Sandbox TEST: New Equipment 2.0 | World of Tanks Equipment 2.0 Sandbox Test Review

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks New Equipment 2.0 System Testing on Sandox Server. World of Tanks Sandbox Server – New Equipment Test. World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary Rewards.

0:00 – Intro
0:50 – New Interface Explained
5:45 – Equipment Explained
11:25 – New Equipment for TDs
:50 – LTs and Scouting Equipment
26:45 – Heavy and Medium Tank Equipment
31:50 – Low Tiers and Problems

Sandbox test server is live, featuring brand new equipment system and as promised, I am there show everything you need to know about it!

Le’t take a look!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– No tanks, just equipment.


  1. Hopefully the new Chapter system works on the video timeline to make it more user friendly. Trying to make your viewing experience better! 🙂
    Just in case it doesn’t work, here are the topics:
    0:00 – Intro
    0:50 – New Interface Explained
    (Ammunition, Consumables, Directives, Repairs)
    5:45 – Equipment Explained
    11:25 – New Equipment for TDs
    and Firepower
    18:50 – LTs and Scouting Equipment
    26:45 – Heavy and Medium Tank Equipment
    31:50 – Low Tiers and Problems

    • @nat n man if sirfosch still here i am sure he will make the video that made it demonetized instantly because of bullshit that wg is pulling. i think if they want to add those new equipment the effect should be nerfed and give us back free binos camo and toolbox while add more eq slot especially in mid tier

    • social3ngin33rin

      @28:00 you expect WarGaming to know how to math?!?! They can’t even balance their game after 10 years!!!
      I think they mean it will boost the health value of just the turret health value (which is strangely the health of the whole tank…for reasons)

    • if ammo rack is up to 1hp that means every shot after it “saves” you is an ammo rack and makes the equipment not worth anything…

    • social3ngin33rin

      Full camo E-25?!?!

    • I really like it

  2. I didnt see binos and camomet

  3. Lemme guess, Rashan tanks wil benefit from this?

  4. 5 R I D A Y ᵀᵛ

    World of Wheels v2.0

  5. So essentially kills off all low tier premium tanks. Bad guns etc. Whilst facing higher tier tanks!

  6. So far i like it

  7. Yea new equipment, but still everyone will play with Gun Rammer , Optics , Vents/Stab. Wow new combinations …

  8. This is going to be a long-winded response. This is going to seriously damage the game, more than it already is. As someone mentioned in a comment before me, starting at low tiers… New players are going to be heavily discouraged when it comes to something like learning how to spot. With these new equipment loadouts, new players are not going to be able to afford decent equipment, and they aren’t going to fair well against their plus 2 mm opponents. Low tiers/New players are going to struggle with grinding and/or learning how to play the game. High tiers: Advanced players who spend a lot more than the average amount of time in the game are going to be able to purchase a lot of really good equipment, along with the improved equipment. They are going to have huge advantages over ftp players who don’t have millions of credits sitting in the bank at all times. Not only will they always have the high amounts of bonds, gold, and credits sitting around, content creators (although rare to run into) will always have high quantities handed to them by wg (which is understandable, as they promote the game). However, it is unreasonable to think that the battlefield is balanced with people that have much higher skill and equipment on one side, and not the other. The new equipment itself is absurd. Some of them are going to be extremely broken, as you mentioned in the video, certain tier 7 vehicles (talking premium) are going to become even more unbalanced roaches on the battlefield. When I say roaches, I mean the E 25 and SU 122 44. Both have extremely high dpm/firepower for their tier. Not only that, but both have extremely high camo ratings. For those who don’t know, the SU has a broken mechanic where the % after firing is still extremely high already, and can now be increased furthermore. These are just my initial thoughts after this video, I have yet to look into WG’s release on this. However, with what I am seeing here, I have no hope that the game is going to get any better from this point on. WG is continuing to avoid the actual problems that are in the game right now, and instead adding more issues to the game, such as this update and wheeled tanks, and op Russian heavies. All in all, this game is going to shit, but I’m still going to play because just like a lot of people, when the game was good, I spent too much money on it to quit. Oh well

    • Vincent Hildebrand

      I want to stop having to pay for premo days I can’t help but miss. Its a rip off. Just because one buys more than one day at a time, you are forced to use so you don’t lose. Not fair.

  9. Nicolò Garanzini

    If i put already the equipments in the actual patch, After the update i will have to use the gold to change their position to get the extra bonus?

  10. AFAIK the bounty equipment will perform the same as bond equipment if you place it into the correct slot (firepower/vision/survival) it will get the extra 1% in that slot only.

  11. the scouting equipment looks way too op. -20% to camo behind folliage? That means light tanks can spot you from 20% further away if you are behind bushes… FV and ELC EVEN 90 will get fucked by this which is such a shame because they are the only two tanks in the game that are actually fun to play at the higher tiers.

  12. Michael Fitzpatrick

    Bro, I was waiting on you to see what slots are available for the E-50M D:
    Please include it in your next video, just a peek! :'( I’m sure it won’t take too much of your time.

  13. I was checking out that your (our) boi, the FV215b heavy tank has some better options than the Super Conq in regards to equipment choices.
    The FV215b can use a Rammer and Vents with bonus, and the Super Conq can only one or the other with bonus.
    Maybe a comeback for some FV215b memes?
    Yes it’s only a slight difference, but still was nice to see the FV215b got some appreciation as a different kind of tank over the Super Conq.
    But the Super Conq does lose either the vents or optics as a optional choice if you want the bonus from the Survivability equipment. And you’ll drop below 445 view range without using some sort of optics. So you’ll lose out on an equipment bonus if you want 445+ view range, and a rammer. While the FV215b does not.

