Same, but different, but still the same. – P.43 ter Italian Tier 7!

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  1. I kind of like it D:

  2. The T7 gun must really suck to make the mighty circon use his 5% shells

  3. War Gaming got rid of this map because they wanted to discourage camping maps so what changed, its still a camping map WG you fucken retard bloodfarts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Michael Cartwright

    Today I was playing my P. 43 ter and I got this map… I was shocked not that my entire team died in less than 4 minutes but that this map exists for tier 9s O.o

  5. Wait!?! This map is back for the higher tiers?? Whaaaaaaat???

  6. I sort of wanna see them dump all of the new maps on console to the PC and see how they fare, well not Pacific Island, that’s just good looking, not good playing map. But all the others seem decent.

  7. My first battle in this map: I was in 140 and the only one who crossed to the other side so I didn’t push I was just trying to proxy spot ad got 5k spotting and did 4k dmg… ohh btw it ended up as a draw cuz each team was camping on it’s side 😛 great map yeah Kappa

  8. Landcervelatwurst

    lol so they made the map a bit bigger, but left the middle completely open, who thinks that is a good idea?

    • Landcervelatwurst

      crybaby because i am laughing? bitch because you have another opinion? wow you are “special”.

  9. That Warluigi giggle at 3:09…

  10. I love Province, but, ALONG WITH MINES, restrict it to tier 6

  11. This map is almost like some retarded snot eating kid drew it… :OH WAIT THAT HAPPENED ALREADY:

  12. that map should be at max a tier 5 map

  13. Ivan Stepanovic

    Is there more than one way to play this map?
    All the matches I had on it are the same, all replays I saw, too. Just go one way, occupy one and the same spots while another part of the team snipes across. Not even a slight variation. Maybe cos no other way to play this crap map? Dunno…

  14. Just had a T44 FL, put in my garage, any ideas why? thanks.

  15. This map always was and still is a disaster. We kinda get used to WG fucking up something with every patch, but with putting this map back to high tier MM they outdid themselves. There are a lot of old maps that I would gladly see back in the game after a rework, but no, we got Province and Erlenberg which after the patch is even worse than is was before. Also we got smaller chances to get some city maps which are actually ok. I belive now when they scerw the design of maps (again), the next patch will bring us more fair and balanced tanks like Swedish TDs, Japanese heavies, Ob 268-4 and Ob 430U.

    • GalahadJD 430U and Swedish tds are actually ok, strong, but not unbalanced imo, i have no problem fighting them.

    • Tom Wißling I can live with the Ob 430U and even Swedish Tds up to tier VIII, but STRVs on tier IX and X are in my opinion extremely unfair. I see it that way, because in most cases you don’t even have to try or use your brain to do dmg and ruin other players games in this tank. Just sit the whole game in the bush and snipe – with its DPM, pen, mobility, accuracy, frontal armor and especially camo values. It’s kinda like arty – most players will just sit and click and even then will do “ok”. Of course to get really good results, you got to have map awareness, relocate, etc. but still most people will just camp (because this tank is made for it) and at the same time won’t help their team and ruin the game for the opposite team that is trying to attack and play aggressive (especially near the end of the game). Basically what I’m trying to say is that those tanks are idiotproof.

  16. Cyka Blyat WG….. Cyka Blyat

  17. Player have been asking for maps without a corridor, so lets give them one with two, da da da.

    • I want more corridor maps and less cancer campinovkas.Gtfo with your pubg bullshit.If you want to play hide and seek with tanks go play pubg or something.I want tank action.

  18. I don’t even see the Mighty Sir Cornflakes having a good game on this Shithole map.

    • Which is why he is complaining. He wants open fast maps where he can get to all the things. I don’t blame him but some people actually do want MORE maps… not less maps.

  19. WG: Let’s remake Province, but let’s make it bigger, but let’s also fill half the expanded area with water so no one will notice

  20. What’s this new bits donation thing about?

  21. I feel like I should start watching his streams… I need more Circon moments.

  22. This map Might as well be called Lakeville, Desert Version

  23. Circon, you need a little cheese to go with your whine.

  24. It’s just a T20…

  25. WoT Community “Bring back Dragon ridge, bring back Pearl River, bring back port.”

    Wargaming “Huh what? did you say province?”

  26. To all people in chat saying that T18 was todays’ 268 v4: At least you could pen it quite realiably (had weakspots)

  27. maarten zielhuis

    Dragon ridge was perfect

  28. New map????

  29. I were asking for high level province 🙁
    Favourite map 😛

  30. ‘a lot more room’ its still 500 by 500…

  31. Circon complaining about maps…. wow… that’s a new meme.

  32. And i still don’t get why did they remove Pearl River

  33. I can’t wait to play this map in my Pz IID!

  34. I’d for sure rather have a new revamped map in that might have ssome problems than nothing at all and the same old shit every time

  35. Looks like the developers kid was eating lunch and sneezed into a tissue and the developer used it for a map.

  36. Dabombinable Mi

    My scout KV-1S loves province. Already gotten a scout medal on it.

  37. It was me. Iasked for it, I confess!

  38. David van Scheppingen

    Pretty sure this map is just an inside meme at wargaming

  39. It's not what you think

    Nice haircut Circon.

  40. Stalenuggets374 NL4L

    I love watching the chat for all the noobs who don’t know what this map is.

  41. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    May I give my opinion without getting flamed?
    Too much complaining and repetition

  42. Double Double 4G

    *wife walks by monitor* ‘The map looks like a vagina.’ XD

  43. People wanted new maps dah
    here is new map dah

  44. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Map is “bigger”. But when the old map was tier 1 to 3 with small tanks with mostly 75% crews’s and 350 view range. And this can go to tier X with E100’s and Type 5’s that are 10x bigger, and meds with 445m view range. They might as well use the old sized map. It’s terrible on tier X. It’s worse then Mines. And I never thought I would say that.

  45. Its fun how they made it 850×850 and then still cutted 20% of the map making it unplayable terrain, great job..

  46. I honestly thought the title was referring to the tank.

  47. I think the only two reasons they added this were; A) because there has been a decent-ish number of people being nostalgic about some of the old maps that were removed – such as this, Pearl RIver, Dragon’s Ridge, etc. and B) because they probably wanted an Italian-style map to be released with the Italian tanks. And boy did they fuck up this map. Definitely not the worst map in the game, but it’s definitely not good.

  48. Clearly WG still has a chief map designer in someone’s son. Who does this by sneezing in a handkerchief and displaying the results.

  49. imo this map broke the game more than obj 268 v4


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