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World of Tanks testing dramatic changes to High-Explosive shells on the Sandbox test server – here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Great i just got my FV4005, ight imma head out and sell it

  2. Noone screws up their playerbase than wargaming….. Now they takes away the HE in order for more pay to penetrate various….

  3. I’m done with this game if these totally stupid changes occur…It’s like WG literally wants to destroy their own product and make players go away as fast as they can

  4. gonna switch to war thunder if this gets released, this update has nothing to do with reality

  5. Im gonna miss my panzer IV 105mm <3. Hope they will forget everything about this idea called "change HE". It is a mistake, dont do it plssss.

  6. Seeing an open cabin tank: switch to HE
    after nerf….huhmmmm

  7. WG philosophy: “If it works, fix it”. They have been trying to kill the Game since 2016 With some success so far.

  8. WG probably thinks the only fun left should be playing Russian double-barrelled tanks.

  9. but but but… my arty love ;(

  10. It is I who Nuts to That

    Pls WG for the love of god *DO NOT* touch HESH. That is the only reason to play the Sh*tbarn or the Death Star.
    Not even gonna talk about arty, i havent been playing for about 8 months anyway.

  11. Actually, lower caliber guns do not crit tracks by default. The module damage on the guns is low and some tracks have quite high module hit points. And there’s also the fact that guns aren’t that accurate; aim tracks, bounce of the side or the turret? I’m sure enough players will have encountered that.

    The only thing I liked about the changes was the improved tracking mechanism. The rest we really do not need.

  12. A nother big sheet from wg, this guys are brainless, this only make you shoot premium for some tanks, and of course will need credit and premium account, there are really problem currently with this game and WG realesed New premium tanks and destroy he ammo wich fine now. Pfff they have to say to everybody if they want to closed The game. Umbelievble what they doing instead to improve this game,its just make you quit.

  13. HE rounds are barely viable. Grinding Japan Heavy line is like a torture. Plus 1 or plus 2 matchmaking pratically means you are useless.

  14. And another reason to give this game away………and artillery… who give a f%&k anyway…..

  15. StreetRacingSyndicate

    I see a lot of people complaining about gold or the many credits ammo right now. People say getting splash spammed by HE whilst side scraping is cancer people say getting HESD’d is cancer people say it is annoying if a t-54 with 219mm of standard pen loads up 300mm pen HEAT rounds…. guys. It is in the game ok? why do you complain so much? Just play the damn game. I never saw a game company taking so much care about balance if compared to most other games. Every game has OP to even absolutely broken stuff.

    I do not like the idea of putting HE that way. Reducing the pen slightly on lower tier HE guns might be an idea pc the PZ-4H or M4 with the howitzer seems quite broken but again i wouldn’t care too much if they didn’t. Further on i kinda agree with the people getting annoyed by premium rounds. I personally use then if there is no other way to pen and i am on the way to a really great carry or to make the finishing off shot count. Some other people spam gold. They use only gold and thats the issue. My idea is that there should be a limited amount of premium ammo tanks with the specific guns should be able to carry. I know wargaming would not like to swallow that pill as premium ammo makes them real life money (ppl don’t use gold for gold ammo i know but if you spam gold it’ll be so expensive that you need to buy premium time premium tanks etc.) however if you think about it this would be a great change to the game.

  16. Or i have a better ideea for wg, decrease Alpha dmg for premium rounds with 25% and make this rounds more expensive with 50%,i think you WG will win some extra money with this ideea. Thx QB for The video

  17. Well if i got it right then this could mean that he shells are getting buffed in some aspects while getting nerfed on other

  18. honestly the stupidest idea wargaming has had in a long time. it’s completely counter-intuitive to what they are trying to do here.
    Edit: noones ever gonna carry more than 1-5 HE shells at most if this was the reality, noone would run big derp guns, bottom line, this would make people use HE shells EVEN less than they do now.

  19. Why is WG so good at killing it’s own game while so bad at balancing it?

  20. Please never ever do this WG, it’s not the problem of the game, it just adds fun! Nerf premium tanks and amo for god sake!!!

  21. seems to me this junk has been in play since ever, the O-I EXP derp gun HE specifications are 300-550 thereabouts, never did i ever cause anywhere near 500 damage, not even to lightly armoured lights, penetrating armour half the pen value of the HE shell seemed impossible and the actual average damage per shot worked out at around 120, OCCASIONALLY i’d get a hit in the region of 300.
    needless to say after finding out its phenomenal frontal armour was connected by a gridwork of ludicrously shitty patches of tinfoil, and then discovering its awesome damage was but 1/4 i felt utterly robbed.

  22. So it’s fun for some peoples to OS others in low tier, no matter if it’s unfun for the guy who just got one shot? Huh… HE is pure cancer in high tier, it completely neglect the armor mechanic. So yea, nerf this shit.

