Russian GEM Object 907, OP or Not? | World of Tanks: The Object 907 Tank Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 907 (Объект 907), Tier 10 Soviet Russian Medium Tank, Reward Tank. World of Tanks Best Medium Tank. World of Tanks Clan Wars Reward Tank Review. World of Tanks Best Replays / Best Battles.

In my second episode in a mini-series covering all the tier 10 reward tanks I am going review of the best medium tanks in World of Tanks – The Object 907.

It has been a dominator for years, but the question is… Is it still overpowered or not?

Let's have a look what it has to offer let's a battle or two!

What do you think about this?


  1. Stay tuned for MOOOOOOOOAR reward tanks, coming up soon!
    Hopefully you had an amazing weekend. 😉

    • As an owner of a 907 for a couple years and a few hundred games I do not think it’s OP.. I reliably (note that word) bounce more shells in my T62a cuz you can angle that armor. The 907 is troll no doubt about it but the overmatch roof can RUIN you if you’re hull down and people know about it and hull angles can actually work against you.

      Sometimes you bounce 4k in a game wiggling and others you bounce nothing. I am no means the best player in it but I also dont fire exclusively heat either.

      It also can’t sidescrape very easily which you can do in all the other russian meds. I have training room tested it and you can pen the angled side with a grille 15 extremely easily. It’s almost like the top half of the v shaped hull acts differently.

    • Hello dez, How are you

    • Yo how can you get a rental for that tank

    • Can we see the real chieftain tank?

    • Hey Dez I was the guy who was playing with you in the bc but I had anonymizer on so it was a random name nice to be a part of you vid keep up the good work I knew it was you ?

  2. Obj 907 is one of the most broken tanks ever. Ok, time to watch the video XD

  3. everything depends on player. for example i have chieftain, and it’s only 3k combined dpg (2.2 + 800). but thx for heatlers, arties and kebabs who spam he all day long..

  4. boss how you managed to earn/collect 1 mil gold? does WG pays you in gold for posting your videos? i don’t think you bought from his own money..

  5. Not only tank is at least close to be OP, you can assume than when you encounter one it will be spamming HEAT, with top consumables, crew etc and driven by a purple player. That if they are not in a 3 obj907 platoon

  6. Remember when everybody freaked out over the 257 because it has the 907 hull but the 907 is not OP from the same people.

  7. Christiaan Carstens

    How to take out 907, use your CGC and shoot only at 907.

  8. am i crzy or this tank has cammo better then lts? 🙂
    tnx for fun games 😉

  9. “this is music to my eyes” to my EARS Dez 😛 ahah <3

    • I guess i have to be the one to say why the Eyes (done on purpose) , here goes the story , since this is the game and there is mini map and you use your eyes not your ears , here you go <3 😀

    • Definitely eyes. The EBR’s didn’t made that much sound xD

  10. Sooooo, you were going for 7 kills and Radley Walters medal? I had no idea you were funny!!!!!
    Love your videos Dez. 🙂


  12. world of ufos

  13. I actually though 907 only came with HEAT rounds as that’s the only thing I seem to get hit with when fighting them even in my batchat or grille

  14. The only reason why i quit playing WOT was the accuracy RNG, no point in aiming for weak spots at “longer ranges”, just hope that your shell hits anything within the reticule, nothing to force people to learn the weak spots of tanks if your shell decides to all over the place. You could actually have armour layots that encourage people to aim for weakspots and learn about the differences but no. Like any other FPS i would like that my aim had an impact of my performance and just not leave it to chance. The damage RNG is fine but its just so frustrating the the game decides that no, you’re not gonna hit that today. Sure, you will have spread when you hipfire in other games but this game is like hipfiring all the time with no chance of actually aiming. Only watching these videos hoping that some day there will be an announcement that WOT will be changed from the ground up so i can play it again with a smile on my face.

  15. Mathias Berchtenbreiter

    you forgot boosted equipment

  16. It’s basically a 140 but idiot proof.

  17. Kaspars Maksims Vidiņš

    I JUST HAD THE BEST IDEA FOR SERIES!!!!! 1000 WAYS TO DIE, you know all kinda funny and diffrent ways there is possible to die in World of Tanks
    And it’s like in random battles what happens, people just send you replays and you make the episode, that would be amazing

  18. Music to your eyes?

  19. Great video dez what about using the directives slot

  20. So his License Reads: Dez Dirty Gamez
    Sounds European.

  21. An OP Object? I don’t believe it

  22. Russian bias tech tree

  23. Does ur 907 commander have 13 perks?? Seriously???

    Edit: it’s his CC account

  24. It’s Russian, so it’s perfectly balanced.

  25. 907 turret cheeks is trash when shot with gold and dez miss out the turret roof of 40mm overmatchable by 120mm guns and it’s a low profile vehicle, makes it easier.

  26. If any tanks deserve to be OP, reward tanks should be OP ?

    Just not way OP

  27. This thing bounces 99% of shots..

  28. I shot an Obj.705 with my arty, and accidentally killed an invisible Death Star beside him … with 3 damage lol!

  29. Hah! first game Dez plays ruski med like a noob: stopping to fully aim. No wonder it doesn’t work out! Ivan doesn’t like to aim! Ivan likes to drink vodka and eat improved rations! 2nd game is much better ruski med play: press w and point and shoot. DO NOT STOP TO AIM! Ivan doesn’t like to stop!

  30. Dez, love your channel but as a non-clan wars player I take one look at the title and go, oh well, more O.P. bullshit from wg to make me less likely to play one of the 9 tier 10 tanks I have.

  31. Remember when “Obj 140 or T-62A?” was a popular question? well that’s when the 907 was OP, now 430U is in the game and everything went out the window ??

  32. What is the difference between 279(e) and 279(p)

  33. Anyone know when frontline and steel hunter are coming back

  34. No improved equipments on 907 is like going to Pattaya with erection issues.

  35. Tell us how to unlock them also maybe? Which quests ect. If questable ofc.

  36. We needed that mini series, thank you kindly 😉

  37. This thing is OP and they can’t even give the M60 the A3 turret.

  38. Players ,who are playing with this tank, have bon equipment

  39. Great. So good players get better tanks for the random queue. Good work WG. Twats.


  41. So lame comparing tanks with MAX crews…Really just write that you get money from WOT so we can stop watching….

    • I got a 6 skill crew on my 907 so it equals cuz the rest of the skills are kinda useless anyway. And I got bond equipment.. he doesn’t. So stop crying.

  42. 907 No ‘F’s” given gameplay. Was entertaining.

  43. Hi Dez,
    I have most probably seen obj 907 only once or not even that on the asian server since 15th sept 2018
    thanks for your Videos

  44. Whom here remembers the T22 Med?

  45. I think that Firefighting skill affects the gameplay BIG time! If all your crew members have 100% firefighting, you can replace your fire extinguisher with food to boos your tank stats for another 10% in every area! Especially on Russian tanks that burn easily. 😉

  46. The 907 is the secret twin of the T-22 without the nerf.
    That thing is incredibly OP especialy because it’s given to the good players.

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