SARL 42 / Widepark + Sand River / “That old canard”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

Did you hear the one about all low-tier French tanks being terrible? It’s not true of course, and with the introduction of the SARL (among others) it’s now even less so.


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list: J1mB0’s Crosshair, Locastan’s Minimap & Extended Stats, Kodos’ Hitlog+Damagelog, Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sounds (9.4 and prior)


  1. Given what you said about T4 in T6 games would it be feasible to limit
    match making to 1 tier up to tier 4? I.e. T1-T2, T2-T3, T3-T4 and T4-T5? Or
    is that too simplistic?

  2. SAAAAAAAAAAAAARL that kills people.

  3. Good news for us fans of Anatidae. I believe Wargming are planning to bring
    out the new Fantasy version of these French tanks for a Special Event.
    This will be known as the A47 Mallard – a tier 6 version of the Duck, but
    with a 17 pdr gun mounted on a Challenger Turret and with a steam powered
    engine, giving it twice the speed.

    I look forward to its first flight.

  4. I think the SARL is pretty good. However, I use the 47mm, which is a great
    gun but has no APCR. The nearest tank is the Matilda, though that has a
    lot more armour and less speed.

    This tank works well as a sniper at mid range – put a pair of binocs or
    coated optics on it and train up for Situational Awerness when you can. I
    call it the “Baby Dinosaur,” but I like Crested Duck as a name too.
    Perhaps the G1R should be known as the Grebe! :)

  5. I’m going to have to compare PZ 4d and this… So far PZ 4 d felt like the
    most universal tier 4 tank(matilda was second, because of the speed), and
    this is definitely a contender. However, no tank under 90 mm AP pen is
    considered, that would make it useless outside top tier situations.

  6. UrbanTarzan Duh

    Well mobility/maneuverability will always be more important than firepower
    for me. I’d take T-44 over an ISU-152 or a covenanter over SARL 42 any day.
    I wonder when B1 is getting buffed.. (considering this has equally
    negligible armor and poor mobility but a much better gun.. and it’s still a
    mediocre machine!!)

  7. tier 4´s should never meet tier 6 in this game . I was grinding my su85b ,
    29 battles to grind it and I was top tier once … And I m pretty sure that
    65% or more of those battles were at tier 6 .Doesn’t matter how much WG try
    to put great missions and good stuff if the match maker is unfriendly for
    noobs in lower tiers . I m a experienced player and it was a hell to play
    with those 260 HP in all those tier 6 battles couse U have to do something
    ! Top tiers will never carry U thats for sure . Sorry for my inglish :P

    • +Brad Rolim not to mention a lot of tier 4’s can barely pen tier 6’s with
      premium ammo

    • +Brad Rolim for some(TDs, PZ 4D, Matilda) tier 4s, it is fine. But in case
      of tier 3s meeting tier 5s, that is where weird things happpen… For ex. a
      Pz 1C needs gold against 50% of tier 3s, can only scratch some of tier 4s,
      and a fraction of tier 5s…

    • Double Double 4G

      +Syfer Polski Actually got lucky and killed a Churchill with a Pz 1c once,
      using the 2nd gun, which has higher pen, no gold required. But yeah, MM
      needs to be different for lower tiers, probably only 1 tier higher for
      tiers 1-4 would be okay.

  8. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    Am I the only one who cried a little for the M6? I know he didn’t play well
    and didn’t have the greatest of guns but to be penned so easily with
    regular AP from a tier 4 tank just seems wrong.

    • +NinjaMonkeyPrime I used to love the m6 but it just got too frustrating to
      play, and then the kv-1s was introduced to the 360 edition and after only a
      few games I sold my m6 and haven’t really looked back

  9. monkeystandoffsucks

    Le canard nouveau* :)

  10. Matthew Zahringer

    Crested Duck. Naw. It’s a Kingfisher!

  11. Jedi, I have been subbed for a long while since Jingles mentioned you in a
    long past video, I am liking the heck out of the 1080P. Here’s to hoping
    that render and upload times aren’t too much worse, because the extra
    crispiness is fantastic. Keep up the awesome work.

