Russia’s Secret Weapon – The ZSU-9000 DOOM MACHINE (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

Russia's Secret Weapon – ZSU-9000 DOOM MACHINE (War )


  1. attempt #2 for love the unloved, play the german BR 1.3 land battleship, we cant leave the party boat untouched!

  2. Try with KV-2 stronk tenk

  3. When warthunder becomes COD

  4. Best intro

  5. Dafuq did I just watched

  6. Christopher Hitchens

    More normie soviet memes…

  7. M u l t i T r a c k D r i f t i n g

  8. Hey Phly can you do the Maus and Bf-109. My friend passed away today and those were his favorite things to play.

  9. new update looks great

  10. what the hell kinda modded shit?

  11. Too much fun indeed. Great video

  12. WTF is dat
    Man! dats HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 100% modded servers


  14. It didn’t showcase the explosions cas there was so many explosions?

  15. The top speed with the zsu on straight was 183km/h

  16. you hit 200 for a split second

  17. DEAR phly u can just add a button to the drop series in the aircraft controls to avoid spacing rapidly once you’ve done it hold that button and watch those bombs drop rapidly

  18. Try using the sturmpanzer, you can reach 700+KPH in reverse.

  19. WTF DID U JUST DO PhylyDaily???!!! O________O””””

  20. GamesPlayedbyItalian


  21. The music is from anime memes. why japan or english if theres why not russian?

  22. The Communist Potato


  23. Philly Daily you need to take out a big tank and a big plane of your choice

  24. Haydn Shepherd-Oates

    at 8:37 he got 200kmh

  25. Try It in Sturmpanzer 2

  26. Lmao I was just watching a Eurobeat meme compilation

  27. What will happen if the G.91still got the HVAR

  28. That clickbait tho, i rate 57/2

  29. Attemt 2 hey phly i would love to see this take the worst most lightly armoured tank with the weakest gun and try to get 1 kill by the way it has to be on hight tire

  30. I saw 200 for a split second

  31. sturer emil, maus, panzerwerfer, sturmpanzer. all great tanks for this custom battle gamemode

  32. Do you remember GTA vice city? when you drove Rhino tank and shot to speed up your tank? Muahaha

  33. Rizwandi Awalludien

    Best intro ever besides your Vodka Armor Rant one…XD

  34. Battlefield Bi turbo mod anyone?

  35. U should play the T34E never see it in game

  36. Remember when that M3 lee comment got several hundred votes last video?
    What the fuck Phly.

  37. Solid Warthunder Physics engine

  38. hay phly can you make a discord channel would be grate to play with others in war thunder and world of war ships

  39. i see u like initial D now PHLY YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN RUNNING IN THE 90’S

  40. Phly take out the cheeki breki combo the smk and the il-2 1942 with 8 rbs132s and 4 8ab100s #attempt15

  41. I Just realized I play with PhyDaily. By the Way Phy I was like 35,000 ft in the air and I was dropping a 2000 lbs bombs on you

  42. Where is KV-2?!

  43. rocket pershing in this server

  44. look like a gta

  45. That Initial D start tho…..

  46. This is like an x10 server in Team Fortress 2 but in War Thunder. God damn amazing!

  47. kamaleshvarshan cool

    For people asking what server this is , it is a server called NANI?!?

  48. I saw a mark of 200 in the zsu

  49. You are a *bit* late to the party 😛 Those maps have been around for months…

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