RUSSIAN ILLUMINATI – War Thunder TANKS! Panzerwerfer 42 Gameplay

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  1. 1st i think

  2. First? Great vid btw

  3. 2nd
    i think

  4. shit 2nd


  6. Phly, what you think of that trailer of the 28 movie? Looks pretty good to

  7. How about the early nva comvo
    The mig 15 with the bombs
    The pt 76

    Were back guyss

  8. YAK-9T and T-34 1941
    FOR…….. rusia I think

  9. I wish they would fix the hunters flight model to be what it would be in
    real life. Also that they would put the MiG-15’s model back because they
    are over-performing in terms of their actual flight models. Tell this to

  10. I preferred the old intro music :(

  11. lol x files music

  12. u da bomb phly

  13. Bravo phyl bravo

  14. the edit was legendary xD

  15. hi phly love your gameplay

  16. M10 17pounder and Hurricane with 40mm cannon or rockets.

  17. Phly your singing is amazing

  18. Yip Illuminati confirmed! (or you were Gaijined)

  19. Dr. Bananable Lector

    4:45 That laugh tho

  20. phly how do i send clips to u?

  21. Lol you cant reload the panzerwefer, need cap point to do so lolol,
    Funny illumati + ending


  23. Take out the IS-4M and the Tu-2

  24. Firefly and Firefly!!!

  25. with the panzerwerfer hou have to try to stay in a cap zone, because you
    dont have field reload and in cap you even reload while firing –> infinit

  26. lol phly remember you were camping too…. :)

  27. 1000 i think

  28. Amazing editing with the replay lol

  29. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    What do you think about a “Holy Shit” combo?
    Teh Pe-3000 with 8000kg bomb and IS-4M

  30. Leopard and The CL13 because Bundeswehr plz :)

  31. shitties monday just got a whole lot better XD keep it up phly

  32. Haha that Last Action was the best

  33. Phly the fatherland needs its maus to kill zee Russians and zee americans

  34. #prayforParis

  35. awesome gaming phly! keep it up.

  36. I wonder how the german 150mm rockets do far less damage than the russian
    peashooter rockets…. you only got 10 of them, and sometimes you cant even
    kill 1 tank with them. On the other handside ive often managed to
    onehitkill certain german / US tanks in the russian rocket arty… I wonder
    i wonder…. Also lets not talk about the BR of the two vehicles, its just
    another joke of gaijin somehow nobody cares about.

  37. Yeah, after the Weirdmageddon episode, Bill Cypher is really making a mess
    of all realities. Be carefull Steve!

  38. T-32 and whatever plane. I can’t play war thunder so I don’t know what
    planes would work, sorry.

  39. m8a1 with p40e

  40. Me 410B-2 and the tiger H

  41. Hey Phly, I just got a Rocket Snipe from 1.32km away. Is there anyway I can
    send the replay to you?

  42. Firefly and firefly!!

  43. Christopher Hurford

    hey phly take out the hurricane with 40mm alongside the sherman firefly for
    some 17pounder action

  44. the real joke in this video are the people using russian tds

  45. in the New update they added rockets for the “old” p 38 g and i want you to
    play the 105 sherman and the p 38 g

  46. Sergio Figueiras Pose

    +PhlyDaily Allright, comrad Stalin wants you to play the derpy combo, the
    kv2 and the PE 8 with the TSAR nuke bomb(5000kg). Remember playing it or
    you will be sent to gulag

  47. I love the extra effort you put into these videos.


    Tiger H1!!

  49. I just looked to my left and saw a panzerwerfer rushing the enemy xD, and i
    wasnt going to spawn camp them ;-;

  50. what about IS 1 and KV 2, the motherland hopes for the best

  51. Hahaha! good video.. I have noticed the damage or death before the
    explosion alot lately, even in low ping games?? A bug?
    For the next drive out, how about the T92 and P38 G with the M10 Bazooka

  52. Pz Maus Hous and Horten Ho-229

  53. Pre Intro is iluminati confirmed Steve !

  54. You should Play the new pz.II H

  55. You punto

  56. who kill panzerwerfer 42 today?

