RUSSIAN BIAS! (GIVE AWAY – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Gameplay – Bias!

Thanks for watching!


  1. How was everybody’s April Fools Day? It was a pretty epic weekend, and I’m
    still trying to get around to playing as many of the cool April Fools day
    video game events as I can. So to help me in that endeavor….Leave a
    comment as to which April Fools Day event was your favorite and you have a
    chance to WIN a Russian Bias Advanced Pack, which apparently is worth
    around $80 bucks, and on sale on the store now.






  3. So Russian Bias….this may be dangerous, but what are is the community’s
    thoughts on the matter. Do you think it’s real? Did it use to be real? Is
    it still real? Aliens?

    All I gotta say is any tank armed with APHEBC is going to have a great time
    killing enemy tanks, and sloped armor helps you deflect shots better….and
    a lot of those are Russian.

  4. youhell wargames

    my favorite aprils fools day event was the walker tank

  5. Favorite event is definitely this year, the Pirate Ships.

  6. before 301

  7. Well you gotta admit that Pirate Ships are a massive step for the future of
    WT! BUT BUT BUT The best is PonyLand and common, who doesn’t love Pony’s 😀
    and that is my favorite :)

  8. I love the one where they were some poney xD i don’t remember whan does
    that was but it was really fun ^^
    sry for my english i’m french so i don’t speak english very well
    Vive la france !

  9. “around $80” $80 to reals, is R$250+, thas really expensive, lol

  10. My favorite was the Walker Tanks.

  11. slamer productions

    The ships was my favorite event, finaly we got to use ships in war thunder

  12. Captjack Barbosa

    mine is the world of warships bathtub battles

  13. War thunder’s “Ships” are my favorite! :D

  14. my favorite was the walker event :)

  15. my favorite april fools event was definetly the pirates one arrr!!!

  16. Thomas Aaron Mulligan

    Baron have you thought about playing the division on your other channel?

  17. My favourite was the ponies :D

  18. my favorite event was das pirate ship event, cuz pirats have cannons and

  19. I would have to say my favorite one was the PonyLand, that one was epic,
    but I did like the Inflatable Sherman WoT was really fun to

  20. I loved the last year April Fools with the inflatable tanks :p

  21. Sukka blyat

  22. this one for sure. I would be real happy if it doesnt end

  23. Best AF mode was the Star Wars walker tanks last year I have to admit would
    be nice if there was a version from WT that was all SW 😀 BUT I have to
    admit the ships mode was amazing and hope that the sea battles get based
    off that.

  24. Best event was Walkers after that the bicycle tanks of doom with carrot

  25. My most favourite April Folls event in war thunder was GAIJIILA!!!!!!!
    event, because it was just awesome :D

  26. Pony air force was best but craken is soo cool!Russian bias
    commared,tovaris(?!)or u go to gulag!?????????For Stalin!! For
    motherlend! Za rodinu!??

  27. i liked the pony one in was very funny

  28. master Cheifs brother


  29. The At-st event! It was so funny like playing Wolfenstein the new order but
    in war thunder 😀 And Baron if you pick me I will find you and tickel your
    prostate. In such a op way you will have to blame the 1 thing responsible
    for every thing bad in this world! RUSSIAN BIAS SUKA BLYAT PUTIN OP!

  30. My favorite was Gaijilla attack (2014)

  31. Bayun Bayunzalez

    “Ponyland was my favorite” Baronvongamez brony confirmed

  32. Matias Pirttilahti

    I liked the ponyland thingy the most.

  33. 1. Early Alpha of ships. 2. My dog getting locked in my room and wrecking
    everything. 3. School was a Mad House. 4. And the Snoop Dog Option in

  34. the best aprile joke is the pirate ships.

  35. Lukyman 1438 (Lukymen)

    My favorite was the Walker Tanks.

  36. Dave O (DrSplashgasm)

    I enjoyed the WOWS event, very well done.

  37. Best event? probably the ST-ST’s, or the current pirate ship one…

  38. My brain says war thunder ships, because its awesome. But my heart says TOG
    II* battleship, because TOG is life

  39. best event demo pirate ships! makes it more probable that ship can come to
    war thunder!!!!


    my favorite april fools event was the ships

  41. I loved the April Fools day which had the “AT-ST” tanks with the KV-2 gun
    and the other gunz with it. Epic and roasted every single tenk.

  42. +BaronVonGameZ are you going to play the KV-85 ever? I think you should
    play the more small new planes and tanks, like the KV-85?

  43. baron play more the forest!!!!!!


    The rubber tanks where funny ^^

  45. ComtrollerReviews

    Hands down the stompy stompy mechs

  46. the st-st and the pirate ship april fools jokes are the best ones

  47. Russian bias doesn’t exist. I think that Germany and US have better

  48. tog 2 battle ships

  49. Walker event

  50. I think that the walker was the best…

  51. Ballon Sherman’s with potato ammo

  52. My favorite this year was world of warships. Last year was the mech combat
    in war thunder

  53. Patrick De regil

    Meine favorrite was the potato shooting tanks and health bars on tanks.
    Superslap from gaijin to wg!

  54. I was really excited about the WT ships actually opening up to ship
    gameplay. World of warships opened up well and I want to see Gaijans

  55. My favorite event is pirats’ ships ! With epic music :)

  56. I liked last years ponyland. I mean, c’mon, how absurd is it to get to kill
    OTHER ponies with rockets and cannons? Always greatest in my book.

  57. My favourite April fools was patch 1.37.. Oh wait…

  58. legoguygunner 1945

    My favorite Aprils fools event was the ships, i cant wait till that comes

  59. this is a digression but verdun the ww1 shooter game april fools prank was
    hilarious XD

  60. Boultsy575 (Boultsy575)

    Has to be the giant Slug in war thunder, so funny trying to see both team
    trying to kill it instead of killing each other

  61. I liked the ships it was surprisingly good. It was pretty good. But
    ponyland has the spot in my heart. It was really fun at the time.