  23. Unknown_User 4546B

    Like Circon said, I think this is good for the game. It’s good IMO because you won’t be one shotting the new player base like with the M4 example. Sure, it’s fun to derp around with the KV-2 but is one shotting other tanks really good for the game? I’ll be happy to do everything right in an IS-7 without getting HE spammed for 600 damage from a Type 5. Derp tanks aren’t useless if WG adds better guns for said vehicles. KV-2 is fine with 107mm but they need to add guns to the others.

  24. Maybe give couple mire mm of pen to low caliber HE instead.

  25. O-I have 120mm pen on its derp, so that one would not be so nerfed

  26. Got to tear 10 dead game now

  27. xXx_Pro_Gold_Spammer_xXx [ROIDS]

    Do you remember when they wanted to nerf accuracy and view range on sandbox? This is even dumber

  28. This is just to make people spend more money. This is start of the end of WoT. 62DMG in SU152? Go home Wargaming.

  29. No
    No no no no *NO!*


  30. WG: Derpy tanks like Type 5 and su152 are too op when using heat and premium HE, so we changed their damage value
    also WG: gives premium ammo a hell lot of benefits than standard rounds
    Bruh I would rather go back to play CN server and have fun in good-old 9.22

  31. More hitpoints,because of the normal ammunition changes and lower damage for HE,wtf that HE Nerv is currently shit,but with more health of the tanks HE is not playebel

  32. Thanks Wargaming, no seriously this is the best change ever made to this game. Now just apply this change to artillery.

  33. This is the stupidest idea wargaming ever had…

  34. Let me attempt to summarise the article:

    You want consistent damage? Gold ammo. You want to use gold ammo? Premium tanks and account.

    Give us your fucking money in short.

  35. another reason not to return to the game, I think this is stupid I love the kv2 , us 152 and pk4ah love the derp on those and I think that there are players out there that hated the way other can do consistent damage to them when that cant be pen by any other way……..I think that is the only reason for this stupid nerf

  36. My boy, FV4005 what have they done….

  37. Guys, we must NOT let this change get into the main game

  38. Photographer Jiri Kuchar

    Crazy change I hope they will not make this stupid step.

  39. I think you’re being a bit myopic. I seem to recall you being quite frustrated trying to drive a T110E5 and do what you can to use your armor (such as it is) in that vehicle, while a Type 5 just drives up and derps you in the face wherever for three or four hundred points of damage. Perhaps that’s been changed based on your comments, but it seems that is what Wargaming is trying to address. I do agree with you in that this is *clearly* not the way to do it. I’ll want a refund for my KV-2(R) if this goes through, and the joys of my M4 derp and SU-152 will be dead, to say nothing of the blatant push towards using ‘special ammo,’ which they’re supposed to be trying to reduce rather than increase. Senseless.

  40. Honestly, this only applies to the scum bags that play the fv or the kv 2 all day, so yeah, kinda happy wg is doing this

  41. They are changing things no one minds, and are not the problem, but leave the things that drive everyone nuts and away from the game. And also this is just dumbing down the game. Making it straight forward and with a very low skill cap.

  42. Sassy_the_sasquash

    Wot should try and fix the game and the gold spamming problem. Instead they keep working on OP premium tanks, and useless stuff like this…

  43. the only problem we have with HE shells is artillery because it hits our top and does the damage Without us being able to do anything about it While still playing the game 90% of the time

    Instead of “fixing” one of the actually fun things about the game, Fix the “gold only meta” that’s made armor and angling irrelevant and a game of “who has the most credits?”

  44. Refund for my kv2-r and German black bulldog please

  45. Fuck this game they start to be pay to fun you cant more have fucking fun with KV-2 who is funiest tank in all games

  46. What they doing with the British HESH monsters? 450 pen heat?

  47. WG: “We need to rinse the playerbase out of even more money! Let’s nerf HE so players use expensive premium rounds more when using derp guns then offer up high silver earning premium tanks for sale, we fix the game!”
    Idiots. I’d love to spend more time playing WoT on PC but crap like this keeps me playing the PS4 version, that’s not perfect either bit at least it doesn’t have this nonsense (yet).

  48. so to damage armour now, the only real way is gold?

  49. So basically, if this garbage goes ahead, I may as well bin my KV2 with its 53% winrate. It`s SLOW, cumbersome and its armour is plonk BUT, everyone lives in fear of its 152mm nuke cannon. Its the only thing that makes them think THREE times before attacking it. Even at long ranges, the poor accuracy is offset by its splash radius. Is it a move to make the players more likely to press the 2 key???

  50. KV-2: It’s a Sadbox Testserver.

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