RUSSIAN BIAS PROOF 1000% | ZSU-37 One Shot Plane Killer (War Thunder)

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BRITISH 94mm FLAK TANK |QF 3.7 RAM (War Thunder Ground Forces)


  1. *Sorry about no stream today phellas, hopefully this longer video makes up for it!*

  2. Play the German M41 Walker Bulldog

  3. German 3,7cm Flak: I’m a joke to you?

  4. Денис Петрой

    Весело, лично я по-ржал )))

  5. I’m an easy ground target let me hug this building… building deleted….


  7. 10:10

    Phly: We are off with a good start

    *Three crew members died and the other ones are injured*

  8. This 37 can pen 100mm at 10m but the Coelian cant even pen 50?

  9. the little French AMX-13 DCA 40 also at 4.7 and also a dual purpose SPAA is far superior. You can actually shoot down planes with the thing, It’s 40mm cannon with its much greater rate of fire totally shreds planes, plus its a lot more mobile and its better on tanks

  10. Bro it’s been killing me, what is that russian meme theme called. Want it for….reasons.

  11. I don’t care how many GE you have, I will always cringe if someone buys modifications with them. Also Phly, please make a video on the best AA in game, the Flakpanzer 341 “coelian”

  12. Of course your team got pooped on, you sided with the Germans in that game. It’s called Warthunder balance. Notice how much harder the German team had to work for on the third game just to barely win??

  13. Personally my issue with the zsu is that bad pilots can get away with killing you if they just ram you after you shoot them down.

  14. Whats the song in the background?

  15. Press f to pay respect to the zsu 37

  16. When I saw how much time was left when the last round started, I knew it was gonna be a banger! Great video, Phly!

  17. Clutch teammates in the end

  18. PHLY!!!! You havnt made a vid on the AMX13 DCA!!!!!! ITs same br as zsu37, but twice the firerate, AMX13 chasis so its fast, and 94mm pen AP. Plse play it as a follow up to this one

  19. ZSU-37’s 37mm kills a plane on impact, and ostwind 37mm just drill a whole or do a pluff of black smoke, russian bias indeed.

  20. y graphics look dumbed down??

  21. That last match was thr closest ive seen in war thunder wow

  22. The way Phly just uses GE on modifications, without thinking, for a vehicle he may never use again makes me question my whole existence and what I’m doing with my life

  23. *You make me cringe PhlyDaily…*

  24. it’s total rubbish

  25. Consolegamer Consolegamer

    Phly, play the unplayed, the unloved, the fricking weird American m15A1 aa

  26. Thank you so much for 17:12

  27. In old war thunder where it was pretty much always Germans vs Russians this thing used to piss me off so bad

  28. Implement more Soviet March into songs for an extra 152% bias

  29. The poor things are like appetizers for German and American teams. It’s very rare that I’m in a game where they actually kill anyone.

  30. You know the video’s gonna be good when the first thing you hear is the RED ALERT 3 UlTiMaTe SoViEt MaRcH

  31. Cristian Radulescu

    Phly:*Explanes to us about zsu*
    Phly’s Brain: Yesss throw all that GEs on soviet machine


  33. I’ve been a subscriber before 300,000 I like your game play I and cometary


    Form similar to Amx 40 dca

  35. “Capturing b” and you were capturing a

  36. Lol penetration ✊???

  37. Good choice of music phly, the C&C red alert 3 theme song, beautiful

  38. Hey Phly could you play boom doom KV-2 and PE-8 togheter with some of your Friends?
    attempet #8

  39. The zsu literally has a slower turret rotation that the British aa

  40. What do you think of the Ostwinds, or the any of the German 37mm spaa’s? I find them frustrating to use.

  41. Hey Phloppy woppy. Please play the panzer iv J for loving the unloved. The turret traverse is amazing.

  42. yes a powerfull shell every 3rd shot in a 5 round mag………

  43. Get a kill with the Swift F.7s 2G overload AA missiles

  44. And the plane wreck keeps spasming on the top of the rock

  45. 0:14
    Ne za chto

  46. Phly please do a video when you use a full line up

  47. at least it’s not tier2 t80.

  48. IMO ZSU-37 is the hardest Soviet AA to use because it lacks the clip size, but don’t have that muzzle velocity like ZSU-57-2 to make up for it. Stock belt has 50% solid AP so half the time you hit a plane it wont do anything.

  49. *THONK TONK*

  50. Lol Fury bounce sound

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