  62. You piked me! ….aipril fools…. dont let it be just a joke JUST DO IT!

  63. favorite april fools would be the ships

  64. mine was the ship

  65. Favorite event was either the walker-mech on war thunder last year or the
    tog II boats on world of tanks console this year.

  66. I think the best one was the Warthunder April Fools. The kraken was an
    awesome touch, but just being able to sail around and shoot people with
    cannons was hilarious…. except for the banning part early on…

  67. Ship in WT, that’s my favourite!

  68. Taka “elpape44250” PS


  69. *sings*”pirates life for me” guess what i liked the most. only thing it
    missed was torpeedus.

  70. Ashes Of The Wake


  71. War Thunder Pirate ship was definitly the best april fools joke, ayyyyyy
    maties :)

  72. The best April Fool was the Walker Event.

  73. i think the ship for sure i cant stop playing

  74. My favorite was definitely what Gaijin did this year. I hope they keep this
    gamemode in

  75. There is NO WAY!! the russian bias isn’t real. let’s
    start, first they have the most premium tanks/planes. Second they under
    Rank there tanks/planes. Third Magic armor/Ammo/Fuel tanks, By magic i
    mean Fuel tanks and Ammo racks not blowing up when hit. last but not
    least, the overall tweaking of Tank/Plane facts to make them better then
    all other tanks. For example .T34-85 max speed(33) and that was on the
    57. turret/Body traverse time is WAY to fast on all russian tanks, so i
    end this rant by saying Gaijin please just come out and say you Fuck
    with facts cause you love your country and you want to be proud of it,
    like wargaming did.

  76. the t 44 is REAL!

  77. I really liked the Shipevent from Warthunder

  78. My favorite April Fool’s day event has to be the ST-1 tank event. Sadly, I
    never got to play it, but I still spent hours crying of laughter from your
    (and eNtaK’s) gameplay videos on it. Keep up the outstanding content!
    Looking forward to 500k subs!

  79. Shepard Playz (D0GG1E)

    My favorite was april fools 2015 for war thunder. Those walkers were the
    best things I ever saw. Like a KV 2turret with 2 bt 7 turrets on the side.
    Pretty much ATST In war thunder

  80. Best April Fools event for me was the Walkers.

  81. The ships event was interesting and my favorite in my opinion.

  82. The main reason I think this was the best, is because it was different, the
    pirate ships and everything was amazing, but you know what is better? the
    Russian BIAS ;), yep that’s right, when it comes down to it, the BIAS is
    the best, so.. Great Vids btw Baron.

  83. Damn Baron those Russian accents is on fleek.

  84. The best April fools event was the event with the ST-1 on eastern europe.
    Because you could make things witch you cant like walk in the bir river (i
    know there is a PT-76 wich can swim) but you had something funny and
    impossible for this time.

  85. its got to be the ponies. bronies for lyfe. jk.

  86. Ponyland and The tanks were the best in WarThunder for me. Great vid and
    russian bias for the win ! *Takes sip from vodka*

  87. my favorite aprils fool was last years inflatible tanks.

  88. i cant get the title because i already own these vehicles :(

  89. Loved the old ships that war thunder did.

  90. The best April Fools event was definitely the pirate ships in War Thunder,
    but a close second was the bath tub World of Warships event.

    I still think the GOAT one was the War Thunder AT-ST walkers.

  91. Inflatable tanks and pirate ship were the best in War Thunder. Kinda liked
    those space kugelpanzers in World Of Tanks haha.

  92. For me, the best was the Ponnies special. I may just be nostalgic though,

  93. I would have loved to play the Walker April fools they did, but the Ship
    one was my first one so i gotta go with that.

  94. Vinicius Monteiro

    My favorite its the AT tanks !

  95. I think my favourite was the AT-ST’s last year, but I’m biased because I
    love Star Wars

  96. creeperjelle 151

    I LOVED the Gaijin mechs but i cant win and if i do i have the worst luck
    because my account got frozen… and they wont reply thx GAIJIN

  97. I really enjoyed the sailing ships event. It was a good opportunity to do
    something fun and test out some basic naval mechanics. In one match I sunk
    three ships and got another three assists. Still sad that I missed out last
    year with the phoney inflatable tanks and walker tanks (PS4 never got it in

  98. I thought MyLittePony was better because this years April’s fools because I
    think it was fun but it got really repetitive fast. Last year was good as
    wel but not as good.

  99. War Thunder ships The BEST!

  100. I believe the best event was this one, it gave something new and
    exciting(hopefully its a “foresight” in something for the future!)

  101. My favourite April Fools moment in WT is for sure the flying MLP Ponies
    back in 2013!

  102. AT-ST that was really great :D

  103. well i like the april fool´s of the 2013, just think.. THE PONIES WERE

  104. the best april fools event has to be the world of war ships rubber boat
    battles. Who doesnt want to sail the high baths in a Pokeboat

  105. My favorite was the pirate ships, sadly I couldn’t do the atst :(, although
    the pirate was very fun and I’ve learned some very good techniques for the
    ships :D

  106. War Thunder Pirate ship was definitly the best april fools joke

  107. IGN fake star wars netflix thingi, i wish it was true ;-;

  108. Romain Perel (Rem0p)

    The best April Fool event was clearly the rubber tanks last year, with
    potato and carrots xD ( and btw a little troll to WoT).
    I don’t say the Walkers because it wasn’t a joke, Gaijin just experimented
    them to put them on the Russian tech tree at BR 2.3, because it’s fair.
    It’s written in the Sekrit Dokumints komrade )))))))

  109. WT ships by far

  110. I think my favorite wt april fools event was the mechs

  111. I think the ships are the best April fools day event. It was an awesome new
    feauture from Gaijin. I hope soon we can fight with the Bismarck, Tirpitz
    and the other ships

  112. i would have to say the ships because it provided something completely new.

