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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Bebupeep *TARGET AQUIRED* Bebupeep

  2. Good thing you had a KV-2 sniping in the back.

  3. Circon already at 70 mil LOL

  4. That O-I is SWOL.

  5. Anyone notice the penatration calculator on his screen wouldn’t that be considered a hack I’m not hating just asking

  6. ‘Shoot all the things, my dude’ – Circon

  7. Its eazy to see you “at work” having fun. When i play its not so eazy. No POOL yet ?

  8. Man i had an awful night at work but that bit with the e8 had me rolling. Thanks 4 the mood boost circon.

  9. DIOR

  10. 3-5-7 Matchmaking is only bad if you’re a unicum Circon. Well not bad, just boring.
    The rest of us need it so we have a chance to feel boss when we are top tier. Maybe those with 57+% WR should only have 2-tier MM. At least then Circon your average damage per match would increase, as there’s more to farm, whilst also making the games more challenging.

  11. unicum mm confirmed

  12. “plants vs zombies” + 1 (“one”) human player game mode
    that E25 shooting HE … priceless

  13. therandomnessisreal

    Nooo, i wanted the Lorraine so bad for Christmas but didn’t even get any tier 8 out of the boxes…

  14. Plus 2 matchmaking is still shit, more so then ever especially at tier VIII.

  15. What is the name of the mod that shows deflection and damage and spoting? Its on the right hand side of the tank panel.

  16. Top kek

  17. I think Circ is a very good light tank driver.
    The other classes are easy compared.
    Mostly I subscribed to get to watch LT gameplay. Circ can deliver that and not the other YouTubers.
    Also Circ dont talk so god damn much …. it is more “show not talk”.
    We who play can see for ourselves. Me myself only play LT 5% or so that is why I am interested in this chanel.
    I am an old fart who should not play LT but I am forced to if I am going to complete the tech trees.

  18. Circon if i may, i think it would be a good idea to change the title of your advent
    calendar videos to “(Insert tank here) advent calendar review” Just a thought…

    • No, because people would just look at title and not watch it.

    • Chandler Kristoff

      I see your point, I just thought it would be nice to know what tank was being
      reviewed without having to click on the video, I find the videos useful since
      they are up-to-date reviews of each tank.

    • The advent calendar is over, why would anybody watch the videos ? Renaming them could increase the views, although you have to ask yourself will it be worth the time..

  19. 10 KEELS! PagChomp

  20. Circon! Go play on SEA server! It got the best of the worst there!

  21. my best is 2700 base XP …. [ feel proud 🙂 ]

  22. Is this Circon’s alternate account or sth? Because I don’t belive that guy with so much experience and playtime in game has less than 10 battles in most tanks shown in his stats at the end of video

  23. SurpriseBatchesWOT

    Is the audio out of sync for anyone else, i see circ talk, but there is like a slight delay?

  24. In the dictionary, under “carry”, this video is listed as one of the definitions.

    gg Circon o7

  25. Do someone have the overall statistics from Badger? How did it perform in last time? You think it will get a nerf?

    • PC PRINCIPAL Not sure about everyone else but in my experience I have never saw a Badger carry. Not even doing great.

      Mostly the drivers are stupid or overconfident, or both.

  26. why are so many people donating 6.66€?

  27. i have the lorriane and the defender, and i can safely confirm that the lorriane is waay waaay more better than the defender at dealing damage and carrying games at any tier. if the driver is Blue/unicum

  28. Based on the first minute of video: enemy top tier is more versatile, your tank is meh. You’re still going to end up carrying because lolwtf mm

  29. “wow this tank is good enough to be tier 9” XD

  30. window lickers…who is still playing this pos game

  31. 9:17 another video literally crying like a baby about +2 3-5-7 matchmaking. Like, legitimately.

  32. 2:21 pretty much why +2 MM is terrible in a nutshell

  33. New lorr 40t is so much better than t54e1

  34. auto loaders op, except t69

  35. Damn son, you got more xp, coin, and gold than a test account.

  36. Hes said it before and I’ll say it again…
    +2 is a great idea
    great idea
    great idea
    +2 is a great idea
    La la la la la laaaaaa

  37. Circon should have done more.

  38. what mods does he use ?

  39. L’Enfant Sauvage … maybe? 🙂

  40. aw thumb nmbr 997

  41. I don’t have a problem with the new MM honestly. Only thing I have seen is the 3 top tiers have a greater carry potential and if they don’t counter the enemy teams 3 tier 10s then you can seal clubbed but I still like it over being one of only 3 tier 8s in a tier 10 game.

  42. You’re not “balanced”, Circ!

  43. Petition to rename title of vid to “beep boop beep”

  44. GG, sir. Goddang.

  45. I did not like while it was tier 9. But now it seems to be fine..

  46. I laughed so hard on the part where he met the Ferdinand and just quietly said…
    oh boy…

  47. casual pool’s – nothing to see here


  49. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    This was actually 3-3-9 mm , not 357

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