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Thumbnail by ROOKIE101


  1. keep doing what your doing love it

  2. Here kitty kitty *phlys cat jumps on his face*

  3. P40

  4. my head: Su100YEET

  5. hey phly, can you make a tips and tricks video for struggling new players like me? love the videos! attempt #2

  6. Phly, I’d love to see you play one game with a completely stock tank, and then play one or two games with every modification unlocked to give us comrades some morale boost in what our tanks COULD be lol

  7. Those eyes on the su-100y makes me think of duolingo owl. Duolingo says “blyat”

  8. Phly: “There’s an enemy over there, let’s see if he sees me first”
    Me: *squinting at my screen through a magnifying glass* “That sure is a bunch of trees”

  9. Phly try and take out the maus. Slow pain and anguish.

  10. How does Russian call kitty to die?


  11. We should force Phlee to play the PzIV E just because he has shown us in this video that he doesnt even have it purchased.

  12. Black face is the constant which we can never escape

  13. Russians always take gun carriers
    Remove the cannon and put it in a turret

    No wonder everything was square

    : P

    Ork Tech

  14. The panther A and D are my favourite tanks at the moment

    Angle just a bit and they can take a beating

    Always angle your damn turret
    *Russians hate this one trick*

    Seriously though remember when Russia had all the bounce?

    And germany had to snipe or risk getting close and getting swarmed

    (Below 6.0 br of course)

  15. Kv2 is still the king of derp with it’s lul penning aphebc and HE

  16. Yesterday i had no packet loss

    And bang i was dead


    Apparently i was sucked into the ground in my FW

    Still my packet loss was at 0

    I have no idea what happened

  17. The ASU-57 has night vision…
    And hella pen for a 57mm gun

  18. hallo everyone i need some help. With a American line up i got all tanks in IV unlocked and a few from from rank V
    is there any good line up with American ground Forces ? And Thanks for the help

  19. Keeping it 100 with that SU-100Y

  20. Hiiiiii phlyyyyyyyy

  21. ISU-152: Am I a joke to you?

  22. Your gun mantlet is the only armor you have to bounce.

  23. Liquid courage in form of vodka. Hahahaha. That really got me!

  24. Germany wanted to put a Battleship gun and slap it on a tank

  25. It’s been too long since I’ve heard that menu music

  26. I ship gun and a tank? Damn Russians you scary

  27. i wish i had a 5″er

  28. Stalins Personal Tank. hehehe. Thanks for making the vid Phly!! I loved it!!

  29. Take up the P-47D-28 for a video! I’m reading the book Thunderbolt! by Robert S. Johnson right now and can’t stop flying the thud myself!

  30. I’m convinced that Russian have genetic disposition to plan and/or build weird military and weapon projets
    – “Combat mole”: type of vehicle that could burrow underground and move there and carry troops
    – Plasma stealth shield on fighter jets
    – VVA-14
    – 2B1 Oka 420mm nuclear artillery gun (not exclusive to Soviet Union/Russia I know)
    – Tu-2Sh Fire Hedgehog
    – AN-94 assault rifle
    – Zveno Project: TB-1 or TB-3 heavy bomber acting as a mothership for two to five fighters planes (not exclusive again)

  31. Стассофисент летающий

    7:06 WTF MAN!!!! Сука Блять?!

  32. That’s not what Catch 22 means

  33. it’s 130mm phly… that was too narrow path for 130mm. hit box is fine.

  34. your su100y looks like mitty from made in abyss

  35. Do you guys ever wonder what the crew would look like IRL when it shows the damage cam. Seeing all the shrapnel go into thier faces and bodies, all the blood and dismembered limbs inside. It’s something I always think about everytime I get a kill or get killed

  36. No Russia yes Soviet Union

  37. Is the work in progress client the test server client phly’s using or no?


  39. Phly the shrapnel from the waffen hit your powder charges and projectiles

  40. 6:10 horror game for phly.

  41. Ahhh that intro music brings back memories of wonderful autumn days by the Chernobyl reactor…

  42. PHLY !!!! You probably don’t care but its satisfying as all heck. The Mitsubishi T-2 can evade any heat seeking missle in game including the SRAAMs. Im going to try to have a video showcasing it later this week!

  43. Hasbro killed me to sell new toys

    6:11 yeah they forgot to add “horror” tag for war thunder on steam

  44. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    For unloving the unloved, play the Chi-Ri II. i want ur opinion about it.

  45. Do the Chinese M8 LAC it’s crazy with that 12.7mm MG on top at BR 1.0 you fire once and just MG the side armour of your target and they die.
    Attempt #1

  46. Stalker memes? In my flolly dolly video?

  47. How many times has he said panther during the 2nd last game 😂😂

  48. SAUFIction _Last_Station

    Lol… 😂😂😂The box tank return, fun tank 🤣

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