  113. My favorite event was the mech event.

  114. Yes the T 44 122 has very little armor BUT it also has a gun made out of
    the tears of german players

  115. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    The walkers were really awesome, but I think that the special thing with
    the boats was is the fact that they can see the reactions from people and
    also experimentate with the boats for later on!

  116. Ponyland airforce!

  117. The Flying Ponies!!

  118. ponyland was my favorite

  119. My favorite is this years April fools with the ships it was awesome trying
    something very new in warthunder

  120. The Pony where fun It was quite funny

  121. Guilherme Meneses

    My favourite was the pony one definitely :D

  122. AT-ST FTW!

  123. My favorite was definitely the HMS TOG II*

  124. loved the ghost army April fools though the new April fools fro this year
    was amazing too.

  125. I think my favorite was probably IS-8 ball tanks on the lunar “pool table”
    map, I had a lot of fun platooning with a buddy and just launching the
    other team into the lava

  126. The mechs were the best, it was like a KV2 came across an Metal Gear Rex
    and mated with it!

    So Glorius! KV2, STRONK TANK! Best tank in Ze game, Made of Hardened
    Stalinium, for the hand of Stalin himself shall rise up the depths of hell
    to guide the shell to the target!

  127. Pony brought me here….but when i finish downloading the game, it was gone

  128. Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box event was the best for me. A complete game
    within a game. 10/10

  129. are u serious… that pittyful boat event was the best :)) ?……..

  130. The walkers were definitely the best without a doubt. But like u said,
    @baron the ships were amazing cos they were different and therefore implies
    there has been a lot of progress on ships and they aren’t necessarily too
    far away in the future?!

  131. jappie13 jappie13

    the mechs of last year were awsome with the kv-2 guns

  132. I definitely think War Thunder’s april fools event was the best. They’ve
    done three very smart things, intentional or not, with it.
    1. They have let us test the ship game mode for them before the actual
    ships are released
    2. They’ve shown that they definitely can make a good ships game mode. This
    was the first ever controllable ship combat in WT and it works amazingly.
    GJ Gaijin.
    3. It’s something different. It’s not like WoWS bathtub battles, which is
    just a reskin of the game, it’s not something like they’ve done in the
    past. It’s amazing!

    And of course the ”Яussian Bias Advanced Pack” is hilarious too. It’s
    banter at its finest

  133. Your Name (The gaming fruit)

    My favorite April fools was April fools 2015 the inflatable tanks.

  134. BaronVonGamez
    Arrrr!Release the Kraken!!! 🙂
    My favourite April fool was the ship event because it was funny to see hom
    people got killed by the Kraken

  135. Baron, my family much poor, father sent to gulag, mother force me to eat
    borche, I want to be like american’s like u, eating burgers and fighting
    for freedom. This is my April wish, you are like glorious T-34, broken and
    unbeatable, Please comrade Baron, I want to become like americans and git
    gud and no longer be suck.

    Clearly superior game was War Thunder, now we can expect boats in great
    game, spread freedom to all world! USA USA USA AMERIKA!

    Ps: Love the videos mate, keep up the awesome work, hope to see more of
    that men of war mod soon! Also obligatory, gib Russian pack

  136. The Mechs was the best April Fools for sure!

  137. My favourite april fool was the Pirate Ships gamemode. It was really good
    and funny.

  138. War Thunder ponies. Them 262 engines and wings strapped to a pony crack me
    up every time. Gotta be the most fun I’ve had with an april fools gag!

  139. I loved the War Thunder April fools event this year, with introducing the
    whole WT ships game mode as well as being fun and engaging

  140. Jep, Ships were awesome. For first time we saw ships

  141. lmao I like how people complain about Russian bias in wt yet forget that
    most games made for or by the usa audience features alot of its own bias

  142. Louis Glendining

    my favourite event was the ponys. someone let the Gajin tactical childrens
    department of awsome events out the cage to design that event. Damn. And
    those Cannons. MK108s on steroids dude. I want to buy one of those ponies

    where can I get one?

  143. TheDesertFoxProduktion

    My favorite April Fools was the mechs in WT from last year…

  144. I really enjoyed the Walkers, a lot. But I think the pirate ships are the
    best. And I’ve been trying to CLAW my ears off as it has changed my music
    from the game to PIRATES SINGING. And I was really happy to finally SEE and
    PLAY what they are doing with navy! It felt amazing!

  145. Kommandant Franz

    I think their russian bias deal was inspired from me xaxaxa

  146. Cidulfaust Lorne

    Black Desert online’s expansion update was awesome, but being damned to
    Davey Jones locker in War Thunder’s event was even better.

  147. The Mechs

  148. Personally my favourite April fools event was the pony event because the
    firing was cool.

  149. I really loved the Pirate Ships! So cool with all the effects and the

  150. I liked warthunders aprils fools event the most. The graphics were amazing
    i wonder why normal warthunder doesnt have such. Oh did i mention that
    luring enemies into kraken territory is fabulous ? ! :D

  151. maybe the walkers in war thunder 🙂 or the chaffee race in world of tanks
    😀 those were fun, or something completely else, the urf-mode in LoL :)

  152. The big snail looked interesting

  153. My favorite april fools was the Sherman potatoes launcher ! Who say wot ?

  154. Baron, you should contact Phly and have him join the squad again!!!

  155. My favorite april fools event was definetly the one with Ships
    just 16th century naval combat and amazing visuals put together was amazing

  156. Mechs were the best april fools.

  157. I loved th pony Air Force

  158. I loved this years the most because 1st. its testing for the near future,
    and 2nd. I love that its takes me back to a simpler time of playing Pirates
    as a kid come to life.

