Russian Shotgun! – KV-13

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Who has a new fav tank

  2. 3:40 I GOT A DERP GUN AND I’M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT -circon, 2018

  3. That fucking type 64 trying to hide was hilarious

  4. Kill a couple people and back to base in time for Borscht and medals.
    People do not get it that the KV-13 has the IS hull it seems.

  5. So funny, he even has to wonder whether to upload it or not! ^^

  6. the skirts on the pz. 4 didn’t exactly work against that HEAT…

  7. Thx WG, nerf Circon!

  8. Czech Rammstein sounds badass

  9. thundering…

  10. Does Till Lendemann play WOT?

  11. So close to 100k circon!

  12. Now I want the kv13

  13. derp ribbit derp

  14. Laughing so hard my stitches broke, stoped playing WoT, but i kept watching Circon.
    Pure gold.

  15. Did you actually upload it to WG?

  16. Hi youtube…oh wait not twitch:/

  17. brilliant, can i borrow half your brain? I see where I made the wrong decision in this game so thanks. I get bloodlust instead of strategy, would have zigged instead of zagged into village.

  18. How do you always get max viewrange no matter what tank you drive? How broken are your crews or do you use the better equipment?

  19. PGA Derp-master.

  20. And once again Circon crushes my will to play this game with how easy he make’s it look. When I try shit like that I insta-die because the whole red team are all clones of fucking Rommel or something.

  21. 6:43 damage on spaced armor pz.IV using heat! WHAT????

    • The HEAT on that 122mm has 140 penetration, even after the premature detonation it has more than enough power to go through the paper-thin sides of a pzIV.

    • I always thought that HEAT penetration necessarily fell to zero when encountering any obstacle and so spaced armor was immune to HEAT munitions.

  22. 5:51 that noise though!

  23. Troll KV13 with 12bonds

  24. I love the “kv-13derp” 🙂

  25. You definitely know kurva, but that’s not only a Czech word lel

  26. What is the point of having side skirts spaced armor when it doesn’t work against HE lol

  27. E-25 balanced… Mission accomplished boys

  28. WhosYourDaddyNow

    Enemy team: “The game is 2-8, we got this!”
    Circon’s team: “We have a Circon…. with a derp gun…”
    Enemy team: “Oh, fuck!”

  29. hi twitch chat

  30. fuck yea, upload it <3

  31. goed gedaan !

  32. I’ve been playing with the normal gun for the longest time. How could I be so blind

  33. Chandler Kristoff

    I used the derp gun on stock T-43, needless to say it was hilarious against lights and weakly armored TD’s, but was horrible when facing anything that had armor :/

  34. Couldn’t stop laughing from beginning to end. You and QB, Jingles and especially Foch with “His” commentary make the videos absolutely Stellar to watch. Unfortunately, I watch so many of all of your videos that I am still struggling with just under 50%. but that’s ok Keep up the GOOD WORK!

  35. without those few missing shots it would be 4k dmg, great game beardman

  36. comrade that is russian sniper not shotgun

  37. dat unnecessary HEAT spam though

  38. Existancial Goberts

    101 rule by circon to make a language known: a ramnstein band

  39. What equipment do you have on the KV-13?

  40. Hey Circonflexes!! can you please nerf yourself a bit by enabling the explosions??!!?? It’s becoming boring seeing so many “things” being deleted by you without at least a orgasmic BOOOOOOM with EXPLOSIONS!!! come on Circonflexes bring back full special FX!!!!!

  41. As usual, top tier +1 meme quality, love every minute of your content man! I watch every single one of your vids, since forever. Brightens the day, just so enjoyable

  42. Czechstein

  43. What mod do you use?

  44. i have a feeling that jingle sis going to show this replay

  45. U dont see a lot of tanks with 3-Marks, because 3-Marks are fucking a USELESS waste of time.


  47. Does this mean that the KV-1 derp gun is good?
    No? Okay…

  48. I saw someone in a KV-13 with a derp gun today. He didn’t do very well.

  49. Your not just sealclubbing, you’re mean too … shame on you!

  50. 1:52 666 damage!

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