  14. Andrew Leathers

    So they changed nothing but visuals… Wow… Thats wg for you… Scamcompany.

  15. buff to EBR’s……………uninstalled tanks.exe

  16. we should be able to exchange the old equipment for the new, as a feature that is permanently there.

  17. What are the chances that the EBR 75 will have a mobility slot?

  18. Actually I can’t wait for these changes to be implemented in the game

  19. This looks nice but is just another pay to win way to play this game

  20. Retardet WG ingineurs really play no wot

  21. WG have only good ideas… LOL If they take away slots from I-IV tiers then they must give extra slots for HT V-X tier, especially very heavy tanks like maus, type 5 and they lower earlier tiers. I think they change everything or most of that ideas 🙂 BUT it’s WG, they doing what they want, not what need players. 🙂

  22. robert petrisor Borovina

    am I crazy or the video is separated into topics?So nice,easilly to follow

  23. Time to pimp up the EBRs……..


  25. Meh! I’ll just stick to the firepower/view range equipment! The only good new equipment is for light tanks…

  26. WG ‘balancing’ game…..with a hand grenade.

  27. Maus with bonus +10% hp has 3310 hp. Seems like WG added additional 10 hp to make Nokia reference :D. That explains why E-100 also gaining addicional 10hp of top of extra 270 hp.

  28. seems like we need more slots for equipment, it will be tricky to select the proper equipment in the future, playing in platoons will be more reliable on spotting at least will be very interesting, they should limit tier <6 to +/-1

  29. TL:DR We have noticed you are not playing some of our tanks exactly as we want you to play them. You can still try to do that, but you’ll be nerfed for thinking independently. Fall in line with our correct way of thinking and you’ll get bonuses.

  30. this is the most exciting patch to come to wot in years, awaiting crew 2.0 :/

  31. Vincent Hildebrand

    Premium days NEED to stop being used up for days one misses. Its only fair. Its a win win, how many of us would purchase premi, knowing it won’t disappear because life takes you away for more than a day?

  32. Vincent Hildebrand

    No six sense in tier one should be interesting. So should the bots, they won’t be able to spot either.

  33. They gave the 430 mobility and damage slots. No idea why it wasnt survivability since its basically a medium heavy tank.

  34. EU player here
    I don’t have the privilege to be updated so early like you
    maybe the update will be released in one or two days here

  35. This latest rehash, which they say they are trying to make it simpler and fairer, particularly for the lower Tiers, looks like they took to the playing field with a jump-stump plough and churned it all up.
    One thing you didn’t mention is that none of the equipment will be able to be dismounted for free. Remember as a low Tier player, when your credits were low, you would move your cam nets, binos and toolboxes between vehicles without cost – well not in these proposals.
    2:20 You can already change the order/priority of ammunition. They just changed the interface.
    24:24 It could also be that the 4 sec added to the spotting could be canceled out if the enemy vehicle has the jamming device reducing the spotting by 4 sec.
    All-in-all it looks like a right mess to me.

  36. fun is pain experience ??? is sad as hell
    31:50 is my problem !!! moral code !!

  37. sadly with addition of this equipment the game will be more RNG and less skill . yes you get more choices, but is that worth taking away vehicle knowledge

  38. why are they married to only 3 slots? theres too many choices now for just 3 slots

  39. Your english is traaaaaash 😬

  40. Tier 2 vs 4, or 3 vs 5? Stupid!!
    War gaming’s quote “The Possibilites are endless!” Yet only 3 equipment slots?! Yet slot bonuses are controlled by Wargaming (through the tank)and not the player?! Too much manipulation by wargaming. Stupid!
    Wargaming should create a fourth slot that can be used for a piece of equipment from the “never used list.” Or better stated cannot be used from the “always used list.”
    Wargaming should create a equipment manager program as hinted at, but the player should be able to pick loadout IN-GAME. Example heavy versus arty or non-arty match ups.
    I spent GOLD to get extra Bounty equipment. As proposed it is going to be less effective than the bond equipment! Stupid!

  41. I have had a break from WoT. When will this new update come?

  42. Josiah Wudkwych

    Can anyone help here my common test isn’t updating correctly tier 10 is the only tier to get the bonus slot type of things correct? No tier 8 or 9s will get the slot bonuses with the firepower/ scouting/manuverbility/survivability bonuses? Sorry I hope that isn’t confusing and someone can help me just wanna know if it’s only tier 10 we can over pimp or tier 8 and 6 or whatever if they get extra pimpiness

  43. Now it will be time for a whole host of videos on how effective the new equipment is!! the theory crafting is interesting and quite thought provoking but… is it gonna be worth it…

  44. Wow, way to make something that was so easy so much more annoying and difficult. Just make more equipment that matters.. what an easy concept… but lets break the entire game. The WG way.

  45. With these spottings buff EBr is going to murder us.
    God have mercy.

  46. I think it is a step forward what they did with the consumebles and ammunition lay out. even the new equipment is very nice. But what my big concern is that they change the equipment with the new slots deticated to vieuw not with your vieuw equipment. you have to get it out of a slot for 10 gold. i have 400 tanks so it is going to be very costly to demount everything en re-equip it again.. i would prefer that all equipment is put in your depot and you can remount it from there. what are your thoughts on that !

  47. Andrei Apreotesei

    How to get 1.000.000 credits and gold on SandBox server ?

  48. Seems wheeled vehicles get nerft true equipment slots, now fix those magical absorbing wheels.

  49. With the extra HP module, it seems as if it does the base 5% THEN the extra 5%, not just a flat 10% so you actually get 10.25% extra HP which in the E-100s case would be 2976.75, and then they round to the nearest 10 so you start the battle with 2980 HP instead of 2977 HP for example. Hope this helps 🙂

  50. king of ram (AMX 50B) 71 km/h !

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