Russian Progetto Obj 780, 30,000 Gold Giveaway, More Map Changes! | World of Tanks Map Changes

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I am going to cover couple different topics. Firstly let’s about one of the upcoming tier 10 reward tanks, the Object 780, which is also know as The Russian Progetto because of the shape of the hull.
Also going to cover some more map changes, announcing previous giveaway winner + going to host another one, worth 30,000 gold!

Have a good one!


  1. Lots of stuff to talk about in World of Tanks, as always… Giveaways to host, gold to give away, tanks to give away… Busy times for me! 😀
    Anyway, gratz to all the winners, feel free to let us know if you received the price! 🙂 If you didn’t win anything, good luck in the next one!
    Have a good day, beautiful people!

    • @DezGamez Thanks, Dez. Jesse earlier pointed this out, so I rewatched it. I need to learn how to listen to your videos better while grinding for the Future 4 😎

    • Xaxaxaxaxaxa nyet

    • Awesome info my old friend!! Congrats to all the winners!! Take care, Vern…….the old man PS Dez, I hope this finds you and your family well. Stay safe and God Bless you!!

    • It’s going to take me 6 month to get used to all the map changes. I like it though. Augerr North America

    • @DezGamez Long time no see m8! Thanks for the Blyskawica giveaway early on when you were checking out WOWS, I won that one 🙂
      I made another comment for the going giveaway, hopefully this does not mess that up. You are one glorious generous BEAST! Always have been!
      Just in case
      In game name: DysphoricSmile
      Server: NA

  2. This Folkisher on NA, I really hope WG does not make those changes to Probst to 65, that would be really bad.

  3. Miguel Alvin Gomez Mena

    Username: __Charon__
    Server: NA
    I really like your videos DezGamez, I learned a lot. Also I like the new map changes. Not so much the Progetto changes.

  4. Username: GenralEric
    Server: NA

    WG needs to do an balance overhaul and bring things back to normal. it may make older tanks relevant again.

  5. In game name: Szentes_Grill
    Server: EU
    To balancing the maps are worth more than any new premium tanks i think. I would rather see map changes amd new maps every month, instead of seeing new premium tanks in every two weeks.
    Ps: I really liked the cristmas music in the video 😂

  6. IGN: RetroFit
    Server: NA
    Great stuff as usual DezGamez. The map changes seem like they will be welcome and can’t wait to actually use them. Also I want to try the Obj 780 out and I look eagerly for it to be issued.

  7. Server: EU
    Username: SpizyChili
    Oh, another obj… just what the game needs.

  8. Server: EU
    Nichname: 2_cool_4_school
    I realy like that they seem to have understood that not every T8 should have 340ish Premium pen. I still hope that the do something about there user agreement that they are allowed to nerf Premium tanks and cannot get sue’d for it.
    It’s very frustrating to see mostly T8 premiums in today’s meta.
    Also: Raid ad ends at 6:33 😉

  9. Michael Achtziger

    Username: ElBarto00
    Server: EU
    Map changes look nice

  10. Long Nguyễn Hoàng

    OP ruski tank… yeye
    ASIA server

  11. hello my name is P1TE,
    I am from EU
    I really dont like the object 780. its not necesarry but i do really like the map changes.

    great video, keep up the awesome content dez!

  12. More OP Sekrit Russian Document tanks, sounds like a BLAST! /s

    Username: DysphoricSmile
    Server: NA

  13. dezgamez: makes another giveaway
    me:yes yes yes yes

    me:no no no no no


  14. The map changes are nice and all, but why are they nerfing progettos, I cannot understand that.
    user: BruceU
    server: NA

  15. Server eu
    Nickname :maksmar2003
    I think ruinberk will be more balanced

  16. I really enjoy the new map changes

  17. 1411_Danitz
    Looking forward to the chaos of the map changes =)

  18. just imagine how many number combos u can make with the 3 digits behind the “OBJ”, 80% of them just made up or “on blueprint” tanks.
    altho this “Progetto” feels like not a tech tree tank.

    SSempty, EU

  19. Redhotsteele
    I hope that the elevation of that tank will make it easy to pen underneath when shooting up at it.

  20. Name: The_Croop
    Server: EU
    Well I’m glad I’m playing only up to tier 8 seeing all this ridiculousness being added to the tier X game 😀

  21. patryk bajerowski

    Nick: Pan_Szczepan
    Server: EU i’m from Poland
    I think new maps arę great move from WG this game have all but maps remaster is great idea

  22. Username: MoNsTeRR10
    Server: EU
    Good covering of news I like it. Hopefully the new map changes are going to be good and balancing for every Team.

