Russian Roulette: Stalin Edition (War Thunder)

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Russian Roulette: Stalin Edition



  1. *I have no idea what this intro is*

  2. About your gameplay: I will take what I can get.

  3. Jann L. Gastón Rodriguez

    Russian tanks be like:
    “what’s a war hero got to do to get some lubrication around here?”

  4. this just seems like russian roulette with extra steps

  5. the way the radar moves keeps reminding me of that fat guy from the 1st jurassic park and his anti hack thing went “uh uh uhhhh uh uh uhhhh uh uh uhhhh”

  6. 9:16 ‘PhlyDaily
    gets drafted in Iran’

  7. Let’s say that the Ka-50 vas converted into ground vehicle

  8. Idk if anyone is actually asking but i feel the need to point out that the music in the intro is from red alert, i believe it is Hell March 3

    Fine choice in music phly

  9. When’s the last time you’ve taken a prop out Phlee? Better yet, when’s the last time you’ve seal clubbed with a 109? Take out one from 4.0 up and show the superiority of Wehraboo teamwork.

  10. Also at a million subscribers! Keep up then great work

  11. Matthew Bezuidenhout

    Phly I’m just waiting for that day when I see a vid of yours in my inbox then I click on it and see 1, 000, 000 subscribers

  12. Name means chrysanthemums in russia. There is some weird tradition to name battle machines with flowers in russia military)

  13. *Miss fire* due to the luck comrade Stalin has given us.

  14. Garbagebandit DayZ

    “Why am I here?”

    “Where are all the tanks that I knew?”

  15. Phly: Russian roulette: Stalin edition
    Me: click
    Phly: red alert soviet music
    Me: “this is about to be good”

  16. The night vision is terrifyingly realistic

  17. Yes Phly you have joined the dark side, now we can rule the war thunder spawns

  18. Clint Eastwood approves of this tank

  19. How do you move your target sight up and down range ticks.

  20. Yo phly, its been 5 years since you play comrade SU-122
    Can you take that little derp comrade out of the hangar?
    Attempt 1

  21. When will ground battles have new game modes. About 5-7 years with the same game modes. Thousands of hours spent playing capture the flag.

  22. You saw the new BMP-2?

  23. RC Stuff & Cool Projects

    Plot twist, Stuart is the best MBT ever, it took 3 tandem warhead in the head. it pretends to be a crappy tank because it wants to trick everyone. use stuarts to kill t-80u and destroy all MBT

  24. You can call it by the english version chrysanthemum

  25. How many accounts do you have I watched a lot of your vids (huge fan btw 😛😁😁🥳🥳🥳🥳) and i looked at your name and you have different ones all the time so i was wondering if I could friend you ?
    but If not perfectly fine 😀

  26. 6:11
    Leopard2A4: *I’m fine* :)))

  27. Proud_CIA_White_Man

    Phly you should upload some game play of Red Alert. Well since you play the sound tracks from it so much.

  28. Brian Lavrens Watson

    I hear Frank Klepacki i press like. old school C&C music

  29. Dude I was dying when you were talking and yelling to Max hahahaha

  30. Attempt 296 pls play the Type 94 spaa

  31. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Phly, test the new russian BMP-2M squadron vehicle. It’s got 4 Khrizantema tandem missiles that can be fired on the move! and it’s only 9.3…

  32. 16:44 Wtf is happening to this tank? 🤔😂

  33. I can really use a reload button, I always want to preload when using AA guns, missiles, or clip-fed main cannon.
    Does anyone know how to manually reload?

  34. Am i the only one who vant watch his videos on phone? They lag really bad

  35. The Stuart and the last Abraham’s demostrate Soviet faulty missiles, war thunder is a simulator! 🙂

  36. Phly, use the flak 8,8cm as an AA gun

  37. Do a video with other people flying the b29 or lancasters in formation

  38. request, attempt #46
    b18b with the m/49a + the m/40 setup because i think its nuts and any tank, maybe the mad max truck WITNESS MEEE

  39. Can we get a video on the SU-7b?!

  40. Only fans soon??

  41. You are really nice kind people, telling that Leo player

  42. 14:25 F for that Yandere Chan who you kill 3 times

  43. 18:00 that Stuart is more armored than other top tier MBT XD

  44. i feel bad for that stuart that got hit with 3 missiles

  45. Funny how Phly got more subscribers than the official War Thunder YouTube channel lmao

  46. Sturmgeschütz IV

    Stalin edition? It is more like Putin edition!

  47. Can someone tell me why the Russian Aus-57 has NVD!?!?

  48. “We will try to pronouce this… No we are not”
    * Laughs in being able to pronouce it *

  49. Wall-E’s russian cousin

  50. Cyber trucks window glass prolly got more armour than this

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