  12. I recently got my Stug 4 and i was rather exited Plus it also gets prem mm.
    but once i played a few matches in it i felt like its extremely under
    powered. Wish worst traverse speed and speed limit than the original stug 3
    g and with having the mediocre 75mm main gun i with rather underwhelming
    DPM i felt abit cheated by WG… Considering that basically every other
    tier 5 td has a better gun, better view range, more ammo i feel like it
    needs a view range buff to maybe 350. Although the prem mm helps alot but
    with 110mm of average pen most tier 4 tanks out performs this machine.

    • +Philip Lutin It does not get premium MM…. Also, it is a solid crew
      trainer, without any anoying features

  13. I love that tank! Its my favourite tier 4!

  14. Crested duck…I never thought of it before now, but I do see it.

    Also, you had the right idea, going into the river there at the end, but
    you cut right when you should’ve cut left. Looks like you might have
    realized it, though.

  15. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  16. Bob Raoul (Caravedturtle)

    Très cher PHJ, je vous remercie de bien vouloir essayer le G1R avec le
    canon de 105 mm. Sans doute ne ressemble-t-il pas à un canard mais il n’en
    est pas moins affriolant !

  17. From the stats of the 47mm on the crested, I would say the 47mm is a viable
    choice. I’ve never played the thing, but I imagine it would be like playing
    the Pz. S35 just with better pen :P

  18. is the 3rd Jedi video I watch in 1080p in a row. I know you said “fiddling
    about with render settings”, but hey, can I at least dream? :D

  19. Whoa, whoa, whoa, 1080? Did you get a flock of pigeons commit the ultimate
    sacrifice for the last videos?

  20. Like, the duck is already pretty much a heavy tank. Shouldn’t a vehicle as
    armored (and slow) as a heavy tank get equivalent heavy tank guns?

    Then again, the DW2 is pathetic.

    The M5 Stuart is even worse, but it at least has extreme mobility that
    allows it to shoot things in the butt.

  21. Still worse than the Matilda, the enemy of the frencies

  22. Jedi. I thought this would be a national holiday for you. May the 4th…

  23. I free xped the high pen 47mm and i have to say i really like using it
    because the rof is devastating

    • So far this is the most fun ive had below tier 5 in the french line with
      the exception of the r35 which is a tank i really really like

  24. With the 47mm the crested duck is a bit faster, because of the gun weight.
    You can feel the missing 1,4t 🙂
    The softstats of both guns are amazing and way better than on the Pz4D.
    I’ll keep it :)

    • PointyHairedJedi

      +Eisspitze The Pz IV D has about double the hp/t, which still makes it a
      pretty nice tank to play – but the top speed is only very slightly better.

  25. It’s a interesting tank all right. Still on the fence myself, but I do like
    the gun.

  26. Bank Holiday Jedi time! HYPE! 2nd view as well which shows you just how
    productive today is…..

    • +warisoverdragon I haven’t been doing it long but I’ve written stuff on the
      performance on the Rhm.Borsig. In-fact the best example of my stuff is the
      entire performance section of the Stug IV. Its all my own opinion and
      people will definitely disagree but hey thats life!

    • warisoverdragon

      There are indeed a couple of things I disagree with but it looks good
      overall, thanks for keeping that place going. :p

    • +warisoverdragon There’s always one that disagrees 🙂 Nah its all opinion
      based so cant really argue everyone is different. I’ve written lots of
      stuff but the Stug IV is the best example 😛
      And i’ve popped back onto the forums for the lolz. LET THE SPAM BEGIN!!

    • warisoverdragon

      +mynameispuffs Go to the forum bar!!

      things like this is what I mean :p
      Stug IV: -6 gun depression makes that it can fight well even on uneven
      RHM: -5 gun depression terribad.

    • +warisoverdragon Well i didn’t put that in the borsig section don’t blame
      me there 🙂 There is only a difference of 1 degree there but every little
      helps 😛 Also with the Stug IV the gun barrel isn’t the length of a large
      battleship so can point it down a bit further without fear of digging into
      the ground and pretending to be a pole vaulter 😀

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