Salt River – TVP 50/51

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. last


  3. World of tanks battle royale? Would be fun 🙂

  4. Cornelius Qvist Tøpholm

    I just see salt everywhere…

  5. PhilMcCrackin13 phil

    Gotta love how they nerf this thing on console and keep the heshstar the same and the waffle. sigh

  6. Notification squad report!

  7. Ah, the TVP T50. I am in a love/hate relationship with this tank. It’s a bitch to play, but if the RNG is on my side, then the tank is quite good.

  8. Why is circon playing t10 so much??

  9. Assassino!!!

  10. Fochshark is common in the salt River

  11. 3:33 I see you watch GoT aswell

  12. That 140… Kinda embarrassed to be Hungarian with loooots of this kind of players…

    • Wiktor Dymkobierca

      userful1 But dude has above average stats. Maybe he got lost that one match, but surely he contributes much more on average. It would be quite good to have players like him on your team.

  13. Waiting for the chinese new year that 140 lmao XD

  14. Den okände gamern

    15th xd

  15. best premium tank and why? im shopping for one and i want more opinions!!

  16. ASSASSINO !!

  17. Autoloaders loose penetration quickly over distance………..

  18. 140’s stats aren’t that bad… but WTF did he put his little kid behind the computer or something?

  19. I am the T110E4 in this battle, love to have played with you! 🙂

  20. Angus Donald Smith

    That inter-clip reload is disgusting

  21. The ad I got was so good I actually sat there and watched the whole 7 minutes. I don’t know why but circon is the only one on YouTube who’s Channel actually gives me good ads.
    I mean, I don’t need half of the products I see ads for, but the quality is impressive.


  23. “Ive seen enough”

  24. Withaflickofthewrist comesthecriticalhit!

  25. In the beginning there was the word of the 140 and the word of the 140 was bleep.

  26. Talking about things i don’t like about Tier X. I wish we got something special that only Tier X vehicles can do. I’m one of those people that don’t like doing something that wont contribute to anything. So not being able to gain xp to unlock a new tank is not that fun for me. If they made it so Tier X vehicles can convert their XP for Free Xp, I think it would be good. Make it a penalty of getting 1/4 the xp you would normally get if you used gold.

    • Then you could just keep playing your favourite tier 10 tank, earn heaps of xp, convert it to free xp, and use it on other lines of the same tree, without even grinding those tanks. No sir that’s stupid.

    • Obviously they wouldn’t do it exactly as that. Probably place a limited amount of how much xp they can convert xp on a tank every week. It’s honestly that that bad of an idea. I find playing Tier X tanks to be pointless sense you will end up just losing money in the long run.

    • Just Monika i agree

      Or may you can use those spare exp you make on your tier 10 to unlock other tanks in the nation tech tree

      But that asking too much for WhoreGaming to give away their cash

    • Just Monika Fair enough i guess.

  27. More like pepper. No salt at all

  28. Lol dat 140 tho

  29. RNG skill lol……Fucken so many top tier CRY’D ALL DAY ABOUT THE T50 too fast waaa waa and it got nerfed and we lost fucking T50 2 joke that it was remember how long it took to unlock ……… everything is fast …. lol bit like the ultra rare tanks u can now get with $ lol

  30. Circon did you get the 3 moes in the cent ax?

  31. The 140 did fine though…

  32. What a hypocrite. Circon does not push with the SC & AMX. That’s ok. Obj 140 does not push with SC & AMX that’s not ok . What ??

  33. “What the fuck is that guy doing? Driving around in circles all day…..?”
    *Drives around in a continuous circle*

  34. How do I get the damaged receive log – I downloaded Circon’s mod but that does not display?

  35. So typical to complain about a player whose job isn’t playing WOT all day. You’d make a great taxi driver.

  36. Literally the dullest game I’ve ever seen get uploaded. I’m not certain why I watched it all the way thru. I’m an idiot obviously. But I am completely boggled as to why Circon did it. Just to show us how dumb the 140 was ?

  37. I laughed my ass off when he said: “Where were you when the White Walkers came”….LOL

  38. Cry me a (salt) River

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