  57. xaxaxa CCCP tehnology OP! )))

  58. 1:45 -The ,,ugly,, skin is czech flag :)

  59. The punisher of the Tigers hellcat and the punisher of the skys
    P51D…hurra get some Marines

  60. Fly the fw190f8 with 1000kg
    or 2 30s

  61. Sir, i believe that T34 just shat his pants! That sound- and so close at
    the side of his tank!!!!!!!

  62. Dumb question: is it possible to pilot a jet in realistic tank battles?

  63. Salty Phly is Best Phly!

  64. i fucking love the kv-1b i was just using it on a map (i forgot the name)
    but in my second one I deployed i destroyed 6 ground targets and got 3 kill
    assists. i came in 3rd place on the team and we won so that was pretty
    fucking awesome

  65. p26 with 100lb bombs and M103

  66. Comrade phly, it does not matter the size of rockets, but how many you use.
    For you rocket needs, use capitalist pig Sherman with rockets or only
    communist grade rockets.

  67. Loving the new editing style :D

  68. Minecraft Builds Me

    maybe next time the: american (tier II)M10 GMC, (if you aak yourself why a
    tier II, just cause i just unlocked that tank and i want to know how to get
    good with it i hope you can help phly)
    P.S the turner turns slow

  69. your voice turns me on hmmmm

  70. Do the ho 229

  71. Is 4m and yak 9t. Op setup from mother russia

  72. A nice American combo.
    The M46 Patton
    The F9F-5 with bombs

  73. LOVE the new intro song. What is it?

  74. Ludzie to Pasożyty które trzeba wybić

    its bug in new patch not only on russians planes

  75. Oh my god! Why you reversing? You weak armour is behind you! Strong armour

  76. Sargent Phly!
    Our army has lost the line in Normandy! We need you and your P40 and your
    Sherman’s. We need you to go deep into the small town 20 miles off the
    coast of Omaha beach. There you will battle many panzer tanks and by sky
    many Fokewolfs. There will be a lot of AA shot into the sky. We know this
    because we have spy’s in the town figuring out what they are saying and
    planing. This is all up to you Sargent Phly! Good luck!

  77. ok phly i had enough M41A1 AND F82 WITH BEMBS

  78. Hahaha u made me laugh phly!

  79. Famous last words : ” Is that a tank in front of me? ” – Phly – 2015

  80. mortal kombat? i had the cassette single for this song…… also, whats a
    horse bitch?

  81. Su-100 and IL-2

  82. The unloved combo:
    Stuh 42G and HS129B-3

  83. Makin’ my way downtown, nerfin’ rockets round ma mama mamaaa

  84. to your new intro music i say no

  85. thetwomountainbikers

    a13 cruiser amd hurricane mk4 with those 40mms

  86. I like the intro song and I almost clicked the link in the description but
    then did not because I remember all the times Phly rick rolled me through
    that. Then I thought hey what the hell and do my great surprise it was
    actually the song!

  87. That intro… I’m dead?

  88. song is syntact shallow in the begining, you can find it on xKito

  89. 4:47 You dirty bastard ;)

  90. Justin Vandenhouten

    Love the intro music and keep up the good work???

  91. I feel like phly was drunk in this vid XD

  92. Illuminati confirmed

  93. Lucas Mota Teixeira

    16:24 Famous last words

  94. 6:06 The irony… Oh my god the irony.