  159. i liked the war thunder ships the most

  160. I would say my favorite April fools event has to be the ships. most fun i
    have had in a while! :D

  161. mc.scruff ninjatuna

    i liked the world of tanks tog battle in the water.

  162. Walkers and potato tanks were the best, had a blast playing those modes.
    Still hoping gaijin brings them back someday.

  163. Still waiting for T-34-152

  164. 10:00 nope it was jingles he has been shouting gor that event for years. He
    doesn’t hve a console xD

  165. my favorite is the inflatable tank and the recent pirate ones would beast

  166. I like the walkers, they were badass.

  167. I liked the boat event just because it shows they’re working towards naval
    combat :D

  168. BlueBeast Gaming

    I want the master of russian bias tag

  169. Walkers were the best – hands down!


  171. Yeah, as I answered in the Twitter, I think the ships event is the most
    foolish. Basically because is one of the events that will lead to further
    research and development of the game (including ships).

  172. kv2 walkers badass :D

  173. Tommi Ridanpää

    Nothing else pops into mind other than the walker event, which was

  174. War thunder ships was definitely my favorite, get to test ships for an
    April fools day joke. Why can’t every April fools day be as good as that
    tease test.

  175. Fucking wow. You think Russian bias doesn’t exist because German players
    are better? Wow

  176. My fav. April fools event was this giant snail Gaijilla, which was ofc.
    referance to Godzilla ( Thx. capttain Obvious ). But the gameplay was
    exactly like in one of my fav. movie King Kong from 2005 ( yes i liked the
    movie ). Giant monster surrandet buy lot of biplane! I loved that.

  177. That T44 absorbs my Sabots for days, even the damn tracks!!!

  178. so why isn’t baron doing any more game play with phly?

  179. I really loved this April Fools. Being a pirate is a dream of mine, since I
    sexually identify as a Pirate Ship

  180. i think the best event was the ponyland, i wish i was playing warthunder
    when ponyland was still playable. (i want to win :).)

  181. I liked the ships event quite a lot since it was fun and is a nice step
    where the game should be going. I hope one day we might see ponies fighting
    pirates and st-1 tanks. Would be one hell of a sight.

  182. My favorite April Fools Event was the ponyland granted I never got to play
    it but still it looked awesome.

  183. Das BOOT ! :D

  184. The Pirate ships were just so much fun!

  185. I agree, that the latest April Fools event was the best, which means the
    “Sailing fleet in War Thunder”. I’ve read the about the idea behind it and
    the future of this mini mod and I’m actually looking forward to it.

  186. St1 walker tank was the best April fools day

  187. AT-ST last year because Star Wars!

  188. I liked the Jet Ponies. it was my first event. It was also during my
    favorite time of the game with the 20 tier system. Would love the pack just
    for the Yak-3 TBH

  189. Flying ponies by far :D

  190. The mechs were awesome

  191. i like gaijila because it was pretty cute and i like godzilla

  192. the best was the walkers with the kv2 turets

  193. This year…Britannia, Britannia rule the waves!

  194. my favorite April fools in warthunder is the pirate ships, but I really
    like the TOG boats

  195. The IS-8 sphere 😀 , watching those derp balls is making me laugh

  196. War Thunder pirate ships for sure

  197. Gaijilla was my favorite, It was one of the first April fools events for
    War Thunder and when you finally killed it you gotta a ton of silver lions

  198. ST-1 mech event, best april fool for me :)

  199. I thougt long and hard but the pony land airforce had to be my favorite for
    war thunder April Fools day.

  200. Pirates!!!!
    Shiver me timber baby!

  201. The Inflatable tanks were awesome! POTATOS AND CARROTS DWBIBIDBF:LS. I mean
    they actually used inflatable tanks in real life during World War 2. They
    would just make em role down a street and see if it gets blown up!
    +BaronVonGamez i still remember when you had 24,000 subs xD.

  202. I loved the Mech event.

  203. Hey guys here’s a tutorial on how to die immediately in your T-44-122. Step
    1:Drive tonk Step 2:Hit a rock. Step 3:Activate Glitch Step 4:Go flying
    400m in the air Step 5:Fall down and hit ground to die.

  204. The pirate ships in War Thunder were awesome. Can’t wait till WT adds naval
    combat now!

  205. I loved unrealistic battles cause as a fan of realistic battles and as a
    fan of war thunder it was fun to see them not only make fun of world of
    tanks but make a fun gamemode aswell.

  206. i wish i’d managed to play the mechs, they looked like they were the most

  207. Dude love your channel, your content is great! I’d have to say I loved the
    ship battles, but seeing your video of aa versus a swarm of planes was
    epic. Especially when all the swordfish pilots just kept coming out of
    nowhere. Those sneaky snakes! Keep making your videos or gulag for you!
    Cause Gulag or bust right?

