Russian Sniper – K-91

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  1. Timon Dragosavac

    Oyy Circon, how you doing?

  2. Hey guys, youtube is processing my video cut, so you might still see the game end before the actual game that i wanted to show. Should be solved in time : )


  4. Hi Circon

  5. 3/5/7 no arty hmm…

  6. Also Mr Circon, can you play the M4A1 Revalorisé? I’m struggling with it recently soo hard.

    • Tank is not the problem, maybe it does not fit your playstyle because it’s a great tank.

      I have it but I am not a big fan of it.

    • TheDukeV / Tank IS the problem. <40% hit rate, even lower pen rate on paper tanks (only crits).
      Barely 2k damage per game...
      And 1/3 of games are just a steamroll where I just do 1K damage and it's already 15:0...

    • So no the tank is not the problem it’s not because you are not good with it that it’s the problem. I guess it’s because your lack of experience, no offense, but this tank does not fit for everyone that’s all.

      The gun is pretty good, but you need to find the position to use it because the camo is shit and the armor is shit, still it’s good to farm credit but not as good as a lorr 40t or progetto.

      I am not bad with it but I don’t like it personnaly as I have an aggressive gameplay.

    • TheDukeV / Dude. I was doing 3500+ per game. Just now I don’t know what to do now to make it work

    • Even put fucking food in.

  7. I bought the 268 v4 and was so disgusted by the power of the vehicle I played about 10 games and left it in the garage. I unlocked the K-91 ages ago……so do I sell the 268 and buy the K-91?

  8. That was a very entertaining game. Especially the part where you scream like a little girl. I was laughing my rear off.

  9. Thanks for this you glorious bastard 🙂 keep up the good memes!

  10. 50b 4 president…

  11. Its camo that broke this game into pieces.

  12. Marthijn van Oorschot

    That scream tho LMAO XD

  13. “Russian Sniper? Awright!” *video starts* “That’s not a KV-2!”

  14. Dat SU tho….

  15. 11:00 LOL I love Circ

  16. The person who disliked this video was probably the one doing all the pinging on the map. Lol.

  17. LOL @ 10:58

  18. It's not what you think

    You can tell Circon is in Europe because Pepsi Max.

    Also nice hair circon

  19. as someone in twitch chat said, that scream should be sixth sense sound

  20. But Circon, This is a tier 8 game….i refuse to watch.

  21. Your reaction to the Lorr showing up was priceless!

  22. can we get a circ scream 6th sense mod please!

    • Erick Raúl Sánchez Pérez

      while your idea is great you can clip the sound and use it in the option wargaming give you to change the 6th sense sound…..

  23. u deserve every sub bro! keep it up!

  24. Another OP russian med… Yawn.

  25. Unicum tip to be better player- Play only Russian Tanks. 🙂

  26. That V0 of 1700 m/s is insane.

  27. Circon just keeps improving as an entertainer. Love the content my guy

  28. Awesome playing Circon, thanks for your maximum continous efforts 😉

  29. High dpm, high base penn, great gunhandeling, great gun depression, good mobility and armor that works vs low tiers. Its gotta be russian ?!

  30. you told him to kill a tank 😀 nice chat !!!

  31. I like this tank!

  32. Circon your reactions in this game were priceless! Nice meme. 🙂

  33. Actually the AMX 50B turned out to have excellent stats and the 183 at least saved your life at the end.  The 50B may indeed be a re-roll – that is really good average damage, hit percentage, and win rate for only 5,000 battles.

  34. WhosYourDaddyNow

    9:54 – “KAY NINETY-OuaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAA”

  35. Lol at 5:30 XD

  36. 9:45-10:07 Best part lol

  37. That was the highlight of my day. I know England won but they put me through too much pain and frustration so the match was second.

  38. I laughed way too hard

  39. Lol, that scream with the Lorraine 🙂 Great stuff

  40. at this point if WG removes artillery more ppl are going to come back than leave.

  41. Vincent Van Gogh

    Games/content like this is why circon has become my #1 favorite wot streamer/player. Just really fun to watch and listen to, always very chill even when arty screws him over. He still keeps everything calm and enjoyable.

  42. Nice game Circon.

  43. “The K-91 has no armor”

  44. Starting to think Circon has a new favorite tank…or am I wrong?

  45. Dr_Leichmeindade

    100k subs LETS GO CIRCON

  46. K 91 OP they should nerf it ( grapje )

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