Same story, different patch. – OBJ.430

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  1. Stalenuggets374 NL4L

    Furst hur hur

  2. Something wrong with matchmaker?
    Ehhh.. buff ruski meds blyat.

  3. Cool as… ICEEEEEE

  4. am I fourth?

  5. Poor KV-13 being introduced to +2 matchmaking LUL

  6. Ive had up to 1450 base xp games in the 430…. Didn’t manage to ace it. it was so painful 🙁

    • mohamed hedi I currently have 2.6 k average damage and 900 assistance per game. That’s only good enough for 65% barrel band…

  7. Now the memes will be in HD 😀

  8. Michael Cartwright

    Yes Circon. That video title says it all. Stopped playing for 2 years because test server results were never communicated, heavy armour got buffed and it’s still the same game with the same problems. (At least arty got fixed… Kinda… Better now)


  10. new upload chedeuel?

  11. How did Circon fix his loading issue and game freeze tho?

    • SpringTime 297 New patch, maybe the bug miraculously patch itself (read: the bug is no longer relevant due to new algorithm or some shit like that)

  12. Lets show off patch 1.0 but downgrade all the graphics to worse than the old patch. Looks pretty disgusting tbh

  13. I need to play with lower settings now. Good bye wot until I can upgrade my machine

  14. Shiiit the boy can play .

  15. Great game my dude! And almost 100k subs, thats awesome. Now we need some 1.0 golf action

  16. Which Fornite twitcher were they talking about that made 500k a month ? Cause that’s just wrong.

  17. Circon should just change his name to ‘Atlas’ by this point, with all that carrying all day every day…

  18. Circon too op pls nerf

  19. what the hell? 1.6k xp? And I thought damaging higher tiered vehicles gets you more xp… but apparently, russians get more for slaughtering lower tiers… Whatever I guess. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  20. To be honest, if this is the new version, its not that pretty. From a gameplay pov i can understand you want to downgrade graphics to level the playing field, but its barely any better it feels. Oh yes, some rays of sunlight, and leaves casting shadows on your tank. I was expecting rubble everywhere as you plow your way through the countryside, grass weaving at every shot fired, and ripples in the water. Sun glistening in the puddles in the mud and so on..

  21. Lorr 40t or Somua sm? Is the Somua worth buying? This is coming from someone who’s 3 marked the lorr.

  22. first meme in new patch?!

  23. aw, he’s turned the destruction physics way down, the fences just poof out of existence

  24. KV 13 loves 3-5-7 MM…. You play colorblind mode because you prefer purple over red?

  25. Circon, 2 vids a day would be amazing. Its a lot of work man but fuck it would be worth it for the chanel growth. I don’t know much about YouTube algorithms but 2 vids a day must help your cause!

  26. ??? Where was the EXTRA 800 dmg from? Shooting all those misses at start i guess

  27. todd Hoffman playing tanks!! lmao

  28. This tank is so op. U trying to snap shots in any German or uk tank. Fuck bias is real

  29. That Challenger tho

  30. Erick Raúl Sánchez Pérez


  31. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Yes komrade, russian tanks that are not op enough at t10 we buff and send to tier 9 , put more op at t10 and profit !

  32. Great video! How about inviting Paul to a TOG-O-RAMA? 4 games of TOG platoon.

  33. Circon so serious!!!

  34. WOT 1.0, Circon is still OP, when will they nerf him.

  35. When you start playing KV-13 because you saw Circon play it so well and it inspired you but then you run into Circon in a 430 and he completely wrecks you. The feels man… the feels….

  36. So why doesn’t my gun work this well

  37. Have you turned destruction off?

  38. 430 good at tier 10? let’s meme it and make it a 9

  39. What mod pack do you use Circon?

  40. Alexandar Grubeša

    GG Circom…:)
    Please give me a link to your mod pack…

  41. Can someone kindly explain to me what is the meme about polish flag emblems on tanks?

  42. Fuuuuck that map looks good now (visually)

  43. tracks worth upgrading?

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