  208. Gaijilla all the way

  209. boats takes the cake in my book its a historical step for war thunder just
    like when they first released tanks

  210. The Saling event was the best. Release the Kakren Cthulu op

  211. The best so far was either, the mechs or the ships. The mechs were the most
    fun but ships had a insight to the naval combat, and lemme tell ya, im
    excited for ships

  212. The Pirate Battles are pretty cool! Cool seeing how ships could play in War

  213. Nathanpersuasion

    i personally think the 2015 April fools was the best

  214. Ships were definitely the best! Rule Britannia!

  215. Best is pony planes .3. *Hands down*

  216. The flying ponies. They were so OP.

  217. I’ve only played this year’s, but my favorite is probably the inflatable
    tanks, then the ponies

  218. Mechs were the best!

  219. My favorite april fools by far was the Gaijilla

  220. My favourite april fools day was the little pony event. They were op as
    f*ck! And the rainbow guns <3

  221. my fav april fools was the rainbow pony thing it was the best had so much
    fun with the squadron I’m in

  222. For arpril food I liked the ships best. I was wondering if there was going
    to be an event and there was

  223. Ponies. Flying colourful tiny jet horses and shooting enemy planes with
    rainbow lasers? There’s nothing better!

  224. 2:58 ayyy i found that one :D

  225. Bradley Fletcher

    Safety is number 1 priority comrade

  226. i feel like this years april fools joke was probably the best for war
    thunder as i feel like they went all out and actually put effort into what
    they are making and it was really cool how they kind of ‘teased’ us with
    boat battles :3

  227. Shabbir Khambatti


    (Russian bias bundle will be accepted as compensation for this comment)

  228. Unrealistic Battles/ST-1

  229. The mechs were the most fun for me, but I do love the boats.

  230. i liked the boats this year and that stupid pony one a few years ago

  231. Piet PaasHaas (Brand)

    Since I am also a big Battlefield-series fan I have to admit it must be the
    AT-ST April Fools. This really took me back to the days of Battlefield 2142
    which was released in 2006. So there is my fav April Fools. GL all :)

  232. i loved the ship event(becasue i seem to all ways miss out on them. this
    was my first april fools) and i loved the kraken.
    i would be so happy if i won :)

  233. I´ll sing you a song a song of the sea ! , yo hoooo blow the man down !

  234. WG are Belarusian who are HQ’d in Cyprus and Gaijin are Russian who are
    HQ’d in Moscow so for me, it has to be real Russian Bias for WT pirate

    Like you said Baron, it was a very good show case/test for naval forces in
    WT which, I can’t wait for them to release!

    Thanks mate for another great vid and another great giveaway!


  235. The Ponyland was the best April fools event because it was the biggest
    surprise, no one was expecting it.

  236. I loved the KV2 walkers the most, the real proof of Russian bias!

  237. is 2 1944 shoulda been on the bias pack

  238. For me it was the pony event when you could go into battle with ponys and
    planes and you could shoot down some ponys with your me 109

  239. This years ships.

  240. The new DLC for Witcher 3 was quite funny.

  241. i think the best moment was the kraken stuff,its awesome for WT :)

  242. the mech event was really cool

  243. I liked the Payday 2 April fools that changed the noise on certain guns to
    silly things, really distrating when you are robbing a bank though.

  244. gaijilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  245. My favorite April fools was the thing this year 🙂 Then the AT-STs 😀 Wish
    they would bring it back…

  246. My favourite had to be the War Thunder one. MORE RUSSIAN BIAS PLZ GAJAIN.

  247. poneys !!! that was awesome! haha

  248. My favorite April fools event was on newgrounds they turned it into

  249. what if Gaijin WarThunder made those modes available only in custom
    games… this would beat WarGaming in having April Fools game modes in one

    its just a prank bro, its just a prank.

  250. the go-carts in arma3. really caught me by surprise!

  251. For me my top April fools day was when we had the walking mechs. The ponies
    come close though but the freakin’ mechs, which I could see as an actual
    game mode at some point in the future or as it’s own game, win.

  252. This years was the best

  253. I liked the blow up Sherman tanks with the carrots and potatos

  254. Personally mine would be the PONY ONE YEAH BRONYS FTW

  255. talk about click baiting…

  256. I like the IS 8 sphere tanks

  257. +baronvongamez my favorite is my little pony planes. Baron please pick me

  258. My favorite April fool are the ships in War Thunder. I love them ;). It is
    amazing to see the mechanics and how far they got already. I´m so exited
    for the final release of WT ships and hopefully we will be able to drive
    some subs ;). Keep up the good work and greetings from Germany :D

  259. Christoph Meiland

    ship event of war thunder is awesome!!!!

  260. Those at-st was awesome, and were made with stalinum, so they were

  261. did they mess with the p51D fm? because that thing turns way too good now.
    iam really hoping its a p51 best turnfighter ww2 joke from gaijin

  262. the ships by far. i believe the fact that they put in such an event that
    has possible ramifications as naval combat in war thunder. i’ve played WT
    since it opened up and everyone was in biplanes the first few days. Talking
    about the naval combat with war thunder is such hype…for years it seems
    now. when it comes hopefully it’s as fantastic as we can imagine. :D

  263. my favorite april fools was the kv-2 one. It was so amazing because it was
    like a walker from star wars. IT WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!!!

  264. BlueRosse Gaming

    u can have the best bias tank if the player who wels it suck hel get 1 shot
    by any tank. thers no bias u can kil any russian tanks if u no were to shot
    and how to deal with the sitiuesion. only ppl with no exp call bias. im not
    the best but i kild alot of russian tanks and gi kild alot wen i playd
    russian tanks.sry for my eng

  265. Personally, I really liked the this pirate ship warfare. Yeah, it feels
    kinda RNG but its really fun spinning and using teh cannons on both sides

  266. Maurits van den Berg

    I loved that april fools Joke with the walker tank (forgot it’s name D-: )

    The amazing feeling you would get when you just totaly curb-stomp the enemy
    team and then proceed to have a dance party in their base.

    Also, you could give the russians a taste of their own medicine: the 152mm
    stalinium communism cannon that shoots shells made from bears and the tears
    of the enemy.


  267. The fleet experience was pretty awesome, plus, helped gaijin to test the
    mechanics for naval combat. HYYYYYYPPPEEE

  268. I’m Putin and I confirm russian bias! If you give me Russian Bias Advanced
    Pack Putin will invade your country!

    The Pony april fool joke was the best!

