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Source: QuickyBaby

and Sabaton join forces to the Primo Victoria a T8 Swedish premium medium!

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  1. Michael von Hirschmann

    That tank makes the FV 4202 P look like complete trash.

  2. So the albums inside are like the ammorack? So they load and shoot “tracks”? xD

  3. How are people not stoked about this tank? This is one of the coolest prems they they have ever released.

  4. Duy Anh Quách Đông

    That ending though lel

  5. Through the gates of Gold
    As we make a lot of money
    Through the broken game


  6. Im a simple man
    I see sabaton
    I click like.

  7. The tank is nice, the band is my favorite one, the colaboration with wargaming was cancer. Hope they won’t play for wargaming anymore

  8. why where on the topic of this tank…why not create a Iron Maiden themed american tank??

  9. Why do I have a feeling Joakim did the voice line in swedish and in English but QB just forgot to put “national” voice notifications

  10. And WG did it again… Take a regular tank, make it an expensive premium, make that premium better than standard tank and job well done I guess?

  11. Christian Rautjärvi

    So can you now mix ladies and gents in the crew in order to get that brothers in arms to work with sisterhood skill?

  12. Hey Guys, this is QuickyBaby, and I’ve already, months ago, determined that my revenue steam from this stupid shallow channel is drying up, and I need to make you want to watch and click on this morally bankrupt, phoned-in shit in order to feed myself, my wife and my kids. This is what you wanted, and this is what you got. By all means, click on this shit, I have a UK accent, because that’s where the money is on YouTube, and it makes me rich while you all suffer…. Because I’m smarter and better at the Twitch/gaming reflexes than you are…. So suck it.

  13. Looks like a nice Tier 6 Premiumtank

  14. I just heard there is gonna be a story mode for WoT console xD, might go check it out lol

  15. Did I understand this correctly? BiA / SoS works together? Since when? Thats cool!

  16. I am sabaton fan for long, but I cant afford that tank

  17. its stuff like this that WG is doing the really makes me sad and stops me from playing. They wanna put a new(Same) tank in the game but wont render or make a new tank instead they bring back the same tank but just a bit different from the original tank. Sounds like they are just laze and put old tank back in as a new tank……..*Sigh*

  18. shit tank, have it, not hot

  19. I wonder if I draw a tank in crayon and send it to WoT, they will make it into a OP prem tank with a useless gun ?

  20. Nice Quicky)

  21. The instruments in the back are just mega-awesome 🙂 thx for the great vid QB

  22. I wish WG would just roll most things back to what they were like in early 2014 when I started playing. It’s crazy to see how much of a fiasco WGs attempt is to “balance” this game and by now it is more like a lottery and whoever already has the chosen tank wins, because it is going to be broken as hell, up until they nerf it into oblivion again of course (E5 being the best example). Their premium tank policy is none other, only difference being that they won’t ever nerf them no matter how broken they are, because people actually spend real money buying these. I once really loved this game and I guess I still do, but WG is really doing their best to change this and pretty much suck every bit of fun out of this game for me with their latest “game design” choices.

  23. Nice tank but its a Swedish medium and my crew is about to become a Swedish Heavy crew. If there was a full medium line or a Premium Swedish Heavy tank I would consider it.

  24. Dr Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig Hoffman Wittgenstein

    Am crying ??????????

  25. Wait for STRV 81 instead

  26. No Swedish crewsound?

  27. Wargaming ppl are fucking assholes. And you ppl let them fuck you without vaseline in your arses when you buy these tanks and pay that much for it

  28. WOT just turned into fifa. and thats not a good thing. okokok i want a Freddy Mercury tank i want it to be called the “Killer Queen”. I know that many of the tanks barely made it to blue prints but thats the bueaty of the game, the what if factor.

  29. WG decided to make this tank just because A) swedish prem was needed B) Sabaton is a Swedish band C) tanks and war in general are somehow the main theme in the majority of their songs D) all the band members are actually WoT fans and they play the game in their spare time. To sum up – stop bitching about “next tank being based on Bieber or Rammstein”. Tank is not OP, so if you are not willing to buy it, you shouldn’t even care. I guess a lot of Swedish players or metal music fans are overjoyed by the opportunity to have a tank like this one.

  30. Could be really cool if Joakim did the crew sound hinself.

  31. seriously wargaming wtf ? a swedish band in a british pay to win tank ? what’s next ? kardashian tanks ? stop ruining the game please !!

  32. I’m fine with this tank being in the game… as long as it doesn’t look completely stupid i’m ok with it.
    I might be a little biased since i quite like Sabaton and i’ve been to their concert but still… At least it doesn’t have full clown paintjob like Liberte or Patriot and even those 2 aren’t that horible.

  33. love the last part of the video

  34. I once auditioned to be the lead singer for Sabaton but I failed the history exam

  35. i love SABATON but not this tank

  36. Wooohooo i can’t believe i’m buying it right now!

  37. what is the background music name please

  38. Suzuki tank! 😀

  39. So until the brits get buffs,its a foking pay to win

  40. I can’t wait to play primo victoria on the map ”Overlord” :DD

  41. word of clone

  42. Wow. That is really stupid.

  43. …..the want is real xD


  45. Love the centurion 1 and need a money make, well here is a premium centurion enjoy

  46. Quicky they already announced turret buff for Centurion 1 almost a month ago.

  47. Wargaming tries to make something different and exciting. People lose there minds and become like rabid dogs. They stay historical, they are grinded against the pavement for selling same tank multiple times. They make a tank a little stronger then normal tank. There put on the electric chair. They make one the same or slightly weaker, there put on a fire spit for trying to sell a crap tank. I feel sorry for them, I wouldn’t want to deal with such a Donkey community either. <--- THIS

  48. When you run out of ideas

  49. quicky stfu i wanna hear the voices

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