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  1. Day 396: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  2. Nearly 4 years of requesting please Phly. I-16 type 10. Fun, agile and deadly little fighter.

  3. Day 340 can you play the conqueror mk.2?

  4. I love Russian tanks, until I get a hilly map.

  5. Riccardo Barbiero

    Please play the italian milk truck we it will arrive

  6. About fitting the 76mm 3k into a T 34, there was a project to upgun the T-34 with a 76mm S-54. The S-54 was a 3k anti aircraft gun that had been modified to fit into a tanks turret and use a different recoil slide. Didn’t read why they cancelled the project. Would be a fun tank to see added to war thunder…

  7. Day 128 of asking Phly to play the British Crusader III and Hampden TB I for 5000lbs of destruction at 3.0 in ground RB

  8. Bunjamin Betton rides again!

  9. It wasnt the same player ._.
    And yes, i checked

  10. Anyone else read “milf truck or am I problematic”

  11. I love to shoot planes with this one

  12. Slava Ukraini

  13. Epic gamer 1011

    Day 14

  14. germany has the magic school but
    russia has the magic milk truck

  15. Yes, my life is complete. I was in a Phly video. Now, to end world hunger.

  16. Hi phly

  17. Read that as Russian Milf Truck

  18. When Gaijin has an option for you to change your targeting range quickly but not a mechanic to change your timed fuze delay ( in distance)

  19. 4:32 Jesus phly do you really need to give me homeworld flashbacks with this?

  20. Maciej tomasz gross

    i readed russian milf klack and i was certanly confused

  21. My dyslexia led me to believe this was going to be a very different video…

  22. That long distance lower glacis shot was brutal

  23. Manos Lampropoulos

    He good ol’ no armor is best armor

  24. The Swedish National Anthem at 4:30 got me pretty good. Nice

  25. I play the milktrucks and they do surprisingly well. Only thing you gotta look out for are Matilda and b1’s. Everything else is killable.
    And it feels like a F1 car, even tho other tanks can be faster, none has better acceleration.
    They are still fun.

  26. his poor shaft

  27. Carter Campbell

    “Hes probably spotted me.”

    -Phlydaily, with fireworks on this truck

  28. Hey Phly, whats your opinion on the IT-1?

  29. Confirmed: Phly loves a good shaft

  30. krittiphum donkhan

    i remember playing with this truck and decided to give the AA shell a try, instead of using it as intended i just direct impact a BF 109 out the sky

  31. Was that the Swedish national anthem?

  32. Hey phly, i think the gun on the yag is on some ussr coastal sub chasers. (same round)

  33. what is the best top tier tank in war thunder ?

  34. Waiting for the SAu 40 Video Day 2

  35. You should definitely make a not my shaft t-shirt. Lol

  36. God damn I read that title as milf truck initially and I was like “EYO? Phly?”

  37. Day-42 of asking for a T18b (57) Video.

  38. Bezimienny_Andżej

    This thing is virtually unkillable sometimes. 75mm shell to the face, long 2 8mm MG burst – Yag-10K just keeps on firing like nothing happened. Even in the video it takes like 100000 MG rounds and several shells to kill it.

  39. Smash or Pass the milk truck

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