  269. Hmm t44 122 vs super hellcat122. 90mm gunsLittle armor. No armorQuick.
    FastArtyBoth 6.3 premiumsRussian bias?

  270. I liked the walkers it was the first chance to make an amphibius assault

  271. personally I must side with you phil. The ships are awesome and quite fun
    to play. If they added it the custom game lobby’s that would be amazing.
    anyway keep up the good work.
    TRG out!

  272. I played each one of the big April fools events(WT, WoT, and WoWS) and
    honestly, War Thunder continues to have the best events every year. I love
    how they make the articles and events seem serious and you can’t really
    tell if they are serious or not. Plus, the naval fleet seems like a nod to
    the eventual implementation of War Thunder ships, which is a highly
    anticipated at the least. Hopefully when they add the real ship game mode
    they keep the kraken!

  273. Michael Tomlinson

    War Thunder pirate ships was amazing. Was a genuinely fun game mode, with
    small amazing details like the kraken and sea shanties in the hangar.

  274. This year’s pirates was my favorite, pony land close second though!

  275. My favorite was last years ST walkers

  276. Creepy Productions

    The ships this year took a LOT more work than the mechs. Custom map, custom
    physics (how the wind affected the ships), how the multicannons worked, it
    was amazing. Definitely my favorite.

    The only problem I had was exactly what made it awesome; how much time it
    must have taken from developing and balancing the main game. Having 262s
    face MiG17s, Fury biplanes facing F2A buffaloes, so many issues they could
    have been working.

    Still cool, but soon as the even ends it all gets thrown out.

  277. Borat convention.

  278. the pirate ships. best joke 2k16

  279. loved the pirate ships

  280. So far I have like all of the April fool events, but my favorite was either
    the current one or the Mechs

  281. love the pirate ship this year. hopefully we can have real ship battles

  282. War Thunder’s boats was my fav, mainly because of what it signifies is to
    come… :D

  283. The world of tanks April fools is-8 balls were my favorite

  284. The best April fool was in the old 2013 with flying ponies guys pls who
    hate flying cannon armed jet pony!

  285. The ST-1 event was cool. Gave me them Metal gear feels

  286. well, this was my first april fools event, but this probably could’ve
    easily been the best from the others from your description. TY WAR

  287. Pirate ships for sure was the best April Fools event

    Now i want my Yamato really bad

  288. War Thunder’s boats is my favorite

  289. The Best On done was the Pony Land, Because flying Pony Jets

  290. on the site it says more ships come soon

  291. Radioactive Moose

    I loved the ST-1 april fools event. The walker reminded me alot about the
    Star Wars walkers and Metal Gear Solid. Which is fairly obvious considering
    how similar they are. (duh)

  292. The best one was when they had the kv2 mechs

  293. baronvongamz my favorite mode was the russiqn Is 8 in world tank

  294. The ponyland air force was the best april fools event

  295. I liked the inflatable tanks alot, because of the silly sounds when they
    fired and the x-ray vision of the tanks was an outhouse door in the front
    and 4 guys riding bycicles, it was so silly.

  296. War Thunder becomes a pro-Russian Pay-to-win more and more I feel

  297. the ponies were really funny since they were as fast as jets and had
    hilarious weapon loadouts and had their own playable nation.

  298. Ps It would mean so much to me if I win a would seriously watch all his
    vids again and tell all my friends to sub

  299. My most favorite was the walkers for all of the factions, which could walk
    in the water and do awesome flanking manuvers.

  300. gonna be honest my nemesis atm are panthers and tiger 2 keep fucking up
    shot at their fronts

  301. In world of tanks it’s important to angle ur Armour and hit ammo racks, at
    lest in world of tanks it fells like I have Armour instead of warthunder
    and they do the vehicle’s better in world of tanks than in warthunder

  302. William Kellahan

    My favourite April fools event would have to be the kraken and the ships
    (2016). It was really interesting to see how war thunder is implementing
    the physics of their ships.

  303. My favorite April fools for War Thunder has to be the Ponies! The ponies
    were incredible!

  304. i LOVED the idea of the boat event… not only is it fun being a pirate
    (yarr), but it was an awesome proof of concept… how cool is it to show
    how close you are to releasing something by making an event (especially
    april fools). it may be slightly buggy, but it’s polished enough to seem
    like this is SOMETHING that we will see again when we are in our
    destrøyers, cruisers, battleships, aircraft carriers (and hopefully
    submarines). the others were cool too, but how badass is announcing a new
    gameplay feature as an april fools event. ^^

  305. Walker Tanks By far

  306. i really liked the world of warships april fools joke this time around

  307. I personally loved the WoT game mode and the walkers made for a fantastic
    April fools last year.

  308. I love the inflated tank battle April Fools Event :))

  309. World of tanks Russian is 8 ball took rocket league, added some of the new
    broken physics from woT and the best international Russian voices from
    tanks. A good time right there.

  310. I have the vk 107 yak3

  311. IS 8-Ball for the win.

  312. I enjoyed the boats the best

  313. Le SchindlersFist

    I really loved the AT-ST event I played it very much, but this years event
    idk I enjoyed it a couple of games but well… that was it pretty much.

  314. I don’t really understand Russian bias. Can someone tell me?

  315. The inflatable Shermans event was so much fun

  316. HunterLee2600 Gaming

    I am sorry, but Gajirra is more HONOURABRE than the rest.

  317. I believe there can be some bias in what tanks they add in, but at the same
    Alot of in-effectiveness in russian armor can be attributed to poor
    equipment, manufacturing, poor or lack of training.
    Take all of these out, take the base design and make it high quality, and
    you get some damn good tanks.

