SAVE COINS – Free Tank For Anniversary Coins!? | World of Tanks 10th Birthday – Update 1.10

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My friends, I am here to inform you that there is a chance WG will release a premium tank for anniversary coins, so I recommend you to stop spending them for the time being. You do not lose any value doing that, just give yourself a chance to get a tank for free.

What do you think about all of this?


  1. I don’t even know if I would want the valiant, irl it’s a fucking sin of a tank

  2. Nightmare before Christmas

    Will grab it and let it to be dusty in the garage forever 😂

  3. Tell me this after I spent them on camo skins for all Acts… :/

    Real dick move to leave it unannounced so late in if it’s true… which would imply they hope people spend money on those bundles…

  4. Annihilate MAGA Cult

    i can spend this shit? didnt know.

  5. Well I spent only few coins for personal reserves and at this moment I have 1855 coins… I am pretty calm 😉

  6. Where are these coins. Never heard of them. Never seen them. I Play 3 or 4 hours a week regularly

  7. Yeah, I stopped spending a good long time ago. I couldn’t care less about anything in the store. I figured I’d just wait until the end to see if they had anything at all worthwhile. I’m also pretty burned out on actually playing, so I only have like 1400 coins.

  8. Adam Mikołajczyk

    I hope it willn’t be some tank like Grosstraktor

  9. Well there’s nothing worth to spend them on so I havent spent a single one. Got over 2k of them or something.

  10. copy that! Thanks Dez

  11. To late, all already gone 🙁

  12. classics of wg, always look how to fuck normal players.

  13. Only have about 500 coins. But I just uninstalled this trash game because of the utter wank equipment 2.0

  14. Me with my incoming exams and no more time to grind enough points 😐

  15. Valiant = Dez suffers episode.

  16. Was about to spend it on camo and other stuff. Good thing you posted, Dez!

  17. I thought they would do this too, so ive saved 2.2k hoping its more than enough for the tank

  18. From the start of the anniversary event I’m spending coins only for one RNG sticker 😀

  19. Me stuck in a pandemic: I can’t even go out to play World of Tanks LOL. How am I supposed to amass enough anniversary coins to get a new tank? XD

  20. I don’t care about anniversary premium tank if it’s not Progetto 46

  21. lol too late have only got 30 lol

  22. valiant..isn’t that the worse ever tank, or the basis of the worlds worst ever tank, as seen on the bovington tank museums youtube?

  23. It isn’t even a week ago when I saw reminder from WG: ,,Don’t forget to spend your anniversary coins!”- if what you are saying is true… well then F me

  24. SO WG, Tier IV, V & VI Premiums for Birthday Coins collected over months? ARE YOU FRICKEN KIDDING ME?????

  25. WG best chance to make money, announcing something a week before release after 7 weeks of main event goes by

  26. It isn’t even a week ago when I saw a reminder from WG: ,,Don’t forget to spend your anniversary coins!”- if what you are saying is true… well then F me

  27. Well spent more than 200 on derivitives but lucky enough to have just over1500 left ;D thanks!

  28. What I could imagine is that you maybe get 2 Tanks from the Anniversary. The T5 for the 5 Gold Keys that you collect from each stage, and the T6 for Coins

  29. I have never spend at least one coin. So I am fine 😀

  30. Of course this would happen… Why would WG give a free premium tank to everyone If they can just wait till everyone uses their coins. And on top of that If the Premium Tank is either super chafee or Valiant…. What a fucking joke

  31. Yeah I’m not excited by a tier 6 freebie, even for coins. It’s a garage slot for Free 2 Play users.

    Frankly if it’s 10 year anniversary I would expect a variable reward for players who have been around a long time to the newer players and maybe a nice tier 8 prem for the dedicated players.

  32. I mean… Duh right? I’ve been saving since day one because it’s obvious they were going to try to sell a tank for anniversary coins. And all previous tiers are available until it ends so why would you spend anything until you knew all that was available?

  33. If the tank for coins will be the Super Chaffee, It would be really disappointing because it looks terrible stats wise, even worse than T37 and T37 is already shit after the 9.18 changes. Speaking of Valient it’s even more shit. Like that would be really sad to get a shit tank you don’t wanna play as a “gift” or “suprise” for the 10’th anniversary of WOT.

  34. Just like i was expected…. I knew in the past that in the future the anniversary coins can be used to buy a free tank… I still have 1.6 k Anniversary coins if i was correct tho

  35. super_duper_heeper_ turbo

    too late

  36. Only spended on 1 camo and a few stickers each week. Still only 1200 coins. They better put a way to earn a good amount, because if not…

  37. Nicholas Williams

    Jokes on you… I won’t be able to get 1,500 coins… I’m sad right now

  38. 2700 coins are ready Sir

  39. New premium tank: Object 780 xD

  40. i have got 520 coins and i hope i can get 1000 coins without spending any euro soooooo i hope for it 😀

  41. Tier 6 chaffee 1500 coins

  42. I only ever used the Anniversary Points for “sense of direction” camos as that the only useful one that gives anything and can be put on any tank.

  43. for everyone whos gonna buy some anniversary premiums with cammos, buy cammo first for coins and then the tank, youll get 1750G for free

  44. Thank you kind man😀👍

  45. I’m waiting for the…..


  46. Nice that I spend them all few days ago uff

  47. Given WGs track record, it will probably be the craptastic Valiant or the copy paste “SuperChaffee” (coughT37cough). There are some neat tanks that have not been done yet, like the Sherman with the High Velocity 60mm cannon, or the Stuart with the French low pressure DEFA 90mm… Hell, I’d even go for the Swedish Bandkanon 1 at this point, just for the sheer novelty of it. (make it a TD though, because an autoloading arty that can spew 14 155mm rounds a minute would be Chernobyl levels of toxic.)

  48. lol i didn’t spend one coin 😀

  49. Oh come on, today I spend all of them

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