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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Now you know how he got the name “Aimless”.

  2. Still after all this years. Circon makes great content. Chilled, humorous, down to earth and skillfull! TY!!
    Who else loves Negative Plane as much as I do?

  3. Awesome that you’re platooning again with SirFoch. Keep on with that please! Bring the fun back! 🙂

  4. omfg sirfoch hell yeah
    Bring on the salt!

  5. Fun to see you playing with the knight again.

  6. oh it’s 650 alright :))

  7. Does Foch ever not complain about WG

    • I agree that it can be a bit old. I don’t watch his streams and it’s seems annoying when playing with him. But the complaints are 110% valid.

    • 3 5 7 is cancer,you should complain on MM even if you are top tier….

    • Pop013 100% agree, it’s not about “Oh I got lucky, let’s pretend everything’s fine and abuse the system”.
      No, it’s about the game that is getting worse with every patch starting ~2 years ago. You gotta see the bigger picture.

    • Josua Stangl I wouldnt complain if i didnt love the game, but this game is becoming worse and worse, and that’s not good for both sides.

    • Pop013 100%, if you love the game, you have to point out everything wrong with it, otherwise it’ll never get fixed…even tho I don’t have much hope for WG to ever fix there game and make it great again.

      They would have to remove premium ammo, nerf OP premium tanks, remove japanease heavies, sweedish TDs and arty from the game, completely reballance everything with armour Tier VIII-X und implement +1/-1 matchmaking with a 5/10 template system and same tier only battles.

      Never gonna happen :'(

  8. RNGods praise you!

  9. Stronk generator

  10. Do you think 263 is better or 268 v4 is better in terms of fun?

  11. Oh man, this Aimless guy really had no clue what he was doing.. such a scrub…

  12. I love when sirfoch and circon play together

  13. Sirfoch whines and moans soo much . Seems like every video hes in with Circon is a massive QQ fest .

  14. To Aimless’s credit, it’s distracting as fuck to have two people tell you what to do while playing if you aren’t used to it. After 12 years playing PR:BF2 I still just block people out.

  15. that 12sec reload makes me sad, rip 263

  16. Ho ok I get it now, why RNG was such a shit with me today. It was all yours…

  17. I would love to see Foch´s perspective.

  18. Preferential RNG

  19. Blitz_ With_Spartan617

    Does the 263 have the 130MM from tier 10? If so that reload should at least be 10 seconds

  20. 10 out of 10, snipe that pixel again.

  21. I hate how people first saw the 268 4 and said it was so shit and now people say its overpowered. STFU pls

    • this is the wot community man…
      everyone crying for everything

    • The reason that people were calling the V4 shit was because it was/is completely different from the tank that they grinded to and loved (i.e. the old 263 that was fast, like the V4, but also fast turning -something that the V4 isn’t- and accurate with high dpm).
      The V4 is OP but it’s shit regarding the gamestyle compared to what people wanted from the previous line.

  22. Is Foch not gonna insult every player that kill him ?

  23. Penned the 268 in the lower lower plate :):):)

  24. GG butclench moment moment was real

  25. SirFoch really needs to stop playing the game but he’s only doing it because it makes him money streaming and youtube. Grow up jesus.

  26. This was such a cool video, normally team work in Wot only happens during the mid-game, it’s nice to see pretty much a whole platoon on comms as the last players in game.

  27. Poor aimless under pressure

    • Quite so.
      A lot of people seem to be quite angry at my (quite honestly miserable) performance, but hey. Wanna see them playing in front of something like 1.5k people for the first time in a year whilst their gun seems to be loaded with bees instead of actual shells 😛 (less than half of my shots actually hit their target.. quite uncommon for the laser-pointer that is the 120mm gun)
      Also appearently asking better people what to do because you ran out of ideas what to do with a Conway on Paris and sticking to that idea seems to be a complete no-go for some people as well… *sigh*

    • Both the Jagdtiger and the Object miraculously bounced me somehow, yes. But at the same time my damage done was awful for a tier 9 TD

    • Well you did also just point out you hadn’t really played in like a year and then you’re playing with folks on stream so that’ll but a bit of a crack in the nerves I’m sure.

  28. See? Basecamping 268v4 is easily beatable. All it takes is a platoon of 3 super unicums working together kappa

  29. Like for Foch .. and for the clip, sure 😛

  30. Hoyschel Silversteinberg

    Why have you got the Slovenian flag above you Circon?

  31. John Ivan Betchayda Dizon

    Does anyone know where can I find circon’s penetration mod?

  32. The Legendary Sandwich

    Holy reposition Batman!

  33. Whoever their toon mate was in the Conway was so trash it made me cringe.

  34. Circon gets RNG straight from Stalin himself, Foch giving instructions so clear a rock could understand. All is well it seems

  35. So this is what the Conway is good for? ??????????

  36. does foch ever stfu

  37. How does foch manage to swear in every sentence that comes out of his mouth?

  38. that positioning

  39. I like foch but boy is he salty

  40. The name Sir Foch and the word optimism should only show up in a sentence stating that it should never be used in a sentence together.

  41. qickybaby way of playing td if I ever saw 1

  42. 650dmg, seems to me.

  43. Poor red team…. I don’t think I would be even bother to try to win when I read who is playing against me…. Sircon, sirFoch….

  44. It’s amazing to see what preferential RNG some of you streamers get assigned from WG.

  45. 2 unicorns and an aimless LUL

  46. who the fuck in slovenia has 420euro to donate? o.O some fool stole their parents’ credit card 😀

  47. Even tho Conway was buffed the powercreep made in underpowered once again

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