  23. Server: hk
    I always watch your blog

  24. More U.S. tanks?…pls…
    Username: georgethebeast2448_2015
    Server: US

  25. server – EU
    name – z0yz
    – I don’t like arta

  26. Stoner Evolution

    Username: kovik233
    server: EU
    Obj. 780 looks good, but i would be more happy for better reload time, for me 14s is kinda a lot. Anyway another great information video.

  27. Name: tend0pain
    Sever: Eu
    i think i have to try this new tier x tank

  28. thank you for keeping us up to date with changes WG is making and with news which I’m too lazy to read 🙂

    ign: BigAutismus69
    server: EU

  29. Andrei Mărginean

    The map changes are looking good but the russian progetto is looking better (sadly).

    username: andreww989
    server: EU

  30. Username: MasterLiex
    Server: Eu
    I can’t get to tiger 1 because i hate all of the tanks that are below it.

  31. Yeah, more imba rusky tanks are what this game lacks. Forget about balancing tanks, premium ammo, these are not important.
    Server: EU
    User: Mosk0n

  32. User name : momyhasmustaches
    Server : EU

  33. Antoine de Viviés

    Username: hanhilator
    Server: EU
    What is this tank obj 277 II ? I don’t remenber having ever seen this tank

  34. Boy am I glad I got introduced to War Thunder.

  35. Lol I wish they’d just remove those open maps or at least remove arty from them

  36. Username: Zagato89
    Server: EU
    It’s always good to see WG tweak current maps but i hope we can welcome some new maps in the near future too.

  37. server:eu

  38. username: Rhodoxusz
    server: EU

  39. Username: GoldbanCZ
    Server: EU
    Well it is nice that WG tuned the maps, but i would appreciate more to see wheeled vehicles nerf, because you see atleast one EBR in every single tier 10 game, so god damn annoying.

  40. Server: EU
    Username. T0XiX
    And another good armored, fast,
    Hull down Tank. Hip Hip…..

  41. Me in Garage: “O my God, I trust in thee, let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me!”
    WG: “Create a new russian Tank”

    Me before i go in Fight: “Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.”
    WG: “We made it, we had a new russian Tank!”

    Me during the Fight:”My goodness, and my fortress, my high tower, and my deliverer, my shield, and he in whom I trust,………. (who subdueth my people under me)
    [Me did not finish the verse before a russian tank gun killed all, Me and my Team]
    WG: “We must Nerf all Italian,German,Polski,British,Swedish….Tanks for the best Feelings about the new russian Tank Meta!”

    Username: ThePriest
    Server: EU

  42. Username:mikipadina
    I enjoy watching your videos and i am a long subscriber of your channel😁

  43. IGN: rowdypants
    server: North America
    really looking forward to pogrovka (spelling?) changes, wanna see if any tanks can hull down in that swamp if i get a no artillery map

  44. Dez you are the top WoT content creator! Thank you for continuing to highlight this game for us!
    Server: NA
    User: Justic5

  45. I’m defnitely not looking forward to the new russian progetto at all, the armour is going to be horrendes from the looks of it.
    NA server.

  46. Seems to be the next OP-Tank for an Players-Elite. Need to get divorced to go on it…
    Username: Greengobelin
    Server: EU

  47. Coleman Streater

    Username: Ottertrucker
    Server: NA
    Hi Dez I love your videos, hope everyone is safe from COVID-19. I thought it was kind of interesting that WG tells that their going to Nerf the 430U and then they put another Russian tank in the game. Maybe they are just to attached to the 430U and needed to make another one.
    P.S. I am not an Otter Trucker those are just the names of my two dogs. Anyways stay safe everyone and I’ll see you all on the battlefield!

  48. User: Old_Pipe
    Server: EU
    They should focus on adding more open maps.

  49. Philip Tsekourakis

    Username: Philipdg7
    Server: EU
    I like your videos!!!!!!!!!

  50. Hope this Obj 780 isn’t a tank like the chieftain… Hate to see that

    LiveLARG3 on EU-Server

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