RUSSIAN SEWING MACHINE – Shilka ZSU-23-4 & T-10m (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

ϟ -Want Free GE?
SEWING MACHINE – Shilka ZSU-23-4 & T-10m (War Thunder Tanks)

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. The shilka sounds like someone bass boosted a person shaking tic-tacs

  2. cookie dough vanilla

  3. Vanilla

  4. Phly love the videos!!! Can you fly the German Dornier 17 z-2 bomber??? I’m
    having difficulty with it maybe you can help me out? Also screw the ju-87
    lol ALSO play gotha Ho-223 worlds first stealth fighter :)

  5. “Ooooh what is this thing? sweet”


  7. Fudge bars.

  8. T-80 and the
    Su-2. Early their fun.

  9. For ice cream, try classic Mint Chocolate Chip!

  10. 10:06 That SCP-173 sound, mate! xD

  11. phly pls make M4A2

  12. I like chocolate and strawberry

  13. take out the m 19 a fun spaa

  14. Lol. In Soviet Russia, gun propel you.

  15. make a race between the M163 vulcan and PT 76 to see who is the faster ship

  16. phly, your video have got into this week’s thunder show!

  17. Maus And ME-163. For Fatherland!

  18. Yo Phly! Play the Russian Surgeon T-60

  19. Strawberry icecream

  20. I have a small gun in life, I have less fun than everyone else ?

  21. Señor Phly please take the M15. The gunz Mr. Browning gave to the world M2
    .50cals and 37 mm Automatic Gun, M4!

  22. Am i the only one who noticed that bt-5 in the beginning? xD

  23. Another school shooting incoming

  24. my favourite ice cream is vanilla XD

  25. 14:22 “Hello comrade” **BANG**

  26. Mark Janusz-Bailey

    Yo phly take out the blumbar and whatch the shells fall on your enemies

  27. Jasen Booth (asslover)

    heat cant do shit against spaced armor its ni bug

  28. SVT 40 sill has bigger bullet than m4= morefun+automaticallysuperior

  29. Phly,
    Have you tried shooting the massive bombs after the bomber drops them?

  30. I’ve been watchin your channel for a while. I like your videos. Im russian
    and I love that russian comrade acsent that you are making, really funny.
    Not shit talking and little cursing and its a thing that i like in person.
    You seem like a good guy and you got that humor that i like. Keep a good
    thing going, thank you! + 1 sub

  31. Fluttershy's LovePie (Bronies'R'Welcome)

    if you’re serious about the ice cream, you should try Red velvet cake ice
    cream from Blue Bunny.

  32. how do you not get stutter when not running vsinc,i have i5 4690k and
    970ssc bit holds 60fps all day but when i try without vsync it just
    stutters massivly

  33. Phly if you are able, please play the M4-748 (a) and the P-47D (Germany).

  34. gratulations for the 5000 golden eagles in thunder show

  35. still people will call no bias,how dumb,the reload rates anf fire
    rates,amour and ammunition,just so fuked i cant bring myself to play
    russian,its basically cheating


  37. World'sFame Play'z

    mint and chocolate

  38. B-17g and the M46 plz :)

  39. lol fuck you shadow,ow actually someone there

  40. phly play the burmbär this fucing piece of fuck is to op and its premuim so
    it must be op fucing gaijin implent this shit to fuc up non premuims so
    play it#

  41. Croak vggHillier78th

    how many guns do you have

  42. Christiaan Kleijhorst

    The T25 and the AD-2, good old american style.

  43. Vanilla Ice cream is the best

  44. Christiaan Kleijhorst

    M10 & P-47-25 the slow turning combo (M10: slow turning turret & P-47-25
    slow turning interceptor).

  45. Do the easy 8

  46. Who needs an engine when you’ve got 4 23mm AA guns?


  48. Cookies & Cream. :)

  49. wth epic heroic march xD

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