Russian Snail Tank – IS-2-2 – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes


  1. Really appreciate your replay commentary because we really get the insight into your thought process and decision making. Great learning material.

  2. Serbian Highlander

    Yeah armor ia preety ass

  3. That was some disgusting gold spam.

  4. last time I was this early, Circon was clean shaven.

  5. subtitles never fail to amaze me.

  6. It’s more of a showcase how fun games can be without the arty, rather than how fun is the tank itself.

  7. That comment from the TS-5 though at the end. It means “you all should get shoot”. He might be slightly mad 🙂

  8. its more like Cthluhu face than Snail wkwkwk

  9. I kind of like this tank. The gun feels less derpy than the premium.

  10. It's not what you think

    I literally just played this map on this spawn in this tank. Thought I was having a stroke when I loaded this

  11. Real weak spot is between two guns on the gun mantlet. Once people figure that out this tank will be trash.

  12. Too bad the tier X is caca. But the grind is fun. You can’t have a penis in your ass and be in heaven in the same time

  13. I recently got into WOT again but I suck, any tips? Or things I should look into? Thanks

    • Try not to play stock tanks, repairs first on all heavy tanks , camo on lights , spam gold and dont camp ALL the time, and your good to go.

    • Take your time with your tanks,not make the mistake to rush to tier 10.
      And try to learn something from the gameplay you had think about what I could done if I pick a different spot or so on.
      You can watch youtubers like Skill,Lemming and also Circon. You can also watch the another guys too(QuickBaby,Dez,etc)to see some great matches and learn something new. For funny and memes (AwesomeEpicGuys for the win)
      The most important skill in this game is learn when to take a break and enjoy the fun that this game brings,nobody likes that salty kiddo on the block.
      So,yeah…good luck my dude.

  14. Low rolls for days

  15. Much better than quickybaby cause it sounds like circon actually knows what he is doing instead of sounding like he is reading off Wikipedia

  16. When I first see the stats of this one I did not understand why did you value premium one over this one. Ok, the armor is better, but the gun handling, reloads, accuracy and the depression is made me feel it is a way better tank seeing only the stats… Thanks for sharing. As others stated the commentary is an additional value for this replay.

  17. I don’t see that much artillery in 8-10 matches. Artillery is not very good at those tiers anymore, except for the M53/M55.

    When I play 6s though, M44s coming out of the walls.

  18. Why not Circonflexes on Team Clash?

  19. Meh if they want fun double barrelled tanks I want the KV-2 and the shitbarn…..

  20. Do you have to mark each barrel separately for a total of 6 marks, because that would be kind of kewl.

  21. lern with fun. circon way 😉

  22. One of my favorite maps. GG

  23. This is why Arty should just be removed. The game is so much more fun without it.

  24. I like this tank a lot actually, and it is also a good tank on credits if you choose to shoot mostly regular ammo, due to the lower caliber 100mm gun and the nice 300 alpha, and for a 8 second reload (mine is 7.8), I find it pretty nice. Also since the gun is 100mm, the shell cost is less than 500, compared to most other heavies where the shell cost is averaging 1000.

    Also this tank double shots quicker than the premium which is nice and reloads quicker afterwards. Its a fun tank imo.

  25. I like it, its cool because it has 300 dmg, It would be nice if it had a bit more gun depression but it makes you think about your plays heavily. The only tank I have that makes me think about my plays more is the Cheiftain tier 10. It’s so finicky. It higher risk higher reward. Also I don’t think that the st 2 is worth it.

  26. Funny enough, the ad at the start of this was about a guy learning french and ordering snails at a restaurant.

  27. the double barrel gun mechanic offers to much with out enough draw back. You get a good gun, you get the plus of 2 shell auto re-loader, and the benefit of having high alpha when you need it.

  28. Do you think that this tank and the the other 2 barrel tanks have just about made all other tanks in the game obsolete?? Fantastic pen, reload is not bad, excellent turret armour. I mean why play and other vehicle when these can just shave half or a third of your health constantly.

  29. Syahareen Sha Rani

    So anyway I started blasting

  30. “The HE’s actually quite weak, can’t really use it too much, very unreliable”

    What are you doing with 10 of them then?

  31. Every map without arty is better and more playable. Fuck those dick zits.

  32. Can someone explain the MOE mod please? What do the two numbers show and do they change in battle? (Another YT I watch has the same mod but the numbers actually increase or decrease for some reason when they get damage)

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