RUSSIAN NAVY BIAS (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. yea warthunder!

  2. second… 🙁

    Love your vids dude!

  3. Second like yay!

  4. Go War Thunder

  5. Ο Ελληνας John cenna

    the PT-76 is a floating tank basically boat with cannon

  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Two people posted second…first!?

  8. 4th

  9. That tank is so fucking funny looking,but his turret once stop my 400mm pen
    Leo shell…

  10. David “madindie” Dew

    Sneaky, sneaky mate!!

  11. joker_is_not_ crazy

    Omg baron apparently iv been a fan for 3 years

    So high five

  12. Da comrade russian bias :)

  13. Hello from The netherlands

  14. PT-76 made of Stalinwood confirmed!

  15. Ura ★

  16. venkat jaya deep

    Baron…. Were you really holding W the hold time?…. You could’ve used
    the CC (cruise control)… Press E.. (default)

  17. just keep swimming

  18. You know that’s a point: I’d love to see the LVT-4 with the short 75mm in
    this (Hell the LVT-3 with the 37mm would be a decent tier 1) and they’d
    both be amphib!

  19. baron, something tells me that there is a very British men in the Power
    haus called “Squire”. how happy is the tea shop in the town?

  20. Ludvig Juel Martens

    so its made out of stalinwood

  21. Sweet! Thanks so much Baron for picking my combo! Next, AMERICAN DERP
    COMBO! M4A3 105 and P-39 with Bazookas!

  22. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    Surprise buttsecks failed

  23. The german Bias is real … OMG pls Nerf !!!!

  24. Arturia Pendragon (Saber)


  25. Joshua “ayy lmao” Winebrinner

    If you put that 130mm gun on that PT-76 and shot it broadside, you would
    lose count count how many times it spun in the water

  26. you can amphibious land on Normandy…

  27. Yay, 155th liker, nice vid Baron keep it going!

  28. Jagtiger video ?? Please


  30. No spawn camping please ? Karma in the works. Good video baron and spike?

  31. I’d drink to this!

  32. Come on hanz!

  33. so since the floating mechanic in the game…does this mean ships are on
    the way?? been waiting 2 years now…was supposed to get ships before
    tanks…Damn you War Thunder

  34. which botten can i use the telescope? please i have to know

  35. TheBerzerkerlord

    Japanese Bias!!! Nerf the fuck out of them!!!

  36. There is no such thing as Russian bias…

    For me it’s just fun when a Russian tonk kills me

  37. If I have to hear the words “Russian Bias” again! I will shank someone with
    rusting nail.

  38. 6:20 the innuendos are real

  39. Andrew Klyachkin


  40. Sd.Kfz. 6/2 is OP! plz do a video on it.

  41. Great video, however, you and slick need to play when you try to have the
    PT-76 ride on the Su-100Y back. If it works, it would be awesome!

  42. Best video ever! More PT-76

  43. 0:46 WTF WAS THAT….

  44. papers please!!!!! hand your papers to the russian coast guard

  45. i want to see a custom battle with the pt 76 vs torpedo bomber/flying boats

  46. DrVinyl Scratch

    German bias

  47. Baron, Russian bias doesn’t exist

  48. Love how some random dude tagged along for the amphibious assault, too

  49. Baron please do a battle of OP-2’s vs the indubitably awesome swordfish, it
    would make my day

  50. Baron, how’s it going? How come me and Moishe don’t see you at Synagogue
    anymore? You’re not lapsing on us, are you?

  51. Do four player multiplayer in MOWAS 2 Galaxy At War mod with Slick, Phly
    and Diplex.

  52. PaTroll-boat-76 420 noscope all derp erry derp.

  53. BaronVonNavy

  54. The awesome Asian Tanker

    how do u use the binoculars

  55. “im going in man you just gotta commit to it”- baron 2016

  56. Yuzuru Otonashi

    how use that telescope??

  57. Gold

  58. Why don’t you play with Phly anymore

  59. What’s slicks Russian bias video it crazy

  60. hey Baron can you play hide and seek?

  61. having a completely blinged out russian tank is about as modern Russian as
    you can get. Just missing the shitty American Hip Hop and the track suit

  62. you can kill It with a kv1 l-11

  63. Spawnrapers are the worst, I spawned right infront of a T-34 and got blown

  64. benjamin wehrle

    How do u get custom skins ?

  65. someoe know if phly and baron are mad each other?

  66. joejoe thats my dogs name

    where do you get this game at

  67. why are you playing with an APC

  68. make a StuG III F with bush;)

  69. That wood has a *lot* of varnish on it.

  70. I still don’t understand what russian bias means

  71. Instead of Boosh Kemp its Boosh Boat Kemp

  72. Pt-76 with zero lms =shits.

  73. Dust and Echoes

    Has there already been a custom battle where both teams only use pt-7’s?

  74. #russianlivesmatter2016

  75. Awesome

  76. hey baron could you play more heroes and generals pls?

  77. Androlito Games

    Hey baron, is it possible you put the download link to the skins in the
    description, or comments please? That would be sick and please do a naval
    assault somehow with pt-76’s on a d-day type set up and tigers or something
    are shooting at the boats lol that would be dream come true! #pt-76battalion

  78. Androlito Games

    I also think that the pt/76’s should be quicker in water cuz its like 9
    km/h lol

  79. Androlito Games

    Baron i laughed so hard when i looked in the description and saw “category:
    travel and events”

  80. please do more heroes and generals

  81. Do that for men of war pt 76 with a 130 naval gun

  82. my top 6 Aircraft I would love to see in War Thunder: Blohm & Voss BV 141,
    northrop yb-35, douglas xb-42 mixmaster, m.39b libellula, stipa caproni,
    lockheed xfv. Make it happen Gaijin.

  83. Lol you made me laugh with your “Spawn Rapers” comment, you both do the
    same thing in most of your videos lawl

  84. Brandon Laberge

    I’m yerkin and jerkin to that camo

  85. New map for PT-76 naval war.

  86. 2:58 ……… Vicktor the teamkilling savage

  87. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

    I dislike the gold camo on that PT. But alas, Russian bias

  88. mahadisal ahadani

    hahaha last time no one see’s me too and in that same place also XD love
    the camo, hope I have more skill though.

  89. do some WOWS ffs

  90. america tiger II

  91. The 51st Division

    Day Soviet general uniform actually suits you pretty well baron

  92. Uhg, I’m glad Baron only applies those horrendous camouflages every now an

  93. Baron Von Durp :)

  94. Husky The Dinosaur

    10:00, Lets go on the Baron Cruise! Beware you might fall off into the
    freezing water

  95. “Surprise… BUTTSEX, aww yeah!” Litteraly died at that moment

  96. Where can you get that camo?

  97. why doesnt Baron play with Phly anymore? they are like the peanut butter n
    jelly of gaming :(

  98. Baron…Play M41 walker bulldog……please

  99. god this is boring why am i still here

  100. Daring do Brown

    I think next video will be Baron with a non fan by this fact that I’ve
    played War Thunder today I met Baron he was playing Normandy with a non fan
    that a guy was following him in a Sherman and he doesn’t realize that he is
    with a Youtuber everybody wasn’t interested in Baron that they all crowded
    around a Premium SMK Land battleship like they never seen SMK before this
    could be 70% true to be Baron

  101. Funny, considering Russia’s Navy is a crumbling, microscopic pile of horse
    feces. More than half of their ships consistantly break down, and the ones
    that do work, are horribly outdated.

  102. That vs tog tog wins tog vs maus tog wins tog always wins

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