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  1. When Tiger 2 meets endgame APDS-FS.

  2. Frederik Claeyssens

    Phly: “There is no reason to bring this BR down”

  3. Finley Bevan-Davies

    New game mode: escort the train

  4. welp, time to never play above 5.0 ever again

  5. Hi, Laura!

    Bye, Laura!

  6. Day 1 challenge: escort the train and stop it from being shot

  7. Ranch dressing op

  8. My favorite part is when he shot the tank

  9. Warthunder Canblunder

    This is my opinion but i think if you que 5.0 or what ever br you should only be in a game with the same br as you no uptier or downtiers i would wait a extra minute of que time just for this to happen

  10. As someone who prefers World of Tanks over War Thunder, it’s quite nice to see that the WT devs can fuck up balancing too.

  11. Phly did you see the Video from Koala: (The Worst Balance in War Thunder History (and Why) ) and what is your opinion?

  12. วรวุธ ยงญาติ


  13. Hey Phly ever thougth about a tutorial series? or have I missed that. I really try to learn from you, an idea maybe??

  14. Hey phly can you recreate the red tails scene now that the P-51C-10

  15. So perfectly balanced? How has this thing been dropped down what’s gaiji doing!?

  16. PHLY !

    The Germans need a reconnaissance run.
    Play the Sdkfz 140/1 Aufklärungspanzer 38t – No video on the channel

    Attempt: #25

  17. should be 8.7, i own it, it is so op

  18. Jean-Gabriel Gadpaille

    You should do a video if Lora playing war thunder

  19. It’s simple, train goes boom

  20. Phly the MIG-21 bis can take off with parachute deployed without any upgrades

  21. The Thumbnail Is The Most Beautiful Thing Ive Ever Seen Even Tho Its Gonna Kill Me And My Crew

  22. I dreamed that I was playing with you and I killed you lol

  23. Bruh, you playing against newbies all the time or what the hell.. That M41 on Sinaj – cant get trough that *Heavily breathing*

  24. why not downtier the maus instead? give it 6.7 an it will be balanced! but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *We HaVe To DoWn TiEr ObJ 120 bEcAuSe We WaNt MoNeY cUz HuRr DuRr!*
    btw! does anyone here know what gender the soon-to-be PhlyBaby is?? boi or grl?

  25. Day 20: bring out the TAM 2C. 3rd gen thermals with DM63 for a 105. really fun and deadly tank to play at its br.

  26. Petition to add Phly’s OBJ120 “PNEEEWWWWW” sound effect added to WarThunder.

  27. Day9,challenge: score a kill with the Breda501 machine guns

  28. This new Update is not cool it makes the game for new commers at this rank more dificulty as it allready had. Look alone on this Tank it is to op.

  29. LIterally I tried to hit driver with a tank Shell. Yep tank Shell. It was 88mm. Driver shot in head, Shell Went through and he was red. JUST FUCKING RED.

  30. Gaijin is always

  31. King tigers vs apfsds bruh

  32. About as balanced as all other russian tanks

  33. 1:35 look at the back tanks XD

  34. 3:17 and a real heroe

  35. Plus create another sound FX folder. You have me in stiches with the enjoyment “Neeee Peooowwww Piftttdd” “bbbbbbbb BOOOMM, Laser beam”

  36. It doesn’t belong at 7.3, didn’t really belong at 7.7. it’s far too strong.

  37. Looks like the RU251 didn’t get the memo to put olive oil on the tracks

  38. 🅱️ruh

  39. I am unsubscribing because I hate the photoshopped thumbnails

  40. This video made Gaijin 10 racks

  41. Алексей Кошин

    1:34 – TOR-M2DT confirmed

  42. day 1 of asking phly to play the m18

  43. Gendarmerie Los Blancos

    Why so many ads??

  44. This is such a joke omg. What the actual fuck gayjin

  45. Yeah Ive been seeing alot of Object 120 in my 7.3 Leopard games. But I come back with my HE112 with 20mm autocannon and APT with 44m of pen. In other words all things that was 7.7 should stay at 7.7

  46. Challenge: take out katyusha (soviet truck) and blend in with one of the katyushas near the A point on Poland map
    Attempt #71

  47. Bernardo Maffessoni

    Tigers and jags against this things… This is what annoys me so much in this game. Is like calling your granpa for a football match with your buds

  48. It’s going threw armor, the .50 cal will be torn up and would hurt alot and might kill

  49. i got full uptier three times in a row in my 6,3 line up it was certainly interesting as there was tiger IIp with leopards and jets

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