  95. that long pause though

  96. It’s a Panzerwerfer. It werfs Panzers (can’t believe no one has posted
    that, yet)

  97. phly plz fly in the penutbutter jely time and the doom tertal

  98. Walker bulldog and a B29!

  99. Light russian infantry support:

  100. If there is one thing you cannot say about Phly…. it’s that he doesn’t
    know how to not have fun… he always is having fun lol. And Phly for the
    next combo… if you haven’t done it yet how about you pick your favorite
    combo and play it for us

  101. Love the music! Thumbs up! lol


  103. PHLY! We call upon you to control the AMERICAN GUNS OF FREEDOM! Take out
    the 120mmm Gun Tank M103 OF FREEDOM HEATFS! Partner it with a ground attack
    load out Jet of you choice! (Preferably the B-57B or P84B-26, but it all up
    to you.)

  104. Tiny combo!!!!!! M-22 and P-26 with bombs!!!

  105. Phly, play the A13 Mk.II with the Swordfish! FIRST BRITISH COMBINED
    ARMS!!!! DO IT FOR THE QUEEN!!!!!!

  106. João Paulo Monteiro

    Phly plz do the new T92 with the F8F’s tiny tims!!!! reck tigers 2 with

  107. shouldof called in artillery on the t34

  108. What was the song Phly was singing at the beginning? Thanks

  109. Bismarck game play please

  110. Fly the spitfire mk Vc!

  111. This game is becoming difficult to stomach. Too much Russian BS. Plus
    catering to the whiny pricks(I.E. assault fuse) I imagine the game will
    stop being F2P. Even the free part sucks. I’ve been trying to unlock the
    t32 since spring. And am only halfway there, even spent $10 on it. In that
    time I’ve unlocked so much Russian shit.

  112. Singh DoesGaming (Singh2006)

    That laugh was way to evil for what happened

  113. I was in a Air Battle and someone said on my Team “If we lose im Gonna beat
    my Kids” We lost

  114. Logan “SoHardcoreLoges” Jansky

    I miss his opening…

  115. lol you got knocked out by the bomb not the explosion but the bomb itself

  116. ill never play this fucking shit game ever again

  117. Play the FirePhly and the lancaster with the 4000 lbs bombs

  118. Phly use the meteor with the pew pews

  119. Post War Titans: M60 Patton and F86 Sabre

  120. Liked just because the title lol

  121. Hey Phly I know this isn’t a combo but for your next plane gameplay try the
    Bf-109 E3

  122. In Honor of those that died Friday, November 13, 2015: Free French Forces
    M10 Wolverine TD with Free French Forces Insignia and other decals.
    Any of the P-47Ds (again with the FFF decals)

  123. “Why t34 100 so campy?”
    In cap hiding in corner…XD

    Lol thanks for the awesome Vid m8!

  124. more steel ocean be german ship

  125. really nice czech flag 00:19

  126. 8:53 is BIAS

  127. (pls read in finest russian accent) Alright comrade, your task should you
    accept is to take out our new captured t95 very stronk doom turtle and the
    b-17g. failure to do so will result in gulag, have fun and remember
    comrade, have nice day

  128. LOL

  129. What is the song he hymns at the start called?? I need to know!

  130. Thumbs up for that intro clip

  131. brandon “DaileyShow623” dailey

    You should take out the mighty Stuh

  132. Phly the mig-15bis! cuz i’ve watched all your vids on it :(

  133. The FW 190 A5/U2 is my favorite plane in war thunder, i have almost every
    camo except for 2.

  134. Panzerwerfer 42

    It Werfs 42 Panzers :)

  135. haha nice illuminati reference

  136. T-50 with Yak-7B

  137. Song for intro?

  138. SOVIET RED DEATH COMBO 100mm t-34 and yak-3p OP

  139. That was pretty funny lmao

  140. Bussian Rias and wtf at 11:40? All those rockets are hitting the ground but
    enemy tanks are getting hit by those…

  141. are you certified insane? or the meds just wear off sometimes?

  142. Tb-3 and a tank of your chose

  143. You need to stop listening to the Mortal Kombat theme…

  144. Alright Phly Time for the BIG boom booms

    SU 152 and the Pe-8 with the tactical Nuke

  145. everyone uses delayed fuses in their bombs so its weird to see em detonate
    on impact in tanks. myself i dont.

