#SAVETHEMAUS Remove the OBJECT 120 /s (War Thunder Ground Forces)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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#SAVETHEMAUS Remove the /s (War Thunder Ground Forces)


  1. Actually joined the game yesterday and I was wondering why they wouldn’t have s marise and I was kinda disappointed… now I know why :/ ooof

  2. maus is shit

    • bro if you played crossout at all without a free account you would understand gaijin is gonna ruin WT. Also maus is shit

  3. it’s very simple lads, germany rank 4 is a no go zone, just purchased the kv1 and brumbar, even with the penalties its worth playing 4.7 instead of everything between tiger1/tiger2/panthers, until you get to the first leopard

  4. Phly is triggered voice in the intro.

  5. that intro makes me laugh so hard XD seriously though, the VERY LEAST we need to achieve is some form of decompression or a special game mode for tanks like these. because i don’t think they’re gonna leave it in the game as it is

  6. War Thunder AND World Of Tanks needs to expand their tier systems.

  7. Stathis Papadopoulos

    138 gaijin employees disliked this video

  8. Antisocial Engineering

    I gave up war thunder a few months ago, after spending many many hours and more than a few dollars on it. Due to so much frustration with things like ammo types not delivering on their stated performance, ridiculous matchmaking that just does not work, etc etc.

    But mostly due to the (IMHO) dismal attitude of a lot of the player base. To be honest, I can’t blame people for taking advantage of the “exploits” available in the game, lets face it, the game does not encourage co-operative play, it rewards selfish play. Add in the mindless arsehats in every game who just have to switch to “all” chat and blame their team for some perceived inadequacy, it’s always somebody else’s fault. You see it in every on line game, but in WT they take it to a whole new level.

    I still enjoy your video’s , and BO time gaming’s, good for a laugh. But they also re-enforce the reasons I don’t play any more. Gaming is supposed to be fun, not infinite frustration,

  9. Ivan Korobeinikov

    “Driving through ,when your car on fire” , now you finally understand the main problem of this game .

  10. Change br in matchmaking from +/- 1.0 to +/-0.7 and no problem

  11. Repair cost: Me 264 47.000
    Also repair cost PE-8 4.500
    Yeah thats balanced

  12. the round of the object goes as fast as those 10.0 lol… in 7.7 lol!

  13. Phlydaily is a joke. He complains about WT, then will still be keeping making stupid videos of WT cause it is his only revenue. Gaijin dont really cares at this point.

  14. why would you remove obj120? just move it to 9.7 where its belong.

  15. Gaijin: Do you guys like the Maus?
    Players: Yeah!
    Gaijin: Ok let’s remove it

    Players: but just fix its BR

  17. If they take the Maus away I want them to give us the Ratte. Take it or leave it gaijin.

  18. Hey @steve, you seem to check BR by the vehicles in battle, did you know you can check BR by spawncoast.

  19. They should just replace Maus with the Ratte and add new 1v10 Gamemode! Problem fixed

  20. Wartinder midlife crisis

  21. Obj. 120 has no issues dealing with 8.7 vehicles. It is a sniper tank and it has it’s role on the battlefield. I guess people just want to play it against other non-stabilized tanks so they can brawl and clean the map of enemy forces, like a medium tank should do. Same with BMPs, potent guns, low BRs for them. A squad of BMPs can clean the map of enemy tanks.

  22. I feel like gaijin is committing hate crime to all German players

  23. Obj 120 so stronk I decided to play it as a true battering ram. Just push the enemy, get 3 kills and get out. I feel guilty sniping with it, can’t do that too often.

  24. Playerbase: “So you sorted out that BR problem didnt yah?”
    Gaijin: “I sure did!”

  25. audio was a bit quiet on this vid after intro

  26. I would be bad but this time Gaijin is right: there is no place for the Maus.
    If it’s in a high br battle It gets penetrated like butter without being able to do anything against MBTs and other high level tanks While in those of lower br is decidedly impenetrable and powerful with its cannons.
    The game can’t balance it Precisely because there is no suitable place to place it. I’d like to hear your opinion on this.

  27. Fck You All whos thinking if Obj.120 is balanced in 7.7

  28. This thing penetrated the front of my maus
    and killed my driver with magic shrapnel

  29. “Maus is difficult to balance…” so what about IS-4 then, it’s on the same BR and basically the same concept: huge armor with poor mobility and mediocre gun, getting teared to shreds even by same BR vehicles.

  30. Subscribe to me for no reason : ]

    1 year ago.. HERE’S THE OBJECT 120!!!
    1 Year later REMOVE OBEJCT 120!!

  31. lts your friendly neighborhood gamer

    So if the obj120 was to be removed would is still be a premium for the players that bought it or remove it from the game entirely

  32. Not saying coz this is heppening but its my full truth and ohnest the maus is the reson i startet playing the game last year and went for the germans now that its gone my entier objective for 1 year is destroyd i need to go russians now for the fun time….

  33. pixel lives matter

    I remember the good old days when we used to fight maus with IS-2 post war shells. I mean it was hard, but it was challenging in a good way. I would like them to reduce the maus BR and give the soviet IS-2 post war shells. I think all other nations have adequate vehicles which can pen the maus….. So that should kinda make the maus great again….. Borderline impenetrable, but its fucking slow and CAS easily kills it.

  34. Vicious Unpolite Games


  35. Well l7 vs 1940s & 1950s same thing , the object 120 should be 8.0 and tada

  36. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    I think Obyekt 120 should be placed at 8.0 or 8.3

  37. Compare a 8.0 tank and a 9.0 xm1 or a kpz 70 vs this thing , the problem is compression not the tanks

  38. Now compare the German 6.7 with for example Soviet 5.7 or the 2 tank line up of Soviet 6.7 , at 7.7 the technological deference between a amx 30 a t54 and a leopard and m 60 are huge but nobody gives a dam and now prototypes are moved out of the regular tech tree and everybody is losing their mind

  39. yeah you deserved it cuz you pay for it, we all know that. gaijin is slowly turning this game we once enjoyed into a fucking pay for win.

  40. TheColombianSpartan

    Gaijin: Removing the Maus
    Phlydaily: *Super angry bonetrousle noises*

  41. I’m happy I have the maus, panther, tiger and the AA

  42. PHLY: contact close

    the contact:

    like if you get it

  43. player: wow, i just got this near legendary king tiger tank! Cant wait to see how it performs.

    veteran player: *disagrees in 120*

  44. the wallet warrior vehicles meant to ruin the game for money gaijin in a nutshell

  45. obj 120 should at least be 8.0 or 8.3

  46. attempt #29, use the Tetrarch Mk1, BUT try and kill a german Panther with it

  47. Anxiety disorders

    All this noobs tigers dont AnGle, russian bias didnt exist

  48. Instead of removing the Maus, give it the realistic speed of under 1km per hour. Realistic and balanced!

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