that vs the jagttiger…

  18. Sn00ze is always good for comedy moments.

  19. this guy man, giving absolutely 0 fucks taking pens to the ass from an IS

  20. has anyone noticed the platoon matchmaking being a bit more… balanced? like, instead of 90% bottom tier 9% mid and 1 % top tier, i tend to find more 5-10 and mid tier matchmaking now atleast instead of always bottom tier.

    • Well apparently two patches ago WG *said* they fixed platoon MM to be a little less ‘unbalanced’ – guess it’s nice to know they *can* change MM if they want, lul.

  21. The Ru crash was hilarious, not even 10 sec. into the match, crash, no more RU.

  22. Wow is the game buggy now. Look at when he was fighting the Jagtiger, no tracers, big delays between gun firing noise and damage appearing in the Jagtigers health bar- his tank was having damage register from hits before the sound effects for the hit came.

  23. If only those tier 8s (and Jagdtiger) Circon was abusing had gone off to find some other tier 8s to fight.

  24. Love your comment about …”why only tier 9″ !!!!!

  25. Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

    I disagree with tier 7 having bad mm, it often gets into 5-10 mm with tier 8s, but I have a SU-122-44, Challenger, T28 HTC, IS-2, never really get to a point where I complain, rarely see tier 9 to be honest cause those are always in with the 5-10 with tier 10s, or 3-5-7 with 10s and 8s

  26. I’ve been playing the 263 on console a lot more recently since they changed it to tier 9 for pc. Do you think it’s better at tier 9 than at 10?

  27. Yep, I remember bouncing an Obj 704 shell off a T54E1’s engine deck when it was angled just so.  Fun times.

  28. The extruding streetcar tracks look utterly stupid!

  29. In Russia, ram batters you.

  30. turn the destruction on

  31. Haha WOT console still has the matching making before it was ” Fixed” You can still have only one Tier X in your game while every other tank is Tier 8.

  32. You know what’s worse than tier 8 MM? Having to grind the top gun of the T-34/100 with the current tier 7 MM.

  33. How come you didn’t just finish the JT at 3:43? There was plenty of time left to not get capped out even if you had gone after and finished him. Not trying to critique, just curious. I thought for sure he would put a shot into your side as you drove past him.

  34. Was it just me, or did that “friendly” arty fire at Circon in the end?

  35. so the new 263…

    has good armour
    has good pen /dpm
    no front weakspots

    apart from not having a turret does it have any actual downsides?

    i used to like to think they balanced tanks with sliding scales a couple of years ago, where if a tank had good armor and gun it was slow, if it was fast with good gun it had shit armour etc but that seems to have gone totally out of the window these days.

    i’m pretty sure 3/5/7 MM in tier 8 wouldn’t be half as bad if it wasn’t for the current obsession with impenetrable tanks

  36. Alexander Stoyanov

    And…I still think old 263 line should have stayed as it was…

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