  146. Hey Phly, could you do a game where instead of you playing as a plane and a
    tank, you could be in a tank with a friend up in a plane as air support or
    vice-versa? I just think it would be interesting.

  147. Is it just me or is Phly a tid bit high in this video lol! +1 :)

  148. BRUH!
    Ze PanzerVerfer plays ze Music better zen Stalin’s Organ ever can.
    Seriously though when i heard that it was like death caressing a violin, it
    gave me an erection XD

  149. Wouter Drupsteen (Revulon)

    I haven’t laughed at a video like I did at this one for a while, thanks

  150. AirProduction - Airbajan

    Vietnam Style: Bull Dog M41 and AD-2 Sky Raider…

  151. lol..,the poor dude in the KV-2 got wrecked!

  152. FullmetalDraGon 124

    I like the opening music. What’s it called?

  153. 57 mosquito and the sherman firefly the 57 actually does something XD

  154. That X-Files bit Killed me. LMAO!!

  155. Phly’s new intro music reminds me of GTA V. :)

  156. wtf was that laugh

  157. It werfs panzers.

  158. How about Scorpion + Firebrand combo? i wanna see that bird getting the
    action he deserves

  159. “I hear a tank right to the right to me right now” -Phly2k15

  160. this was hilarious

  161. I kind of like sorta pissed off sorta bored phly, good vid

  162. Best part of whole video was end of first battle lol

  163. U should do a game mode on war thunder pe-8 vs biplanes

  164. Do the German captured lineup next! Kv1b 756 r and IL 2 1942.

  165. That moment when phly werfs some panzers and goes full on Muttley laugh

  166. Sherman Firefly and Spatfire and bring glory to the Queen

  167. 12:10 “chill chill chill bro chill it’s just a prank. It’s a fucking prank
    bro chill!”

  168. Sniper combo! Me-410 50mm tank buster and Panther A, the long range sniper
    for ze fatherland Phly!

  169. Jakub Czarnomysy (DryEvil)

    run run run ruuunnn ru runrun

  170. Old intro song please! It always made my day.

  171. Wtf phly

  172. Flemming Vandersteen


  173. Does phly’s new intro give anyone else the feel goods?

  174. David “madindie” Dew

    Always worth watching Phly, funny as fuck mate!

  175. +PhlyDaily A-13 and Hurricane Mk VI!
    40mm Cannon BRITISH ORGY!

    (They’re both BR 1.7… Have fun!)

  176. 9:36 +PhlyDaily Unfortunately this sometimes happens with me too and I know
    the reason why

    Sometimes some obstacles in the maps (eg. Boulders, Trams etc) don’t render
    when a map loads, and as a result you think you run into an invisible wall
    – when in fact it’s just an invisible boulder (but invisible only to you).

    Pretty sure it only affects Mac users, but not certain on that point.

  177. Lightning BlitzBrony

    last part is my fav part “its that enemy tank?”

  178. The X-files bit was hilarious… AND the end was great…!!!! A+ vid. I
    want Ply to play the T92 baby…. Mix that with any plane.

  179. Dam, i saked for this combo, and also asked – can you reload rockets on cap
    zones. Блять. 8)

  180. I did like the song at first in the video 😀
    da dadadada dadadada dada dadaddad da da da :D

  181. Edward Millard (Neovo90)

    No phly, this is a badass camo

  182. sebastian mcguinness

    Firefly Combo!!!
    Sherman Firefly and Firefly Mk V with bombs and rockets!

  183. Black Metal Daz 666 (Cyberdeath666)

    Tiger H1/E vs black prince custom battle

  184. what a cool fucking intro …!!

  185. Phly, we live in a confusing time. Confuse your enemies even further by
    using the driving boat (PT-76) and flying tank ( Il-10) and victory will be

  186. Here’s two ideas for custom battles:
    1. justice done to the Yak-3P. Aircraft from 1945 vs Yak-3P’s
    2. Leopards vs Bombers (fin stabilized is very precise)

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