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  1. Enjoy! Dont forget, im streaming later today at at 17:00CET! <3

    • i think you were proxy spotting him, the indicator was at 53 meters when you moved back behind the rock so i assume it was 50 when you moved forward a bit

    • Circonflexes If u watch Wargaming video on spotting there is a spotting point on the front, sides, back, top of turret, gun barrel and front of turret. So was probs the one on the front of your tank. P.s. keep up the amazing content

  2. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Stronk pancake blyat

  3. Circon I love your videos and I’m more than just enjoying the daily uploads. Please keep em coming

  4. You were proxy spotting him

  5. You don’t know what we can find, why don’t we go with Circon, on a russian carpet ride

  6. If it was german, it would be a flatpanzer

  7. You have differrnt places on your tank that can spot for your tank. proxy, commander driver and other visual slits.

  8. Wg loves arty and hates lights that all you need to explain to a new player about what Class to play

  9. The change they make to the tech tree fuck me ass hard

    Why can’t the T-54 Lwt lead to the normal T-54 lol

    they did it before with the KV-13, so why not?

  10. Because Russian crew is stroke da

    Spot the enemy tank with the reflection on their vodka bottle da
    Out smart german scum da

  11. Wtf this team didnt went to valley:O

  12. You spot with ur commanders hatch, not with ur gun barrel.
    So if ur com hatch can see even the smallest part of ur oponent you spot m

  13. Next patch is mm mirroring so i guess its worth to grind the 50 b next patch? XD
    If wg doesnt drop it from the update ofc.


    The top of the box is a spotting point and the gun mantlet is a spotting point, so if you stick out your gun mantlet you will be able to spot if it is in direct sight of a vision point of an enemy. But if you try to spot someone but you do it wrong you can risk getting spotted on the front vision point but you wont be able to spot them back.

  15. Looking those poor guys who come across Circon, it’s just sad… I am really sorry for this amx for instance…

  16. Russian Carpet Tank….???? It’s a Russian Roomba…..

  17. I’m pretty sure Circon knows how spotting works. He was proxy spotting, didn’t realize it.


    he wasn’t proxy spotting

  19. One of my favorite tanks this one. Just got it and am having so much fun. LT15 came like without any effort.

  20. T-100lt is pancake tank lol.

    • We used to call the T-54 the pancake a few years ago, when it was a lot lower than it is now. Now the pancake title definitely belongs to T-100 LT 🙂

  21. Where the fuck are your combat russians?

  22. Does anyone know what mod it is that’s showing armor thickness? I’m fairly sure they are illegal?

  23. If you look closely at the distance number when he had his cursor over the tank, it was 54m. It is unlikely that the little movements he was doing took it to 49m (or s it already at 50m?), but possible. On the other hand, at no point his mantlet (let alone the centre of his tank) was in direct sight with the AMX tank. So:
    a) that rock is badly modelled or something
    b) the distance WAS 50m every time he pulled forward.


    im going for A

  25. What’s that number that pops up when you aim at tanks? x/x etc

    • That’s his tank’s penetration VS the armour he is aiming at. Basically like the ingame penetration indicator but with numbers instead of the colors, which kind off lie to you.

  26. 1:52 you spot him becouse you go into the 50m range 😉

  27. how do you fuck that shot up? because most people actually have to aim and have a rng that ruins most shots ….

  28. Why do ppl always go ? Middle is fucking pointless

  29. 9:35
    **laughing Mexican guy flashbacks**

  30. It looks like a fat Crusader 😀

  31. 113 is so sad now with it’s gun handling .. WZ-111 5A would never miss those shots … soft stats should be shown in garage as “real” accuracy instead what we have now

  32. mim gad

  33. Proxy spot is 50m

  34. And detection points are a bit closer than center of tank so it doesn’t need to be exactly 50m. I have proxy spotted without getting spotted myself. Cap is really small but it’s there.

  35. 3:30 When he engages the E75. just below the aimpoint. is that what i think it is??? Penetration valus Vs CALCULATED ARMOR THICKNESS???. Damn thats pretty disgusting…

  36. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    Circon pancake master

  37. Meet the Blinmobile

  38. about that spotting , which confused you with your “carpet tank” wargaming had made a video with those “visual points of the tank , whiche are used to “spot” other tanks and are also there , so that you get spotted or not . if you can cover that visual spots , then nobody can spot you that easy . Just look up that video about spottingmechanics from wargaming , its quite interesting to watch it

  39. You mightve been at like 52m when youre all the way back behind the rock and then you might jump into the 50m proxy distance by moving forward?

  40. love ur vids circ

  41. I always call this the friction less flipper

  42. You had that 113 on strings

  43. “made money, feels gud” you got 32 million credits!

  44. What are you doing in my Swaaamp ?!

  45. i guess the zoom out mode only enhances the gaming experience….

  46. oh you and your non cheating zoom out mod

  47. How do you get the zoom out mod?

  48. Nice case of whup-ass you opened up there.

  49. how do you still play this garbage sir

  50. 1:55 russian bias maaate xD

  51. You can see Aladdin on the top of the tank.

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