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Source: PhlyDaily

ULTIMATE FLYING MISSLE | MIG-21BIS (War Thunder Top Tier Jets)

Music – ES_Sunshine Rain – Brendon Moeller


  1. 0:02 ya guys see that Leo dissapear? im so confused why this game kinda make enemy dissapear sometime when they are off vision

  2. I think this clickbait

  3. I’ve got the obj 279 and how do u get those kills its like how I cant do it like u

  4. It would be fun to play the IS-7 but it costs several hundred dollars.

  5. we wanna see matilda gameplay phly
    do it
    i dare you

  6. AP: *can go through a house built with concrete-steel*
    also AP: *damn this 2cm thick steel plate is very tough…*

  7. The wood That could

    Grind m163 or Gepard?

  8. But do you have that black camo doe?

  9. Thank the f christ. No Simon and Joe when starting this video. Good revisit. I grinded so hard for the obj 279. But if you have a life there was no possibility to get it.. Too expensive.. Maybe in the future I’ll buy it when Im fed up with everything else the soviets have to offer.

  10. TAM, no armor, best armor again 🙂

  11. Phly how to stock F4C

  12. that yawn sound effect XD

  13. A friend of my has that tank

  14. Marvin Vito Nature Manik


  15. What server is he plaing?
    Every server I play enemies are not that dumb, check their corners, use third person before they push, work in groups of 3 or 4….

  16. I switched to air rb. I get more money, but cant say its more fun.

  17. can you send a massage to gaijin to give germany a top br jet ( tornado panavia ) and to make it that it can carry more than 4 bombs bc now germany has the worst jet mig 21 mf has 4 r-60 aam and no radar aam, no german jet can carry a radar aam but tornado could. Please tell them that i would if i knew how to send them a massage. 🙂

  18. Austin Castleberry

    Phly please do a heliborne vid it need appreciation

  19. Play the T34-57 phly.

  20. Phly, what vehicles do you actually perform poorly with? If you could rank them like a top 10 then what would they be and why even with your high skill set?

  21. zeno god of everything

    Is the notification Bill like the Liberty Bill, are they going to take it away, Give me liberty or give me death???
    What’s your thought on that phly.

  22. NEAT=Nyet Explosive Anti Tank

  23. any obj 279 player complain how easly this tank can be ammo racked

    yeah but your biggest round broken aphe that has same pen that chief pathetic apds does can one shot any poor pleb most of the time

    also since it’s aphebc can be used for cheeky shoot

  24. Can you do mid tier sweden soon?

  25. So we are officially back to Tankdaily huh ?


  27. You promote their damn game and they can’t give you that the IS-7 permanently?

  28. How do u do so well in war thunder is always seems like i get matched up against sweaty keyboards warriors :/

  29. Great vid, but whats with the twitchy video?

  30. Phly the IS-7 was designed to be invulnerable to the German 12,8cm (128mm) gun at all ranges, can it still survive the new round available for the Maus and E-100?

  31. just look at the russian bias at work fuck me they need to fuck over the russian tanks for once

  32. Did they change something? Every time I get arti’d I lose a track as well. Never did that before

  33. Not op at all 😀

  34. Dis shit should be deleted from the game. It’s has none sense + it made of stalinium witch make him OP as fuck.

  35. Leon plays worldoftanks

    When i am on ground zero with a tank with my ps4 and i drive to B my fps are from 60 to like 14 :/

  36. This game looks so easy, but when i play i die instantly

  37. volumetric strikes again

  38. 10:19 This whole bit got me feeling upset.

  39. Hey, could you do a video explaining how to fix “not enough access rights,” I keep having to manually install the update every time I run the launcher, it still lets me play the game but I have to manually install it by a button that says “Click here to install latest update” or something like that

  40. Could you please revisit the Ironman or inception mod? Not sure if you remember it but those are my favorites from you.

  41. Wh3n are you going to quit phly? You’re doing the same videos

  42. I guess tank daily is back

  43. Its sasha haha

  44. And now they added the T-10A as a reward for the battle pass, I don’t think it gets any better considering these two already are for me broken ://

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