RUSSIAN SHOTGUN KV-2 (World of Tanks)

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  1. First time this early.
    I dealt 1008 damage to M4 mle.49 in one shot today with this meme of a tank.

  2. I suspect that you used photoshop for the thumbnail.

  3. 3 marking the kv2 or just playing it for fun?

  4. God I wish that thumbnail was real.

  5. the funniest tank in wot.

  6. Only real Soviet Danks give you good gun depression.

  7. Hey Circon i sended you some Gold, did you got it?

  8. Federico Di Liberto

    dude it’s a kv 2 why are you so mad you didn’t connect at 6:03 ,that is is not even at 300m and he was almost stationary. You know, more distant, fast and little the enemy tank is the higher is the chance to hit. +70% gun handling boost if you are moving +10% if you are travering the turret

  9. One time i was playing skirmish with this tank and i just took a snap shot at a oncoming ht Vl and he penned him… after observation in a replay the shot was guided by stalin to his cupola… nice meme

  10. I cant play KV-2
    The speed kill it for me

    However i like the T49 🙂

  11. Dude, why all the aiming? That’s why you missed some shots! Just gotta pull the trigger and not wait for that reticle 😀

  12. Shooting HEAT at a ST Emil in a KV-2. Big deal you won. You are a star…

  13. I’m running food in mine, reload is now 18.99

  14. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Damn I really wish they add a KV-2 with 2 gun barrel like that thumbnail


  16. 3:56 I love this reaction

  17. Haters say this thumbnail is fake…
    But best thumbnail confirmed! 😀

  18. KV-2 gun:
    Aim time (sec)
    … moving
    … tank traverse
    … turret traverse
    … after firing
    … damaged

    Snaps and hit 90% of the time.

  19. Yay my Twitch prime sub notif made it to a replay cast!

  20. That S-51 was getting pretty annoying with all that pinging.

  21. Love blueberry and fruits

    I dont think I have to watch this.Its gonna be 10x kore epic than the normal vids he post

  22. I got 1 shotted at the position that Circon was in at first for 1250 in my T29… By a S-51.. So much for arty cover I guess… camped to hard I guess

  23. Best tank in da game

  24. complaining about 7 degrees? they could have modelled it historically and given it 5 degrees and an inability to fire off centerline by more than 20 degrees despite having a 360° turret (it would topple over IRL if the gun fired from more than 20° off centerline)

  25. Dude, you play your KV-2 better than I ever could, bu, got some tips. Thanks man!

  26. 11:12 best part, lmao

  27. Nice meme.

  28. My fuck playing high tiers today go-to.

  29. i once pened the side of a Tiger P and dealt 1032 damage in the KV2

  30. best title for a video ever

  31. “Artillery in 3, 2, 1 – evasive maneuvers!”


    *evil laugh*

    Dying! ???

  32. ha comrade! proud of 1538 base XP with stronk tank! Нет! stronk Base XP is 2093!

  33. world of goldspam

  34. kv2 videos = auto upvote

  35. Quy-Huan Nguyen-Phuoc

    3 mark the KV 2?

  36. Circon needs to meme around in su152 derp asap, 250 heat pen, 14-15 sec reload, he could destroy some bobs

  37. don’t aim in a KV2 dude, it;s reversed RNG

  38. Yay! More KV-2 uploads, please! 😀

  39. Nothing in WoT feels quite as good as one-shotting arty… nothing!

  40. not even circ playing it can make me not hate shitty derp tanks like the kv2

  41. my replay is even better your game was tier 7 mine is 8

  42. Three guys and a tank

    That tiger P gave no fucks about running side on in front of a kv-2

  43. Imagine a double barreled KV2

  44. Heh, I penned the side of an O-Ni today with the Type 4 Heavy’s standard HE round on the 152. How thin is the side armor on that thing?

  45. EU pleb: Tankcommandanten

    a real kv-2 player would have below 20 sec reload

  46. that click bait thumbnail though 😛

  47. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    Hello Circon! hope you don’t mind me asking this and i hope you’ll reply.

    what is your recommendation for the third skill for the driver of STB-1? (well fourth if i include sisterhood of steel)
    i already have repairs and camo so i’m having trouble in picking a perk for the driver because there’s the traverse increase and also the mobility increase (off-road driving)

  48. Executing file iexplorere.exe

    this tank is cancerous.

  49. Hmmm im guessing from your run in the open xvm showed mostly reds.. like in a avg game you would be lit and dead from that move. please upload real games not just the games when you get beginner seal club games shooting gold too

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