  318. Best april fools was the ponies, for sure.

    I had no idea what to expect and I live in Australia, so it happened the
    day AFTER april fools for me 😛

    Was very confused for a while.

  319. I want that title but I’m not getting a pack

  320. Ponies was the best!

  321. The inflatable tank with the potato gun was my most favorite April Fools

  322. Yutyrannus Dinosaur

    My favorite was the pirates

  323. The Pony Land Air Force was my favorite April Fools joke. It was just
    hilarious to see flying ponies shooting lasers that wrecked everything, and
    were completely over powered.

  324. Shashank Sangaru

    war thunder’s boats and the new pirate music. Felt like Jack Sparrow
    sailing around like that.

  325. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I honestly think that WoT Console had a really hilarious April Fools, since
    they’ve finally turned the HMS TOG into an actual ship, and are allowing
    people to derp around in it. Only problem is that it’s console only, but
    it’s still amazing fun. Not sure if it’s my favorite, but it’s the best
    outside of WT.

  326. For this year, I would have to say my favorite april fools was the tog
    boat. Though it is based of a long running joke, I still found it
    hilarious. As for all time, I would have to say the mechs from last year i
    think in war thunder.

  327. Personally I joined Russian side before I knew their was a “bias” I had
    just thought everyone played German and I knew historically sherman’s
    sucked because, you know, quantity over quality

  328. hey baron i have a question for you. what do you do to make the game fun
    again. im stuck in a heavy grind and it just doesn’t feel as fun as it was.
    is it becasue all i play is Arcade and do i need to try say RB or what. im
    a german tanker so if that can help you answer the question. thanks for all
    your vids and keep up the good work thanks

  329. my fav was the warthunder event :D

  330. yo baron how’s warthundr look so good mine looks bad and I have gtx970

  331. This years ships event was amazing, but I think the 2 legged mechs event
    was even better.

  332. Pony jets definitely were my favorite. Can’t beat those laser beams.

  333. The Word Of Warships April 1st thing was pretty great

  334. +BaronVonGamez If you are talking about the recent april fools events then
    the one with the pirate ships was the best. Could be permanently integrated
    and added as a gamemode but the best of all april’s fool was by far the one
    with the ST-1 walking tanks. It was like playing star wars in warthunder.
    Someone smart in gaijin would actually integrate it in the game and make it
    happen as a permanent mode. Would be fun unlocking different walkers from
    different nations. Also the only way to see the japanese getting tanks at
    last. Japan also would make the japan bias at their own category which is
    none other than robots of course.

  335. Krešimir Koržinek

    Personally, this April Fools was the best so far, but I’m biased in favor
    of ships and any kind of naval warfare gameplay. It doesn’t hurt Gaijin
    that they made the mode fun and very playable.

  336. The pony airforce was the best april fools day event. Enen though I didn’t
    like how a few of my friends kept yelling as loud as they could over coms
    cause they are bronies


  338. pirate event

  339. I NEED THESE tanks plz so i can get gud Russian Bais

  340. War thunders because we want NAVAL WARFARE!!….and Japanese tanks;)

  341. Galland “Nightmare0380”

    My favorite of the three was definitely the war thunder ships because it
    was completely different then what we’re use to in the game already. It was
    incredibly well done and it really is a shame it’s already gone. They
    really did a fantastic job with it and it’s really Really hyping up war
    thunder naval action hopefully coming soon!

  342. It was when the pirate ships came out :)

  343. I got this pack for free and im loving the title

  344. best one gotta be OP ponies lolololol

  345. My favourite april fools event was ponies and the st1

  346. Cody B. (cblackburn24)

    Mine had to be the ponies. It was definitely different

  347. pony land was legit the best in my opinion

  348. Mechs were probably my favorite.

  349. I’m not gonna lie. I loved Gaijillia, ok I lied about not lying.
    Lieception! (I liked the ponie event :3)

  350. My favorite was the Mecha from last year. Been a fan of star wars for years
    so I had a lot of fun with those :)

  351. My personal favorite April fools event was this years one, because I have
    always liked pirates and the music they added was interesting.

  352. Definitely the inflatable tanks for me :D

  353. Rubber tanks is simply the best! Who would have thought of rubber tanks
    powered by bicycles? Imagine being hit by a HVAP carrot round? Would it

  354. Justin sénéchal

    my K/D on tiger H1,E, 2 H, 2P, is between 1.5 and 2.2

  355. My favorite April fools event was the at-st’s. They were really well done
    and I thought it was nice to play around in em.

  356. I liked the star wars type walkers just because that was the first April
    fools I played. buuuut this year’s was pretty sweet for the first few

  357. Personally, I enjoyed the walker event from last year – it was a radically
    new vehicle to try, it was fun to mess around with, and it combined ground
    and aerial combat into one match. I had one of my best rounds ever in that
    event, where I killed over a dozen enemy vehicles through a combination of
    bombing and using the walker; plus, at the time, it let me try out several
    vehicles I hadn’t yet got to the point of researching on the ground vehicle

  358. My favourite was World of Warships’ April Fools…
    I love WT music too!!

  359. my favorite was is8ball

  360. you dont tight in russian tank russian tank fight you

  361. I would say it’s a tie between the UFO one and Pony one I loved both but
    the Pony one was both weird and funny at the same time. All though my
    friend kept playing the My Little Ponies theme (I don’t even know if it has
    a theme but it’s a song) in a skype call making it all the more funny.

