SARL 42 Ace Tanker

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Source: osirish

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  1. osirish have you had a go at armored warfare and are you likely to be doing
    any AW content on the channel?

  2. GO TO BED!

  3. lol JaneCobbsHat… I get the impression you don’t like this tank at
    It is Fuggly…..

  4. This is probably the fugliest tank in the game. When I see it, I feel the
    urge to find out who the designer was, go to France, dig out their grave,
    piss on the corpse, lay it face down, salt it, pour gas over it, light it
    up, push a wooden stake though the ashes, piss on it again for good measure
    and then pour concrete over it.

  5. GG!
    FIX your car yet?

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