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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. well played

  2. Dafuq is dis comrade.

  3. Circ, what equipment would you recommend for the C.Conq. and maybe also the FV215b? Given their accuracy, would Vents + Optics + Rammer be viable, or is Vert. still superior to Vents in their case?

  4. This beauty renders the shit called fv215b obsolete

  5. A Super Circon is scary AF.

  6. Now that is what i call conquering..

  7. Let’s make a tier VIII premium of it

  8. Executing file iexplorere.exe

    So many super donks. How long will the game be so broken?

  9. I ate 50% of this tank once in P Vic while he was hull-down

  10. Wtf I did 5k and got 2nd class

  11. Supercircon

  12. Those who argued over weakspots in chat. No the fighting compartment isnt a weakspot so it can sidescrape. In the first ct iteration it was but they patched it.

  13. Before buff: This tank is so mediocre and disappointing. No hype. Pls buff

  14. Finally new video. Thanks God, thank circ

  15. 71k without ammo and consumables.

  16. Everyone said that this tank before buffs was bad now that it got buff everyone complain about it. ?

  17. I wish they would have found a better way to buff the Super Conqueror instead of just making the gun exactly the same as the FV215b. Now there’s nothing special about the FV215b. WG just keeps making tier 10 tanks feel more and more samey.

  18. The amount of one game masteries he has is almost upsetting. Plz nerf.

  19. We need a game of Circon playing with the song push it to the limit when alone vs 15 hull down xD

  20. Why oh why did I have to think about you when I saw this just now @Circon 😛 http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/7256567/3dc4254b/nacho_s_fittie.html

  21. It’s kinda ugly though…

  22. They gonna nerf this tank just watch. So far most of the tier x games I end up in these blasted things are top damage and exp even when driven by not so good players.

  23. That title! Awesome wordplay! thanks for the lol

  24. Circon lifeday : Wake up -> stream > eat > sleep

  25. Somebody clearly paid the ransom. Just as well it’s been days without a Circon vid….

  26. Who else but Circon could take out his own Circonq and ace it on the first try

  27. …..tier 10 T34 & SuperPershing

  28. I killed a S. Conqueror with my tier8 T34. I stayed hull down and shot him in his gun over and over and over and over.

  29. 10 Points for the title! 🙂

  30. RIP E5. With all the buffs to the other heavy tanks this year the E5 was left to rot. They need to roll back the nerf on the cuppola at the very least.

  31. “S. Circonqueror”

    Ok, that’s pretty clever.

  32. Broken tank is broken.

  33. Why does the turret reticle always lag behind where you’re aiming?

  34. Congratz on 91k Circon, you’re getting close to 100! 🙂

  35. That title, I see what you did there lel

  36. sponsored by alibaba 🙂

  37. Shoit out for the Bajan flag!!!!… 🙂

  38. In all theses videos, the game appears to be in easy mode: is there harder mode?

  39. I played on NA patch day and there was never more than 2 S.Conq on each team. Seems I got lucky.

  40. Sergio González Torres

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a Superman premium camo for this and the Super Pershing..

  41. Circon, I’m curious why you were running Optics with the Rammer & V.Stab. I woulda, kinda, expected Vents

  42. It makes me happy seeing Circ enjoy a British heavy

  43. Daaaaaaamn that title man

  44. So does super circon have a bigger beard?

  45. I like the Super Circonqueror a lot nice tank.

  46. Different reaction of the WOT players afther seen this video:

    PC players: WTF!? WG! We ask for a better tank that the FV, but we don’t net more OP tanks, please nerf!

    Blitz players: oh, so that explains why all the British heavy’s got a 30% discount the last week, but no one play any of the becaus the conqueror only has 152mm of tourret armor and the FV socks!

    Console players: oh man! It was true PC looks like blitz, oh and yeah, it maybe better that the FV! but is not as good as the chieftain MK6, AH SOCKED! “PC master race”

    Conclusion: anything is better that the FV

    By the way: liberate the Chieftain already WG! #LIBERATEtheCHIEFTAIN!

  47. it is a great tank, but it has the commander hatch and the bar accross it both weakpoints like the foch, once people learn that hulldown will be a bitch in it.

  48. For a moment I thought it said he had 74k gold then I looked again and 14k yeah that sound more acceptable

  49. Should be mentioned that you shot 16 rounds (15 * 1060 Credits and 1 * 4400 Credits) + Repair Kid that you used in game. But as you had them all in depot these where not taken from the profit.
    In truth remains a profit of about 50k. That´s not that much for a premium tank with a mastery badge.

    Nevertheless…fine game.

  50. E100 can overmatch the upper plate above the spaced armor on the Super Conq ? just FYI

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