  362. My fav was the potato tanks
    the herpaderp event

  363. I loved the war thunder ships April fools

  364. This year, my favorite was the W.O.T. is-8 balls or the rocket league rage
    quit bots

  365. The most awesome event was WT ships event, these 19th century ships so

  366. I think my favorite April fools event had to be the Pony land airforce. YOU

  367. To me this years War Thunder April fools was the best, think about it we’ve
    been waiting for ships in War Thunder for years and Finally we see maybe
    the beginning of them testing this. I guess its my favourite because it
    doesn’t just add Awesome Pirate warfare to have some fun with but makes me
    exited for what’s to come in the future. :)

  368. WT ships is at the top of my list. It is awesome!!! I wonder if WT made a
    ship movement model for this event or adapted it from some vehicle already
    in game. The kraken is a nice touch too. xD

  369. In roblox in one fps game you could buy aimbot for april fools.

  370. The LoL one was the best…teasing the best gamemode and than not adding it

  371. Loved The Pirate One, I Loved The Music Aswell

  372. Ponies were awesome because of rainbow tracers and explosions

  373. The Ponys were my Favorite April Fools… It was Hilarious wondering what
    was going on !

  374. The biggest problem with the Ship event was that the water and landscape
    was so beautifull that you never watched enemies you just watch that
    awesome water and all you think ist oooooohhh uhhhhh I WANT THAT WATER! ;)

  375. The Kraken one

  376. the walkers from last year was best

  377. Favorite April’s Fools event is not War Thunder, or WoT, but in World of
    Warship! Its the most fun i’ve had in a while, and you also get rewards as
    well. While other doesn’t gives you much pr any reward but WoWs has.

  378. this years war thunder was my fav bc its my first

  379. The potatoes ftw although the walker tank are fun too

  380. Tibor Szabolcs Cser

    The ponys were awesome 😀 I really liked it :)

  381. By far the best April Fools was the tank mechas ;)

  382. Since I saw this vid I have been playing with russians

  383. My favourite is War thunders ships beacuse it scared me . If there is not
    going to be Bismarck…WW2 ships

  384. SmallFreakingJack

    I loved this april fool’s joke since I have a deep passion for pirates,
    they get the juices flowing and all.

  385. I loved the inflatable tanks and their wobbly cannons. It’d be nice to see
    that again

  386. My April Foll was in League of Legends and the funny faces on
    minions,heroes they have funny faces and they were like ballons.

  387. the russian bias advanced pack best april fools ever :D

  388. Dragonair101 Gaming

    War thunder ships was fun enough to play over and over

  389. The best one was the pirates one. Because potatoes and rum!

  390. The Friendly Cactus

    I liked the Pony event the best. I wished that they would bring it back
    this year in a different way but hey Russian Bias

  391. I love the ships event my favourite

  392. The WT pirate ship one was definitely the best especially because like you
    said about testing ships. arrrr me like being a bloody pirate!

  393. i must say the walkers where by far my favorite. something about just
    walking and shooting was really enjoyable. I really hope they bring that
    gamemode back sometime

  394. Must be this year with ships.Also funny thing is there are some wot players
    who doesn’t even play wt but still they comment just for fun.

  395. Lick my gooch you saucy hoe ;)

  396. The Golden Hind is the most fun i had in WT so far
    the ST 1 is very close to the 1st place

  397. T-44-122 Bounces my 88s APCR Frontally… ;-;

  398. i loved the pony’s with jets and rainbow guns this makes pony’s even more

  399. The mechs has to be my favourite, though the potato tanks were a good

  400. Damn Baron such a Manly scream :D

  401. I wish more German tanks had the ammo from the Dicker Max to combat the
    Russian Bias… it’s a beast but not the most mobile tank. Imagine if the
    Germs had a P4 F2 with the Dicker Max ammo.

  402. Swifter Does Games

    This April fools on war thunder was pretty amazing and it can show us that
    the are start testing the ships on war thunder!!!!

  403. Best April Fools Day event was War “Kraken” Thunder!

  404. In terms of humor, I loved the Inflatable Potato-Gun Tank April Fools.
    Whereas mechanically I found the Sailing Ships far more intriguing. It
    showed that if Gaijin really wanted to they could make a compelling
    alternative to Naval Action.

  405. Pirates And Wows was ver good :)

  406. When they make a Russian ship, they should 152cm howitzers. Not 152mm,
    152cm. Yay.

  407. The kraken badass in War Thunder

  408. The ponys where the best and funniest of all the aprils fools.

  409. Carrot shooting tank. 10/10

  410. My favorite were the potato and carrot inflatable tanks. It made no sense
    and it was hilarious to fire vegetables while biking around in wooden
    tanks. It was so different than what the game is about

  411. Animation Damnation

    I liked the balloon tanks

  412. The ships by far.

  413. Daniel “The Racing Potato” Bouchard

    The tog 2’s on WOT console were hilarious.

  414. My favorite was the pirate ships

  415. What if Russian Bias was just a prank bro?! ;o

  416. I gotta admit, ive never felt fun like blitzing around in the skys as a
    purple my little pony, destroying anyone who gets in the way and then
    exploding into fairy dust, it was amazing.

  417. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    So far this years WT event this the best because it’s a new game mode.
    WoT’s event is not even close.

  418. I loved Xbox world of tanks one, I know console scrub but they made the HMS
    Tog 2,it was a damn boat

  419. I thought the war thunder pirate ship was cool but also googles slip up
    with the mike drop send button.

  420. The favorite April fool event is the damn annoying pirate song in war
    thunder which cannot be shut.(It is pretty loud)

  421. Sadly my April fools is My Girlfriend Broke me up ….. i thought it’s just
    a joke but if you see the world ” i am serious and it’s true” in the end of
    the sentence . will rekt your month . anyways i will back to my pc again ..
    forever alone . just wanna share my April fool story . Sadly

  422. The ponys were the best.

  423. Knight Ornstein Gaming

    In my opinion, the tank walkers and Pony Land were the most fun. Pony Land
    was just ridiculous and I loved it the most.

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